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Episode VI - the saga continues

Our goal for November 29th is again to share the latest insights on SAP's fun stuff. And extra - extra: In 2014 we will schedule a BI track as well. 

An SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for both SAP d-code (The Event Formerly Known As SAP TechEd, TEFKAST) attendees as well as the less fortunate ones (wink) , and organized by peers from the community. Blog on SCN:

Use hash tag #sitNL on Twitter to share ideas and spread the news or visit our Facebook page to read the latest news items on our timeline.

Recap blog

Agenda sitNL 2014

Sponsors (THANKS)


Saturday, November 29th 2014. Sessions start at 10:00 and end at 19:00 with a lovely-not-to-miss-dinner-by-Haseenah (hopefully as I still have to ask her ...)


Caution - we have moved to another location. Office The Next View in 's Hertogenbosch, just next to SAP NL HQ.


For SCN community members (both consultants and customers) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge. If you have visited SAP d-code 2014, please share your thoughts and vision with us at the SAP Inside Track. If you didn't visit SAP d-code, you're still welcome to participate of course.


Low, aiming at €20 per participant, including lunch and dinner.


We're pretty sure there will be people taking some. Follow the #sitNL hashtag.

See our Flickr album.


Use the #sitNL hashtag


Here you have the chance to add value and pay forward, host a session at SAP Inside Track the Netherlands. Take the stage and share your SAP d-code experiences, open the discussion and take new insights back home. Please note that all sessions are supposed to last at most 30 minutes!




SAP Teched 2014 Recap

Overview of my key take-aways from SAP Teched 2014.
Presentation slides here: 

Jan Penninkhof
SAP SecurityI found SAP security vulnerabilities and all I got is this T-shirt of pretty decent quality - About my experiences doing SAP Security research and how SAP handles vulnerabilities reported by external security researchers.Joris van de Vis
Mobile SecurityMobile Security Bug Parade - How to avoid creating insecure mobile applicationsFrank Köhntopp
Frontend Development

Last year I gave a presentation on the state of enterprise mobility.

This year I want to share my SAP TechEd && d-code takeaways for frontend developers, hopefully with a couple of demos.

Roel van den Berge
Frontend Development - WebDynpro

How to compete with the SAPUI5 Sexyness, as a WebDynpro Developer

Featuring: Sidepanels, Cockpits, Visualizations, demo's and some crazy ideas

Presentation on slideshare:

Tom Van Doorslaer
HANA native developmentRoel will cover all the frontend development options, so let me pick up from there and cover how to build the backend part of your application in HANA. Think of XS, River, etc. Demo app running on HANA Cloud Platform. Slides: Szirtes
The PubQuiz

The closing sitNL community event in which actual prices can be won!!!!

(For an impression of last years pubquiz, click here )

Re-live this year's pubquiz : Click here for the 2014 edition

Sven van Leuken

DJ Twan van den Broek


(BI track)

Everything you always wanted to know about Tableau, but were afraid to askNorbert Maijoor

Architecting and modelling the HANA EDW

(BI track)

A deep dive into the latest and greatest when architecting and modelling the SAP EDW.

(Ulrich is one of the co-hosts of the following OpenSAP training )

Ulrich Christ

Design Studio

(BI track)

Custom Visualizations in SAP Design Studio, What, Why and How.
After a very brief introduction about the What and Why on Visualizations Jeroen will dive into the code and show you how to build Graphs using D3. 

Presentation on Slideshare :

Jeroen van der A
Care-MITThe secrets behind Care-MIT, a DemoJam participantLeo van Hengel, Twan van den Broek
IoT and Sensor CloudShowing an end to end example of automated processes triggered by Cloud Sensors Mark Teichmann
CupenyaHANA Start up Cupenya about running your business with analytics from the futureElmar Weber

SAP BI TechEd Takeaway

(BI track)

Ronald Konijnenburg and Sven van Leuken will give a 60 min re-cap on all SAP BI related highlights of the TechEd in Las Vegas and Berlin

The presentation can be downloaded via :

Ronald Konijnenburg

Sven van Leuken

SAP Web IDE Layout EditorI will show the SAP Web IDE Layout editor in action, but I will also show other parts like templates or the code editor. Spoiler Alarm - My session (wink)Denise Nepraunig
Women in TechnologyWhat I learned from the Women In Technology Breakfast Forum during SAPTechEd && d-codeFred Verheul


(BI track)

Instant Analytics for SAP ERP, BW, HANA data and other sources. A full Data warehousing solution running on the HANA Cloud Platform.

Birst in the key note from Steve Lucas in Las Vegas

The slidedeck is posted to slideshare at:

Richard Neale
Jerry Tricker 

Agile Software Engineering

Agile Software Engineering in ABAP


Wouter Peeters



Participants SAP Inside Track Netherlands 2014

Please use >> our Google Form << to register for the event AND add your name to the list here under to show that you are attending. 

