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"Think Global (SAP Mentors) Act Local (SAP Inside Tracks)" 

Join us at SAP Lounge for the first Inside Track in Belgium ! Follow us on twitter : @sitbru!

We are thanking SAP Belux for supporting this community day and offering the greatest SAP location our communities would have ever dreamt of : SAP Lounge !

 Registration for participants is still open until 'the' Day.

However, as due date for catering was Sept. 6th,  all participants registered after Sept. 6th must take care of their own lunch.

Registration for speakers is now closed. Thank you all for your ideas and submissions.

Registration is now closed, thank you all for participating at this great event. We look forward to having you onboard for SAP Inside Track 2011 !

Come and discover the multiple assets of the SAP Communities.
Come, learn and share experiences with Community peers and SAP Mentors.
Extend your professional network by reaching out to new SAP 'colleagues' and peers.

SAP Inside Tracks have been very successful in many countries, worldwide. This Belgian event will be no exception thanks to your participation.

Practical Details 

When : Friday, September 10th 2010 (Why a Friday ? so that you can enjoy a great facillity on a business day and enjoy a WE in beautiful Brussels !)

Evening Events :

- on Thursday September 9th : Belgium's famous Grand Place: Meeting point as of 8:30 pm''Le Roy d'Espagne'  (King of Spain) Typically Belgian !

Located on the Grand-Place, the Roy d'Espagne tavern built in 1697 was home to the Bakers' guild.
The name of this establishment refers to Charles II who in 1687 was the king of Spain and the sovereign of the southern Netherlands which at the time included Belgium. His bust appears on the façade surrounded by symbols of bakers: Strength, Wheat, Wind, Fire, Water and Foresight

> Then personalized Cluecar to Wavre as some of you are staying at the Best Western Wavre : follow Squadron Belgian Leader<

-  on Friday September 10th : After 'Food for thoughts', : 'Food for body' ! To be decided onsite but likely Food and/or drinks near SAP Lounge in Vilvoorde !

Capacity : ~130 persons (70 persons maximum per meeting room)
Where : SAP Lounge Brussels (Vilvoorde), Belgium
How to get there : SAP Lounge, Dewezplein 5 (near Rondeweg) 1800 Vilvoorde (Brussels) - Access Map

Time : From 8:30 (Registration starts) am til 6pm (Keynote starts at 9:00am)
What do I wear ? (Although this is your private life), we advise 'Business Casual'
Working Language ? Although networking is open in many languages, sessions are held in English.

Cost : No onsite cost upon registration

Live feed :

      at 3:30pm (CET):

WIFI : Wireless is made available to the attendees throughout the event. However, connection may not be guaranteed thus if really needed, make sure to have plan B like 3G remote access card. 

Twitter hashtags : #sitbru

Pictures feed on flickr :

#sitbru the full Monty !

#sitbru twitter walls powered by @tweetwallpro

Contact person : Martin Gillet

For colleagues from surrounding countries (UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg etc) why not stay over the WE ? Useful information regarding Brussels can be found here .

Main Airport is Brussels (Zaventem, #BRU #EBBR) but alternatively low cost is also Brussels South Charleroi (Ryanair).


Coming with a car ? Why don't we save energy, petrol, carbon monoxide and a bit of mother earth > let's share a seat ? List your point of origin and number of open seats.

Coming from ?                  

Who ?                                       

Seats available 

Count me in (add your name!)                                             

Pick Up Point                             

Brussels Area (Overijse)

Martin Gillet

Max 6 - optimum 5


Jesus Eik (Parking near SMART dealership) towards E411

Bonn (Germany)

Thorsten Franz

3 (no guarantee yet)


Bahnhof Mehlem






Learn more...

We are thanking SAP PRESS  to offer a special 10% discount for #sitbru attendees, available to the whole book offering !

But that"s not all, Attend #sitbru and you will perhaps also win a SAP PRESS book as we have a few copies to distribute ! Be ready for a drawing and/or a pop Quiz at the end of the day !

Twitter Wall proudly powered by belgian TweetWallpro

Our #sitbru TwitterWall is proudly sponsored by TweetWallPro - a proud young belgian startup - which powers no less than four walls for your convenience !

Example (that rocks !) 

Suit yourself and make your pick ! 

Follow them on twitter @tweetwallpro


Attendees :  Please Sign up here if you plan to attend and also add your name to the list hereunder to have visibility of peers attending. 




Twitter ID          



Martin Gillet

Cogilius bvba




Jan Penninkhof

Phoqus B.V.




Thorsten Franz

AOK Systems GmbH




Uwe Fetzer

SE|38 IT-Engineering


Best Western Brussels East, Wavre


Maarten Rasenberg

PhoQus B.V.




