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SAP Inside Track 2010 in Bangalore, India

First ever SAP Inside Track Event in India

The Community Day Event is back in its new avatar as SAP Inside Track. This is the first ever SAP Inside Track Event being planned in India and Bangalore is the natural choice. Community Members this is your chance to present, share and brainstorm ideas, network with other like-minded people in an informal atmosphere. If you have been to Community Day Events then surely you would not like to miss the SAP Inside Track Event.


  • Where SAP Labs Main Campus, No 138 EPIP Zone, Whitefield Bangalore
  • When: Saturday August 14th 2010
  • Time: 9am - 5pm
  • How/What: Community provided sessions from passionate SCN members.
  • Participation: Catch it on (now LIVE)
  • Pictures: Somnath's Album,
    Craig's Album
  • Time Zone: Indian Standard Time (GMT-5.5 hours)



Session Topic

Session Description



Welcome & Introductions




Open Innovation @ SAP

A look at innovation with SAP and our Technology Strategy

Craig Cmehil


Business Blueprint (enhaced + collaborative)

Business Blueprinting is an activity carried out before Realization for SAP implementation projects. We will showcase two new tools currently in the works - Enhanced Business Blueprint (on-premise) + Collaborative Business Blueprint (on-demand) which are complimentary to the existing Solution Manager offering to give customers a closed loop Blueprinting experience from Creation to Sign-off

Karthik Sj and Vaibhav Valecha

11:15am-12:00 noon

Learning SAP SNC

Share experiences in learning SAP SNC using SAP Community Network

Somnath Manna


Discussion: The state of enterprise UIs

An open discussion on why the user interfaces of our enterprise applications consistently suck and what can we do to change that

Mrinal Wadhwa, Anne Kathrine Petteroe, Craig Cmehil






SAP Certification

Hear updates from the Certification 5 on their groundbreaking dialogue with SAP and then engage in a freewheeling discussion about the value of SAP Certification. The "C5" will join from around the globe for this special session.

Michael Koch


Being Totally Frickin' Awesome

Hear how the Certification 5 turned a research project into an action item for SAP along with the whacky marketing methods used. If they worked for us, they'll work for you

Dennis Howlett


SAP Career Strategies 2010

SAP skills are a constantly moving target. New product areas emerge,threatening to overtake existing skills. "Commodization" in the form of global sourcing changes the game, forcing us to take pro-active steps to avoid flattened rates and decreased demand. In this interactive, "no slides" discussion, SAP Mentor Jon Reed will address the career planning questions you bring. He'll also share his views on building an SAP career strategy, the role of "social networks," the relevance of certification, and the impact of community on careers and skills development
Q&A with Jon and Cert5

Jon Reed


Debriefing & Closing



Attendee List

No. Name Company
1 Mrinal Wadhwa Blu
2 Somnath Manna IBM
3 Abesh Bhattacharjee IBM
4 D Athavan Raja Saudi Aramco
5 Craig Cmehil SAP
6 Shweta Kesarwani SAP Labs
7 Hitesh V TCS
8 Ajay Prak TCS
9 Karthik SJ SAP Labs
10 Sandeep Mandhana SAP Labs
11 Rahul Kumar CTS
12 Nandan H A Bristlecone
13 Ipsit Mohapatra CTS
14 Amit Behera TCS
15 Varun Dikshit Philips
16 Chandrasekar Arumugam TCS
17 Tanu Prakash TCS
18 Hari Hara Sai SAPTree
19 Prahlada Varada K.M ADC India
20 Santosh Pramanik TCS
21 Suresh Kumar D IBM
22 Pramod A M SAP Labs
23 Abhijeet Guha Wipro
24 Pratheep Thangamuthu SAP Labs
25 Shanif TP HP
26 Pankaj Jha TCS
27 Ravi Shankar P Arteria Technologies
28 Mohan Madaiah ASM Technologies Ltd.
29 Sanju joseph SAP Labs
30 Abhishek Nath SAP Labs
31 Rahul Kumar SAP Labs
32 Anmol Sahu IBM
33 Vinay Kumar C J Brady Company India Pvt Ltd
34 Satish Kondur IBM
35 S Mangalraj EDS
36 Senthilrajan Chandrasekaran TCS
37 Madhava Senoy L'oreal
38 Sasikumaran Sadaiyappan TCS
39 Geetha Chandrasekaran Roots industries India Ltd
40 S NandaKumar JK Technosoft Limited
41 Aveek Ghose Bristlecone
42 A.Geeta Kumari Patro TCS
43 Sangeetha S Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd
44 S.Harihara Lingam Sabare International Ltd, Karur
45 Saurabh Narula Blu
46 Abhinav Mehta Blu
47 Vaibhav Valecha SAP Labs
48 Kumaresh T SAP Labs
49 Karthi Thulsiraaman Robert Bosch
50 Rajeev Nair Thoughtworks
51 Srinivasa E Infosys
52 Bharathi P Wipro
53 Chaitanya L Wipro

See you all at SAP Labs tomorow...

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