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Used technologies

Team members


Aviation Safety

Predictive risk modeling for aviation risk mitigation controls.

BI on demand, HANA, Event Insight

Abdullah Shaikh
Alexander Donaldson
Brian Dunfeldt Christensen
Casper Ballemans
David Apps
Kaspar Vilhelm Torp
Martin Mccann
Nadav Helfman
Patrick F Davis
Roman Becker
Selen Erdogmus
Svetlana Balinova
Torsten Schubert


Green Cloud Controller

This tool lets you return resources to the air computing - an efficient SAP Cloud Service.

SUP, Project Titanium

Martin English
Chris Kernaghan
Christian Braukmüller
Martin English
Otto Gold


Carbon T'n'T, Bizfire presentation
1st Winner

Carbon Time 'n' Travel:  Efficient and easy to use mobile time, travel and expense tracking resulting in carbon impact reporting for employees and managers.
YouTube Video: CarbonTNT Demo Jam Presentation
YouTube Video: CarbonTNT Team Interview


Phil Loewen
Gregor Wolf (see his bizfire presentation )
Ivan Femia (see his bizfire presentation)
Jimi Ansio
Kim Matthiesen
Ole Hogfeldt Jedrzejczyk
Ole Mose Nielsen
Peter Kreienbring (10)
Ravi Santani 
Roel van den Berge
Trevor Wrogemann


Benchmarking Efficacy and Efficiency of National Governments - Big Data , Bizfire presentation

Joined team 9




What is in my product?, Bizfire presentation

Some certification processes (Cradle to Cradle)require to know what is in your product down to the single digit PPM level so that material safety can be assessed.


Jerome Selles
Norbert Schambeck







E.T.H.I.C.S., Bizfire presentation

Employee Tool for Holistic Individual and Corporate Sustainability: allows a compnay to enroll people to work together in a sustainable way.

Streamworks, ByDesign

Creg Chase (see his blog )
Andreas Eissmann (see his bizfire presentation )
Fred Verheul
Greg Chase
Matthias de la Roche
Roland Weis
Tim Guest
Werner Wolf


Packman Transportation

It empowers privat people to do transportation of goods to reduce carpon impact.

SUP, maybe Gateway, maybe HANA

Morten Lykkegaard,
Florian Speth,
Torben Schlichting,
Lars Peterersen,
Flemming Gorzelak,
Frans Suijkerbuijk  



It encourages drivers to drive safely and fuel efficient.


Jan Penninkhof
Arto Pihlaja
Ingrid Bos
John Astill
Kusala Kumsinda
Peter Combee
Rukhsshaan Omar
Sven van Leuken
Tjiyapo Velempini
Twan van den Broek


Sustainable Shared Taxi

Enabling TechEd participants to share a taxi to reduce CO2.

Event Insight, NEO, SUP

Fadel Taha
Gido Polak
Leon Boeijen
Michel Smid
Peter Kreienbring (3)
Robert Eijpe
Sander van Pelt
Suzanne de Vos
Tim Burchartz