The table on this WIKI page is not automatically updated after you have submitted the Google Form. We're using the form to capture email addresses, the WIKI table is to show who will be attending.





Twitter ID

Early arrival on Friday
& looking for a meet-up

Taking part at
Saturday evening-event


Twan van den Broek






Hans Senden

3Christian Braukmüller @CBasisyesyes (but leaving not to late)
4Robin VleeschhouwerRobin@rvsapnoyes
5Hendrik NeumannSCN@h_neumannlate arrival / late beer?yes
6Leo van HengelLeo@lvhengelmaybeyes
7Roel van den BergeRoel@roelvdbergenoyes
8Joris van de VisJoris@jvisnono
9Niels WillemsSCN@cmewillemsnono
10Bart van de Kamp  nomaybe (will inform on time)
11Jan Willem Molenaar @jwmolenaarno


12Christian DrummSCN@ceedee666noyes (but leaving not to late)
13Tamas SzirtesSCN@tamas_szirtesnounfortunately no...
14Dennis Duivenbode @dduivenbodenoyes
15Ronald KleijnRonald@rkleijnyesyes no
16Sven van LeukenSven@svleukennomaybe
17Fred VerheulFred@fredverheulnoyes
18Jeroen Elie Jeroen@jeroenelienoyes
19Michael HardenbolMichael@mshardenbolnoyes
20 Jan-Willem Kaagman   no Most probably yes  Bah, family obligations. (sad)
21Ronald KonijnenburgRonald@konijnenburgnono
22Sander BoersSander@sander_boersnoprobably
23Wouter HeuvelmansWouter@wheuvenoother obligations (sad)
24Pascal WillemsenPascal@MelkieNLno

family obligations

25Tim van GestelTim noyes
26Mark TeichmannMark@thulium3late arrivalyes
27Tom Van Doorslaer @TomVanDoo nahyup
28Niels Doesburg @NielsDoesburgnoyes
29Caspar van Tergouw  noMaybe
30Robin van het HofRobin@qualiturenoyessss!
31Wim SnoepWim Snoep@wsnoepno

no (family obligations (sad), will join online if possible!)

32Brigitte Lotze  noyes
33Wouter PeetersWouter@WouterPeetersnono


Tim Burchartz @tburchartznoyes
35Reinier ten Hage  noyes
36Rob van der Marck @rvdmarcknothat's dinner I presume? yes
37Wendy Krullaars @Cyberwitch1noyes
38Denise NepraunigLinkedIn@denisenepraunigyesyes - leaving not too late
39Jan Penninkhof @jpenninkhofnoyes
40Arnaut Kamhoot @akamhootno


41Antonio Di Siena  noyes
42Cemal Aslan @cemal00nowould like, I think have too leave early
43Frank Köhntopp Frank@koehntoppnoyes
44Olaf Sep  noyes
45Rob Beeren @rbeerennono
46Jaap van Zomeren  no


47Leon Huijsmans  nono
48Sjoerd van MiddelkoopSjoerd@SjoerdMnono
49Renald WittwerRenald@RenaldWittweryesyes
50Peter Tonies  nono
51Patrick van OsLinkedIn  nono
52Jeroen van der A @hyronimousnoyes
53Laurens van Rijn @laurensvanrijnnono
54Richard Neale @richard_nealenono
55Jerry Tricker  nono
56Michiel van Bergen  noprobably
57Elmar Weber @weberelmnomaybe
58 Marion Fokkinga   no yes 
59 David Prinsen   no no 
60 Martijn Jagers   no maybe, if before 19:00 
61Thorsten Franz @thorstensternoyes
62Jeroen Marijnissen  no


63Mendel Koerts @mendel_koertsnono


Hotel suggestions




Price (incl. Breakfast)
exclusief toeristenbelasting

Who stays?

Hotel Jo Van Den Bosch  150€ for 2 nights via


@CBasis, @denisenepraunig

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant ‘s-Hertogenbosch  138€ for 2 nights via booking.comMark, Frank, Renald


Able to do some car sharing, car pooling, joy riding?

Coming from




Count me in (add your name)

Pickup point

WageningenJoris van de VisCar4
















Ronald Kleijn





Utrecht Jan-Willem Kaagman Car   
Zuid-LimburgHans SendenCar4  
RotterdamRonald KonijnenburgCar7  
Den HaagSander BoersCar3  
SchinnenWouter HeuvelmansCar4  
LübeckMarkCar3Renald (only return trip) 
BochumCemal AslanCar3  
AlzeyFrank KöhntoppCar3  
BonnChristian BraukmüllerCar2 

Leaving BN Friday 3-4pm
Back in BN Sa 23:30pm


AmsterdamElmar WeberTrain   


Any tips to take into account? Please list them and help making it a day to remember.

  • Bring a good mood (big grin)
  • Dress casual



  1. Hi,

    could you provide a address or a Google Maps link to the conference location? 

    Thanks, Christian 

    1. Please have a look in the section "Where".

      1. Yeah, I added a link in response to Christian's question...