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SAP HANA InnoJam Online 2012 is an online contest, started back in 2011, where people submitted business ideas and compete against eachother. Phase 3 is going on now - we are awaiting video submissions on Vimeo (see below). Finalists will be announced 2nd April and will compete in person April 12th, 2012..

Our Vishal Sikka invites you to join and compete in SAP HANA InnoJam Online 2011 .


For technical questions, please go to the SAP HANA forum on SDN . For general questions re the contest, please send an email to

Short Overview 

Phase 1 - Starts (finished)

  • Share a critical business problem you want to solve on Idea Place, the place is open till January 15th, 2012
  • First 100 submitters go to Phase 2

Phase 2 - Starts January 16th, 2012 12 pm PST (finished)

  • Access SAP HANA sandbox
  • Use SAP HANA to solve your business problem
  • Get help by SAP experts if and when needed

Phase 3 - Build and share your idea until March 29th, 2012 12 pm PST (ongoing)

  • Share your solution: written description and a short video until March 29th, 2012 (we will not accept videos submitted later than that)
  • Videos should be uploaded to SAP HANA InnoJam Online 2012 group on Vimeo
  • Top 8 finalists will be announced April 2nd, 2012 go to Phase 4

Phase 4 - Final competition: April 12th, 2012 in Palo Alto 

  • 8 finalists present their problem/solution/feedback in front of SAP executives and a panel of judges
  • Winning team wins a 3 day trip (all-inclusive) to Hana, Maui; top 3 teams get free extended access to SAP HANA sandbox and get featured at SAPPHIRE Orlando 2012!
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  1. The idea place link does not work.

  2. Unknown User (o6ztbnr)

    Gregor - I think the correct link is

    The link you posted seems to be from an earlier event, as they are all dated Jul 2011.

  3. Thanks Jonathan. I've corrected the links.

  4. Anonymous

    I haven't heard anything more about the challenge - is it still going?  I have friends asking the same question.  Thank you.

  5. Former Member

    We changed the dates, but the contest is still going on. Please see all the details, rules and prizes here

    The link for the idea place is here, as Gregor mentioned already: 

    If you have any questions, please let me know or send an email to

    Best, Karin

  6. Former Member

    Hi There,

    Will external SAP / NON SAP systems be able to call SAP HANA database that would be available for development. For example, I would like to call data in SAP HANA database from external application interface. Will that be possible? - The question pertains to VPN / Security issues.

    Also, if we want to get data into SAP HANA box from external SAP sources for example SAP ECC or CRM or APO, would we able to establish connections to these sources?

    Is there a chance SAP will provide necessary SAP ECC / (CRM IDES if required) within SAP HANA VPN?