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Already in 2015 the SAP Inside Track Munich was streamed live and recorded on YouTube.  Another pioneer for the live streaming of an SAP community event was Tobias Hofmann who wrote this post:  SIT BR STREAMING – HOW IT WORKS already in September 2017. The SAP Inside Track Munich 2017 also streamed live using YouTube. The SAP Inside Track Munich 2018SAP Inside Track Barcelona 2018 and SAP Inside Track Vienna 2018 where recorded that way. At the SAP Inside Track RuhrPOTT 2019 Oliver Kohl presented Live Streaming SAP Inside Tracks which is the reason to start this page.


Slides from Oliver Kohl talking about Live Streaming SAP Inside Tracks at SAP Inside Track RuhrPOTT 2019.


Instead of connecting the presenter PC directly to the Projector or TV it is connected to an HDMI splitter that then connects to the Projector/TV. So the interface for the presenter doesn't change. You might need adapters from Displayport and VGA to HDMI for older computers. Please check this before the Event. From the HDMI Splitter the signal goes into the Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder which has a Thunderbolt output. For a good audio quality the Audio Interface should be connected to the mixer of the speaker / audience microphone. The camera might be a simple Webcam which is connected via USB or an action cam like the Gopro Hero4 that has a HDMI output that can be connected via an additional Ultrastudio Mini Recorder.

Shopping List

You can checkout this list on Amazon.

For the audio equipment Thomann might be the better choice.


OBS Studio

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