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Last years page

*** Just to avoid confusion.   This page is from the last years event.  The current event can be found here:   ***

Starting with a new SAP InsideTrack location in 2015:

Saturday, March 21st 

An SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for all people from the SCN-Community  (Customers, Consultants and Freelancers).
No matter if you are a developer, business consultants or an architect.
The event is organized by peers from the community .. and YOU are able to influence the agenda.
Have a look at all the review blogs of previous SAPInsideTracks to get into the right mood .. and register yourself afterwards.

Use hash tag  #sitFRA  on Twitter to share ideas. Spread the news and follow the updates!


SAP Inside Track Frankfurt a.M. / March 21st 2015 


Saturday, March 21st 2015 
Registration opens at 8:30h
Sessions start at 9:30h and end at approx. 18:00/19:00


Germany: Frankfurt a.M. (Hesse)
Office:  AOK Office in Frankfurt-Rödelheim  

(just a 2 minutes-walk from train-station  Rödelheim , easy to reach with rapid transit from Frankfurt Main Station (9 minutes ride))


For SCN community members (both consultants and customers) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge.

      • Share what you love by holding a session.
      • Be curious to hear about new things & new insights and participate.

Low, aiming at €20 per participant - including lunch and drinks throughout the day.


Use the #sitFRA hashtag.

Explanation "FRA":

FRA is the international abbreviation for the Frankfurt Airport, the largest airport in Germany.
Another common abbreviation in germany is FFM (FrankFurt am Main)

The city name "Frankfurt" exists two times in Germany and therefore the local river name is added to make the name unique. 
Frankfurt a.M. = close to river "Main" ("aMain") <----- here we will meet at #sitFRA
Frankfurt (Oder) = close to the river "Oder"     (close to the polish border) 

Agenda 2015

Will be driven by the session suggestions of all participants. Please enter your suggestion in the table further down in this document.

--> look at:

Evening Event


We’ll meet at 8pm at the  Zimt & Koriander  ( ) in Frankfurt’s city center. Whoever is already in Rödelheim is welcome to join us at the AOK Systems office at 19:15 to go together to the restaurant by public transportation.


Address: Schärfengäßchen 4  // 60311 Frankfurt am Main // (GoogleMaps)



How to get there:


Public Transportation: S-Bahn to Hauptwache  


By Car: Public parking garage at the Kornmarkt 10 // 60311 Frankfurt am Main



Friday late night location (for the night owls) will be the local craft beer fiefdom: Naiv


We’ll be leaving Rödelheim together and travel with the S-Bahn to Lokalbahnhof loacted in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. If you’d like to get a glimpse of Frankfurt’s famous skyline you can exit one stop early and walk the remaining distance – crossing over the Main river with a beautiful view of Frankfurt’s old town and city center with all those famous skyscrapers ;-)

Apfelwein DAX

Local restaurant with classic Hessian food and drink specialities. We’ll introduce you to “Grüne Sauce” (green sauce), “Schneegestöber” (snow flurry), “Handkäs” (hand cheese) and “Apfelwein” (apple vine) and you will love it! But of course the Schnitzel is also part of the menu ;)

Address: Willemerstr. 11 // 60594 Frankfurt //  (German)  or (GoogleMaps)   


The event language is:  English
We expect to have some friends of outside of germany with us.
(we may offer a simultaneous translation to hessian (wink) for the local participants)

Session suggestions

Here YOU have the chance to add value and pay forward: host a session at SAP Inside Track in Frankfurt.
Share your experience and/or initiate a discussion and take new insights back home. Please note that all sessions are supposed to last at most 30 minutes! If your session is shorter, you don't need to blow it up, please feel free to add it. We love to give room for some quick ones as well and will add some slots for 15 minute sessions. We added a 45 minutes option due to a convincing session proposal and are looking forward to more interesting topics (wink)
If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do it:   Contact us:  info @ 



in 15, 30 or 45 min


ABAP DSL Workbench (#adw)I want to show you a tool I made to define external DSLs in the ABAP Stack.45Peter LangnerGet them!
ABAP for business and privateWe'll talk about ABAP's surprising capabilities15Jasmin Gruschke, Jens Weilerwe had non, but a document about the #IoB will follow
Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF)The Business Objects Processing Framework is a tool provided by SAP which tremendously facilitates development of transactional applications: technical services like data access, locking and transaction management are handled by the framework. This reduces development efforts and helps to focus on business logic. In this session, a group of enthusiastic developers will prove the benefits by iteratively developing a full fledged application - from scratch. In this session, a "Sprint" proves why it's called that. Neither HANA nor slides involved.45

Martin Fischer, Oliver Jägle, Sascha Hack

No slides, but some links:

Paper about BOPF (in German)


