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Promotion sticker to let everyone at SAP TechEd know that we celebrate #sitNL's birthday on November 23rd.

Our 5th anniversary 

For five times now we organize our NL SAP TechEd meetup - SAP Inside Track Netherlands, sitNL in short. Already after the first year it was not longer a 'local' event with participants from Germany, Belgium, UK and Poland. We almost had Ivan joing us from Italy if it wasn't for the snow last year (sad)

Our goal for November 23rd is again to share the latest insights from SAP TechEd with "The SAP TechEd XPerience" as a theme. 

An SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for both SAP TechEd attendees as well as the less fortunate ones (wink) , and organized by peers from the community.

Use hash tag #sitNL on Twitter to share ideas and spread the news or go to our Facebook page to read the latest news items on our timeline.


Relive the event on our recap blog: And a happy birthday it was ...

Spare 5 minutes with us to fill in the evaluation form, that'll help us improving the #sitNL experience.


A huge thank you to our sponsors:


Saturday, November 23rd 2013. Sessions start at 10:00 and end at 19:00 with a lovely-not-to-miss-dinner-by-Haseenah.


Hopefully we will be able to fit everyone in the Ciber office at Eindhoven again, maximum capacity of 75 people. As the event is growing, you may want to sign-up quickly, to be assured of a seat.

Link to Google map.


For SCN community members (both consultants and customers) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge. If you have visited SAP TechEd 2013, please share your thoughts and vision with us at the SAP Inside Track. If you didn't visit SAP TechEd, you're still welcome to participate of course.


Low, aiming at €20 per participant, including lunch and dinner.

Live stream




We're pretty sure there will be people taking some. Follow the #sitNL hashtag.

See our Flickr album.


(Topic inserted by Martijn Linssen on Nov 24)

Here's a clickable PDF of all 644 #SitNL tweets over the last week: Latest tweets on top or Oldest tweets on top - downloading either will give you a proper resolution for the avatars


Agenda will be shared a few weeks before the event.


Here you have the chance to add value and pay forward, host a session at SAP Inside Track the Netherlands. Take the stage and share your SAP TechEd experiences, open the discussion and take new insights back home. Please note that all sessions are supposed to last at most 30 minutes (which is different from last year)!




Enterprise MobilityA next episode in a fairytale about a solution architect trying to bring relief to Field Service Engineers at a high tech manufacturer.Twan van den Broek
SecurityTrends, some live hacking, statistics, SAP Security topics from Teched 2013, etcJoris van de Vis
Business logicWith all the fuss lately about User Experience and how important it is, you would almost forget that business applications should also do something, and preferably something that moves the business forward. Here we're entering the domain (pun intended) of the business logic. In this session we'll try to give an overview of where and how business logic is implemented in SAP applications, which frameworks exist, etc. Input from the audience will be greatly appreciated!Fred Verheul

The ultimate #sitNL topic. A closing pub quiz in which we can spread our knowledge and challenge each other....Maybe I even throw in some SAP related questions :-) 
And yes: You can win prizes!!! 


The PubQuiz, edition 2013, can be found here:

Sven van Leuken
Using a Mobile Portal to Monitor SAP HANAReplay of my TechEd presentation. I created a HTML5 application called HANA Control Center in the Mobile Portal. It allows administrators to monitor HANA systems on mobile devices. Let me show you what it does, how it works, lessons learned, etc.Tamas Szirtes
SAPUI5 & NetWeaver Gateway

Let's take that call. Build your own Fiori style (calltaker) app. We will open up the hood, and show how we build our own Fiori style app by using NetWeaver Gateway and SAPUI5 featuring XMLViews!

Leo van Hengel & Wim Snoep 

SAPUI5 & Neptune Application DesignerRalf-Juergen: Developing a SAPUI5 Desktop UI with the Neptune Application Designer.Ralf-Juergen Triebel & Njal Stabell
Floorplan ManagerFloorplan Manager introduction. What is Floorplan Manager, why should we use it and where to start.Robin Vleeschhouwer
ABAP 7.4 on HANAHANA vs RDBMS battles and HANA integration into ABAP 7.4 Wouter Lemaire
SAP HCPSAP HANA Cloud PlatformMatthias Steiner
Surprise! Surprise session - please don't tell me what it's going to be about!Thorsten Franz 
Enterprise MobilityWhat I took away from SAP TechEd with regards to enterprise mobility (and devs).Roel van den Berge
TDD in the ABAP WorldTest Driven Development(TDD) Introduction and Live ABAP Unit TDD Coding SessionHendrik Neumann
SCNUsing Game Mechanics to drive Engagement in the SAP CommunityFred Verheul

