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The event is over now - review 30 hours of coding

And the winners are:

  1. Winner is Team Incentivators: "Travel Booking System - Gaming the System" with Igor Naumov, Ranjit Anand, and Gagan Reen
    Description: Incentivize employees to book reduce Travel Expenses, by rewarding lowest cost options and advanced bookings.
  2. Winner is Team 1: "We don't know you" with John Astill, John Moy, Rukhshaan Omar, Hoang  Duong, Bala Prabahar, John Harrikey, Matthias Steiner, Mark Finnern
    Description: The "We don't know you" team is worked on the "Do I Know you?" app. Game  to help you remember people's names. Starting from outlook meeting request.
  3. Winners is Team 10: "GTS – Gaming the ByDesign System*"* with Rudy Kurniawan, Max Bezahle, Devendar Mallireddy, Leonardo De Araujo, Greg Chase
    Description: Integrating gamification into existing ByDesign business processes to  encourage user behaviors and system engagement.

The jury: Joshua Greenbaum, Sanjay Chikarmane, TK Rengarajan, Jane McGonigal.



See some pictures:

By Doris

By Christine

Some videos:

Check the SAPInnoJam channel!

Some related community voices:

Get an impression and see the video of the first day

Event details


Gamification for enterprises and more


September 11 (Sunday) - September 12 (Monday), 2011


The Venetian, Palazzo Congress Center

Business Cases

Look into this Idea Place session to propose or vote for business scenarios


The event is sold out, registration is closed.


After an exciting first Innovation Weekend in Las Vegas prior SAP TechEd we can announce the second event in that series. Though the name has changed to SAP InnoJam, the experience will be the same.

Last year we've looked into business scenarios around NPOs (Non-Profit Organisations).
This year we want to look into the concept of Gamification and work on business scenarios around it .

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the use of game mechanics and dynamics for non-game applications such as business software and processes, to make the user experience more engaging, encourage users to collaborate and adopt the application, give users more control and empowerment, and a sense of mastery and autonomy. Examples of game mechanics are points, badges, comments, ratings, leader boards, avatars and many more.

If you submit your taxes with TurboTax, use loyalty programs from Safeway, BevMo and other stores, collect frequent flyer miles, connect through LinkedIn with other professionals, or are an SAP Developer Network user, then you are already familiar with gamified applications and systems and the power of Gamification.

Gamification does not mean that we make shooting games out of application, but that we learn to apply the very same game mechanics and dynamics to business applications that make games engaging, fun, nudge users to collaborate, be more timely and compliant in data entry and so on.

Rui has created this short video on Gamification. Check it out, you will love it:

If you want to learn more about Gamification, read our Getting Started with Gamification document and also read the blog about the results from the SAP Gamification Cup from May/June 2011: OINK OINK! Welcome to the SAP Gamification Cup!. The ideas of the 12 finalists are there discussed in detail.

How can you participate?

We've setup an Idea Place session for the SAP InnoJam at SAP TechEd 2011 Las Vegas to let you enter your proposals for real-life business scenarios that you want to use in order to build prototypes using SAP technologies.  If you do not have one, view the proposed business scenarios and vote for one that you would like to work on at the event.


Based on your input here, we'll update the agenda with the SAP technologies you'd like to see.




Sunday 1pm


SAP Technology Strategy

Sunday 2pm

Tech Fire

SAP Technology experts present specific SAP products, technologies, or tools.

Sunday 3pm

Biz Fire

Business experts present real business scenarios. As participants, you will select the business scenario that you want to work on. 

Do you have one that you want to champion and work on at the event?  Please propose them here so that others can view and vote on them.

Sunday 4pm

Innovation Slam

The fun begins!!!  Code!  Code!  Code!
You will collaborate with your team members to create the solution for your selected business scenario using any of the presented technologies.
Technology experts will be available onsite to assist your teams.

Monday 5:45pm

Guest Keynotes

Jane McGonigal - will be live streamed into the InnoJam room to make sure you can both listen to the keynote and finish your demos
(see an inspiring video of Jane from (20 minutes): Gaming can make a better world)

Monday 7pm

Innovation Fire

You will present your solution within a 6-minute timeslot.

Monday 8:45pm

Jury Time

Members of the Jury vote for the winning solution.

Monday 9pm

And the winner is...

Jury announces the winning team.

Stay tuned.  More to come.

Tell us what you would like to see at SAP InnoJam at SAP TechEd 2011 Las Vegas

Let us know here which SAP technologies you would like to test drive at the event and we'll try to make them available. If you like to contact us directly, please send an email to


We are going to host several webinars prior to the event.  Check out our upcoming webinars below.  We will also post recordings of past webinars, slides, and other materials here.

Date and Time




Other materials

Thursday, August 18, 2011, 10am PDT -11am PDT

Design Thinking

Heike Van Geel/Gigi Read


Additional materials

Tuesday, August 23, 2011, 11:15am PDT-12:15pm PDT

InnoJam and Gamification

Mario Herger/Gigi Read



Thursday, August 25, 2011, 10am PDT - 11am PDT

Building apps on River

David Ramsay



Thursday, September 1st, 2011, 10am PDT - 11am PDT

Building mobile apps on SUP

Sami Lechner/Bryan Whitmarsh



Thursday, September 8th, 2011, 10am PDT - 11am PDT

Using SAP Gateway

Jeff Gebo (



 If you would like to be invited to any of the webinars, please send an email to

Contact us

For more information, visit or email

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