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June 24-25, 2011


SAP offices in 's-Hertogenbosch  

Business Cases

Look into this Idea Place session to see the business cases

The first SAP InnoJam in the Netherlands is over and we had a lot of fun

You can watch the videos we've created during the event on the SAP InnoJam Ustream account . Sorry for the advertisements within the videos. We are currently trying out the setup and might switch to the ads-free soon, if we think that the livestream functionality is working good.

Pictures can be found on the SAP InnoJam Flickr account or on the VNSG Flickr account.

Article about SAP InnoJam NL in a Dutch computer magazine.


Here's the agenda for the event (technologies and business cases will be updated until the start of the event)




Welcome & keynote

1:00 - 1:30pm CET

Welcome and keynote

Tech Fire

1:30-2:15pm CET

SAP Technology experts present specific SAP products, technologies, or tools.
Project "River": Presented by Juergen Schmerder (SAP), get started here .
SAP NetWeaver Gateway: Presented by Chris Whealy and Andre Fischer (SAP), find some learning material here .
Sybase Unwired Platform:  Martijn Tielen (SAP), find some learning material here and a HTML5 tutorial here

Biz Fire

2:15pm - 3:00pm

Business case 1: Camera trap conservation app (for WWF)
Business case 2: Client relationship management to support debt counseling activities (for Stichting IDO)
Business case 3: Booking application that can be integrated in a website and facebook (Kidscamp Romania)
Business case 4: Social Media Client making it easier for a charity organisation to stay in touch with volunteers and the public
Business case 5: Philips - Help saving lives in Japan with Lifeline
Business case 6: Philips - Online tool for experience flow
Business case 7: Philips - Expert Identification Challenge
Business case 8: Meet the Expert, meet the Exec: Situative Expert Relationship Management with the SAP Mentors Expertise System at TechEd

Business experts present real business cases. As participants, you will select the business case or scenarios that you want to work on.
Do you have a cool business case that you want to work on at the event?  Please propose the busines cases you'd like to use so that others can view and vote on them. |


3:00pm - 3:30pm

Speed networking. Get to know each other better so that you know who you'd like to work with in the next 25 hours.

Innovation Slam

3:00pm next day

The fun begins!!!  Code!  Code!  Code!
You will collaborate with your team members to create the solution for your selected business case using any of the presented technologies.
Technology experts will be available onsite to assist your teams.

Innovation Fire

3:00pm - 4:45pm

You will present your solution within a 6-minute timeslot and receive direct feedback from the jury.

Jury Time

4:45pm - 5:00pm

Members of the Jury sit together and will decide about the winning teams.

And the winner is...

5:00pm - 5:15pm

Jury announces the winning team.


5:15pm - 5:30pm

Closing word. Official end of SAP InnoJam


5:30 - 7:00pm

Event fade-out with networking

The End..


End of the even

For those needing some sleep...

While the agenda says "Innovation Slam from 3.30pm till 3.00pm the next day", we can imagine there're people who want to get some rest during the night. There are 2 options to get some sleep:

  1. In the building itself. In this case you'll need to bring your own equipment (sleeping bag + air mattress) and you won't have the opportunity to shower, BUT it's free! There will be approximately 50 - 60 places available.
  2. In an hotel nearby. We've got a special offer from hotel Mercure Rosmalen: € 88,- (incl citytax, excl. breakfast which you won't need on Saturday). Max. number of rooms available is 30, same price applies in case there are less attendees taking an hotel room, and the same price applies for the night before (Thu-Fri) and afterwards (Sat-Sun). In order to use this offer please use the codephrase "InnoJam" when reserving a room.

Contact us

For more information, visit or email

Who's coming to the event?

Those who have registered can add their name to the list below so that others know who'll be there. As this is not mandatory, the list might not be complete.


Twitter ID

Rui Nogueira


Juergen Schmerder


Fred Verheul


Jan Penninkhof


Jeroen Huttinga


Leo van Hengel


Matthias Steiner


Michael Hardenbol


Fons van Nuland


Maarten Rasenberg


Robin van het Hof


Tamas Szirtes


Thorsten Franz


Ferenc Tabori


Tom Cenens


Martijn Tielen


Filip Verholen


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