BI podcast


Terug te luisteren via of via

Ronald Konijnenburg, Xavier Hacking, Jeroen van der A, Sven van Leuken,
Real time search non HANASearch through your ABAP code base realtime non-HANA! At Heineken International I am responsible for the quality of 50 million lines of custom code and without this tool I would be completely lost. It searches Smartforms and SAPscripts as well, plus all customizing tables for dynamic function/method calls. And unlike HANA it doesn't need special hardware. The ABAP search is string based, but I will also show an example where this technique is used for column-based searching.Roy van de Kerkhof
Visual analysisVisual analysis of relational data with SynerScope on HANA

Danny Holten, Niels Willems

Saturday evening event

It is official, last year's food legacy continues. We have found Phoqus prepared to sponsor and Haseenah prepared to create us a very nice meal again. Those who where there or who followed Twitter during last years's sitNL know that this is definitely not to be missed. Although the exact menu will remain a surprise, one thing is for sure: It is going to be a fine exciting Asian blend again. Be there!

Participants SAP Inside Track Netherlands 2013

Please use our Google Form to register for the event AND add your name to the list here under to show that you are attending. 

The table on this WIKI page is not automatically updated after you have submitted the Google Form. We're using the form to capture email addresses, the WIKI table is to show who will be attending.




Twitter ID

Early arrival on Friday
& looking for a meet-up

Taking part at
Saturday evening-event


Twan van den Broek






Jan Penninkhof





3Roel van den BergeRoel@roelvdbergeprobably notyes


Fred Verheul



probably not



Tamas Szirtes




yes (smile)


Joris van de Vis






Mark DijsselbloemMark@mdijsselnoyes


Robin VleeschhouwerRobin, SCN@rvsapnoyes


Leo van HengelLeo@lvhengelnoyes


Christian DrummChristian@ceedee666nono


Sven van LeukenSven@svleukennono
12Jan-Willem Kaagman -no


13Robin van het HofRobin@Qualiturenoyes!
14Wim SnoepWim@wsnoepnoyes
15Hendrik NeumannHendrik@h_neumannyes (but late arrival)yes
16Ralf-Juergen TriebelRalf-J.@RJTriebelyesyes
17Ben Meijs @myinfiniteloopnoprobably
18Lemaire WouterWouter Lemaire-nono
19Peeters WouterWouter Peeters@wouterpeetersnono
20Vanderkelen JonasJonas Vanderkelen nono
21Ted CastelijnsTed Castelijns@tcastelinono
22 Kim SchoukensKim Schoukens -nono
23Tom Van DoorslaerTom Van Doorslaer@TomVanDoorslaernoyes
24Wendy Krullaars -noyes
25Robin Fillerup  nono
26Njål Stabellnstabell@njastadepends on wife (smile)yes
27Dennis DuivenbodeDennis noyes
28Michael HardenbolMichael@mshardenbolnoyes
29Matthias SteinerMatthias@steinermatt yes
30 Thorsten Franz Thorsten @thorstenster probably not 


31Jan LarosJan@JanLarosno


32Hans Senden @hsendennono
33Bart van de Kamp  nono
 34 Tim Burchartz  no yes 
35Brigitte Lotze  noyes
36Jan Willem Molenaar  noyes
37Wouter Heuvelmans @wheuvenoyes
38Jeroen CustersJeroen@yonex_nlnoyes
39Carolin Kuhmann @ckuhmannnoyes
40Michiel van Bergen  noyes
41Arnaut Kamhoot  nono
42Kiran Vadrevu  NoProbably
43Roy van de Kerkhofroy Nocan't
44Ronald KonijnenburgRonald@konijnenburgNoProbably not
45Arnold Mostert @arnoldmostertNoNo
 46Olaf Sep    no yes
 47Joris Bots    No Yes
48Maarten Kreijveld  NoNo
49Danny Holten  NoYes
50Niels WillemsNiels@cmewillemsNoYes
51Tim Leys  NoNo
52Sridhar Kumar  NoNo
53Harikishore Sreenivasalu @harkis84NoNo
54Surendar Reddy Lakkadi  noyes
55Martijn LinssenLinkedIn@MartijnLinssenNoYes



Hotel suggestions

Map: GoogleMap with tagged hotels and Train/BusInfo (feel free to edit)




Price (incl. Breakfast)
exclusief toeristenbelasting

Who stays?