Daniel Koller

Siemens AG




DJ Adams




Twan van den Broek





Christian DE NEEF

Fast Track Consulting




Luke Marson





Anne Kathrine Petterøe

Adobe Systems


Best Western Brussels East, Wavre


Fred Verheul

NL for Business




Darren Hague





Craig Cmehil



Best Western Brussels East, Wavre


Rui Nogueira





Lucien Mathieu

ML Consulting




Georges Ataya

Solvay Brussels School




Patrick Clenjans


> get one (smile)



Dick Nieuwenhuis

EU-official (working on communicating the EU's external policies)




Sujit Gujar


> get one (smile)



Christophe Steeno


> get one (smile)



Alain Rivet


> get one (smile)



Niek de Visscher

Magnus Technology Consultants




Alain Gerlache

Belgian Press (Chroniqueur Medias / Intermedias,
CTF French speaking public TV, Columnist De Standaard)




Leo van Hengel





Olivier Dujardin





Thomas Jung (Remotely)





Ethan Jewett

Business & Decision




Wim Hilven

YOU Consulting

> get one (smile)



Eddy De Clercq

K.U. Leuven

> get one (smile)



Caroline De Cock

N-square Consulting




Herman Rucic

N-square Consulting




Patricia Pohl

Freelance (BI)

> get one (smile)



Srinivasan Subbiah

Kaar Technologies

> get one (smile)



Siddharth Rajora (remotely)

SAP Labs India

> get one (smile)



Marc De Graef (Remotely)


> get one (smile)



James Farrar (Remotely)





Neil Gardiner (Stalking from afar)

Extend Technologies




Kairat Alaichiev(remotely)

Hewlett-Packard Slovakia













Sessions and schedules 

We would love you to come and talk about a topic that you are passionate about or about something that you have been doing in the REAL world. 

Basic rule is no commercial stuff, just lessons learned, things learned from the field that you want to share or challenge with the communities. Think in the added value it would bring to you if you were attending your session...

Please add your session topic below. We can have slots of 30, 45 or 60 minutes. 

If we get too many sessions we might ask you to talk for less time.


Track 1 - Attic 1                                                                               

Track 2 - Attic 2                                                                                                   

Remote Access Links

08:30 - 09:00 @ALL



09:00 - 09:15 @ALL

Welcome Keynote
(+H&S Fire Drill Audience Compliance Test - #sitbru Warm up Exercises)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

09:15 - 09:50 @ALL

EU 2.0: What's the point? (Caroline De Cock  & Dick Nieuwenhuis)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

10:00 - 10:40

Session 1 : SAP Communities & SAP Mentors : What's in it for me ? How to convince my Boss to let me access it ? (Martin Gillet)

Session 2 : Code Exchange and TOU (Rui Nogueira)

10:40 - 11:00 @ALL

Coffee Break / Networking / Demo

Coffee Break / Networking / Demo

11:00 - 12:00

Session 3 : IT Governance for SAP Practitioners (Georges Ataya)

Session 4 :  An introduction to STVN and using it to leverage better data and processes (Luke Marson)

12:00 - 13:00 @ALL

Lunch / Networking / Demo

Lunch / Networking / Demo

13:00 - 14:00

Session 5 : Open Innovation at SAP (Craig Cmehil)

Session 6 : Gmail contextual gadgets and SAP: Augmenting email with contextual SAP info (DJ Adams)

14:10 - 15:10

Session 7 : Web Dynpro ABAP Floorplan Manager Without Slides (Thomas Jung - Remote Speaker, US) (Duplex with SAP Inside Track Sao Paulo 2010 , Brazil)
Fun with NetWeaver ABAP (Thorsten Franz) Cancelled. Get Well Thorsten, your ABAP Spirit will be with us !

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

15:10 - 15:30 @ALL

Coffee Break / Networking / Demo

Coffee Break / Networking / Demo

15:30 - 16:30

Session 8 :  Certification C5 report and survey first reactions (Duplex with session #205 SAP Inside Track Sao Paulo 2010 , Brazil) -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

16:40 - 17:30

Session 9 : Sustainability Keynote  - learn more about the SAP Sustainability Report (James Farrar) 
Native Flex applications (non-islands) on SAP CE (Jan Penninkhof) Cancelled. Get Well Jan, your SAP CE will be with us.

Session 10 : Tomorrow's companies Social Innovation & Engagement by Frédéric Williquet

17:40 - 18:00 @ALL

Wrap Up / Farewell

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Beer o'clock -  Evening Event : After 'Food for thoughts', : 'Food for body' ! To be decided onsite but likely Food and/or drinks near SAP Lounge in Vilvoorde !

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Session abstracts  

 As #sitbru is located in the heart of Europe, in Brussels and as Belgium is currently at the Presidency of the council of European Union, I (Martin) wanted to have a peep at what the EU is currently undertaking in the field of social media.