Hotel van der Valk (Eindhoven)

next to the highway

  • good to reach by car +++

€75-€95 for single room, €99-€109 for double
Last minute is actually the same or more expensive...

Beware the unsecure registration and booking via web


Hotel Parkzicht

  •  next to park / quiet area

approx. 108€


Hotel Crown

  • next to train station +++
  • next to bus stop (line 55) +++
  • parking fee (~15€)  ---

1day   Sa - Su 76.10 €   (incl. tax + breakfast, Best Available Rate) Best Price: 72€ (1st Nov).



  • next to train station ++
  • next to bus stop (line 55) ++
  • parking fee (~25€)  ---

Fr.-Sa   84 Euro
Sa.-So  84 Euro


Holiday Inn Eindhoven

Holiday Inn Eindhoven

2 km from venue

From 70 Euros for weekend package including breakfast and parking



Able to do some car sharing, car pooling, joy riding?

Coming from




Count me in (add your name)

Pickup point


























Any tips to take into account? Please list them and help making it a day to remember.

  • Bring a good mood (big grin)
  • Dress casual



  1. Hi Twan,

    I'm SAP Netweaver Consultant at Flexso. Flexso is a SAP Consulting Company in Belgium. You can find more information about Flexso at At Flexso, we have been working with SAP very closly for beta testing ABAP 7.4 on HANA.

    For this beta testing, we have created some battles such as:

    • HANA vs Oracle
    • new ALV IDA vs Old SALV
    • FPM List new vs old
    • Full HR scenario on classic SAP system vs ABAP74 on HANA,... 

    This will be presented at SAP Teched 2013 in Amsterdam, TEC207. Maybe it is interesting to present this at the SAP Inside Track. It is not a real DemoJam, but it is a hot topic.

    Is it possibly for further discussion by mail?


    Thanks in advance!


    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Wouter,

      Since a wiki is public, I'll take the liberty to answer your questions before Twan gets a chance, but I'm pretty sure he'll agree with most of what I'm about to say (wink).

      YES, please do present this cool stuff also at the SAP Inside Track! All sessions are supposed to take 30 minutes, so please keep that in mind, but I'm sure a lot of people will be interested in the battles and in your experience with ABAP on HANA.

      Apart from the session you could also submit an entry for Demojam. I'm sure you've got enough material to do both. Just use this wiki page to indicate what you want to do, as it's a public and democratic medium (perfect for our purposes).

      Also add yourself and any colleagues that want to come along to the list of participants, and you're all very welcome (don't forget to fill in the Google form)!

      See you in Amsterdam next week and in Eindhoven on the 23rd of Nov!

      BR, Fred

    2. Former Member

      Hi Wouter

      Thanks for reaching out to us. And yes very interesting for #sitNL. Glad you will join us.

      And thanks to Fred for quick reply.

      see you next week,



  2. Hi guys,

    Sorry I can't be there this year - other commitments, unfortunately. I'm sure it will be a great event, as always.

    In light of recent issues at some other tech conferences, what do you think about adding a link to the Conference Code of Conduct to the event page?

    All the best,


    1. Former Member

      Hi Darren,

      Too bad you can't join us. 

      Thanks for the Conference Code of Conduct - it seems like an open door, but sometimes necessary to point this out again.


      Kind regards


  3. This space looks alive and I am sure SITNL would be a resounding success. I am very enthused by the fact that not only SCNers/participants are joining from NL but are travelling from other countries for the same. I loved the fact that you have added possible hotel suggestions which indicates the eye for detail. Last but not the least the agenda looks amazing as it has fresh blood of HANA and mobility as well as ABAP topics such as FPM. 

    I would be looking forward to reading the blogs and seeing pictures about the event. 


    1. Former Member

      Thanks Kavindra for your positive words. We're counting down and making sure everything is in place in time. But really looking forward to all the stories and folks that will join on Saturday.


      Kind regards