What can we learn from them ? What are they pitfalls, their quickwins ? Let's make contact and start sharing ....Let's confront these facts and information with SAP Communities...

Session Abstract  EU 2.0: What's the point? (Caroline De Cock  & Dick Nieuwenhuis) 

 In this session,  an EC official and an EU lobbyist explain how EU 2.0 is slowly emerging  through practical examples and anecdotes.

The European institutions are exploring the benefits and challenges of social media, both internally (e.g. Yammer) and externally (e.g. Twitter and Facebook). At the same time, EU stakeholders trying to influence the decision-making process are adding a social media mix to their activities.

Session Abstract  SAP Communities & SAP Mentors : What's in it for me ? How to convince my Boss to let me access it ? (Martin Gillet) 

Get the best of the SAP Community places, insight glance at SDN and the SAP Mentors.

In today challenging world, surrounded by new technologies and communication channels, it is quite tough to stay ahead and keep up with the SAP technology watch.

Learn how to stay on the of the edge through the SAP Communities, which includes the SAP Mentors initiative. Identify through this walkthrough what SAP Communities can bring you, discover new areas, perhaps unknown, where you can also maintain your learning curve raising. Attendees will get some tips how to start and/or enhance their 'filters' facing these multiple sources of information. illustrated by the SAP Mentor initiative, on boarding a panel of experts next to you. Attendees will get best practices on how to reach SAP experts panel and their expertise, by using WEB 2.0 tools such as twitter. Last but not least, identify the arguments to be provided to your manager to let your manager allocate time to these activities and/or unblock the accesses to it.

Take home useful appendixes and a shortlist of handy weblinks.

Session IT Governance for SAP Practitioners (Georges Ataya)

Session entert(r)ained by Professor Georges Ataya, Managing partner of ICT Control NV-SA, Academic Director of the IT Management Education at Solvay Brussels School and External relation Committee Chair at ISACA International

Session Native Flex applications (non-islands) on SAP CE (Jan Penninkhof)

Adobe Flex gives you more flexibility when you build user-interfaces. In the SAP world, Flex applications are often linked to SAP using Flash Islands. But what if you want to rule-out the Webdynpro factor, because you want to allow your users to pick their own browser, or when there is only a very thin network connection available?

In this session, we'll have a look at other methods to connect Flex applications to SAP, leveraging the SAP CE 7.1/7.2 environment.

Session Gmail contextual gadgets and SAP: Augmenting email with contextual SAP info (DJ Adams)

We all know that email is here to stay, as the core component in a general workflow and collaboration platform. This is especially relevant in the context of Wave's untimely demise. In this session, you'll learn what's possible with Gmail contextual gadgets: how an email can be transformed - nay exalted - from its core function as a humble message container, to a much more valuable tool, with features ranging from dynamically added information relevant to the email's context all the way to interactive UIs to allow contextual interation with backend systems.

In this session, we'll take a look at Google's Gmail contextual gadget offering, and in keeping with (my) tradition, we'll use the classic demo Correction and Transport data to show transport-specific information in the case where a transport number is mentioned in the email.

Background reading: Getting Started with Gmail Contextual Gadgets

Session Fun with NetWeaver ABAP (Thorsten Franz)  Cancelled.

Unfortunately, Thorsten can't make it. Get Well Thorsten, your ABAP Spirit will be with us ! 

Session Code Exchange and TOU (Rui Nogueira)

As we are close to the go-live of the Code Exchange platform many questions popped up regarding the Terms of Use. In the session I'll try to bring some light into the legal language and will address all questions that I've been aware of. To date I'm aware of questions from Ed Hermann, Uwe Fetzer and Ethan Jewett. All others, please feel free to send me your questions by email (and ideally BEFORE sit (smile) .

After your feedback to my session I'll post the outcome as a blog to SCN. Hope it'll help others, too.

Session An introduction to STVN and using it to leverage better data and processes (Luke Marson)

A brief overview of the flagship applications from Nakisa and how they've been implemented to provide more than just visualization of your org structure in a pretty way.

Session Open Innovation @ SAP (Craig Cmehil)

Taking a look at innovation, open innovation and how and what is happening right now in and around SAP and the ecosystem and how you can step forward and been seen and heard.

Session Web Dynpro ABAP Floorplan Manager w/o Slides (Thomas Jung)

Continuing the SAP Inside Track theme of Web Dynpro ABAP sessions without any powerpoint slides, I will do an all demo session covering the basics of Floorplan Manager. Learn what Floorplan Manager is, how to create Generic UI Building Blocks with Feeder Classes, how to configure and extend SAP Floorplan applications, and some best practices for the architecture of FPM applications.