SAP Web IDEI want to show the SAP Web IDE for SAPUI5 development30Denise Nepraunig 
Core Data ServicesData Modelling with CDS Views30Uwe Fetzerhier gibts nichts zu sehen, bitte weiter gehen (Sorry, no slides)
SAP HANA Cloud PlatformCreating an add-on on SAP HCP, a journey report30Twan van den BroekSlides
UX & UIImproving the UX for your users - Where to start?30Roel van den BergeSlides
BRFplus - The API Way

I want to show how to enhance an insurance application using BRFplus

in a generative approach 

30Christian LechnerSlides
Synching SAP data with the 1Worldsync GDSN DatapoolI will show you how we built an ABAP solution to synchronise master data from an SAP system to 1Worldsync using GS1 XML messages created with a Simple Transformation.15Mark TeichmannLink to the slides
Using SAPUI5 / OPENUI5 for an iPad App (iOS)I will show the steps from the running SAPUI5 / OPENUI5 Web Application to an iPad App using Apache Cordova. For Android, Windows Phone and other mobile platforms it's nearly the same.30Renald WittwerSlides with Screenvideos (about 150 MB)
Women in TechnologyWhere do we stand in 2015? Some (horror) stories, stats, and good advice, picked up from (among others) SAPTechEd && d-code Berlin.30Fred VerheulNo slides but sources can be found here
Unit Testing ABAP CDS Views - Back to the FutureSo you've pushed your ABAP code down to the database using CDS views, but how the hell do you test it? I will give you an overview of the goals and problems when unit testing CDS views and how possible solutions might look in the future (including a running prototype).30Chris SwanepoelSlides
UI5 Boilerplate - Fiori EditionIntroduction of UI5 Boilerplate, a template for SAPUI5/OpenUI5 Apps. Explain modification / extensions to build a Fiori Edition of the UI5 Boilerplate, which can be integrated in the famous SAP Fiori Launchpad.30HP Seitz


Source on GitHub

Blog Post

Don't try to be smart - be smartGeneric programming sucks. I explain several mistakes most ABAP programmers do when they learn about RTTI, Field Symbols and generic data structures and why it ruins the architecture of ABAP applications as well as your whole IT landscape.15Tobias Trappno slides in this talk but I blogged about it here - without mentioning HANA, CDS and OData
Abap Object Services

Abap Object Servies: The most unused feature. A short trip from the scratch, enable YOU, to make your own progress.
No need to think about buffering or collecting records, which code to register for "... ON COMMIT", what to do on Commit or Rollback ... Let the objets have their "own intelligence" rather than passing a table-line to a procedure or a function-module.

45Bert Aufdemkamp 
APIs (not only) in SAP environmentsOur customers are facing a new situation: their competitors are exposing functionality more and more for (not only) public usage by other platforms or devices (IoT) and reach out to new markets. But what does that mean for us developers and architects in SAP environments? And what's behind the acronym API and how can we use or even build it up by applying appropriate patterns and interfaces? Is an API all about interfaces or is it even more?30

Damir Majer

Martin Steinberg

Test driven development in ABAPI will repeat a talk I'll be giving at the DSAG Technologietag together with Thomas Fiedler. Expect some nice new ABAP frameworks and features to support test driven development.30Christian DrummSlides
RaspberryPi on SAP HANA Cloud Platform without JavaRui Nogueira started a series of articles on SCN on how to contect a RaspberryPi with DS18B20 temperature sensors to the HCP. I would like to show how to implement the project using Node.js and Node-RED to send the sensor data. Use the HANA instance from the HCP trial for the OData Service and storage. And finally SAPUI5 for the visualisation.30

Gregor Wolf


Raspberry Pi on SAP HANA Cloud Platform - without Java - Part 1: XSODATA Backend
How Mobile, Cloud, IoT and other trends shape the future of HCMA short overview on the trends and challenges for cloud solution "SuccessFactors", UX strategy, Mobility, IoT and other future trends in HCM.15-30Soumyasanto Sen 
tbd.Mobile Security / Secure Development Process30Frank Köhntopp 
 Thank you very much for all your impressive input in our session list! The SAP Community rocks!
We're now finalizing the agenda and contact you (the speakers) soon.

If there are any new session suggestions, please add them below.
We're happy to fall back on you in case of any unexpected changes.
Update on SAP Developer CenterWhat's new is happening in SAP Developer Relations in general and at SAP Developer Center in particular30Vitaliy Rudnytskiy  Slides to see and download
New $3 IOT chip that could change the worldSorry for the late knowledge, wasn't able to confirm earlier than this morning. If you like, I could show you a new really low cost (system on) a chip that could revolutionize the IOT tinker space. If you like, I can show you how I hooked it up to my home wifi, got it to speak MQTT and hooked it up to the HANA Cloud Platform.15-30Jan Penninkhof 


Participants SAP Inside Track Frankfurt 2015


Two steps:

  1. Please use >>  our   Google Form   <<   to register for the event
  2. add your name to the list here under to show that you are attending
    (Login to SCN first, then EDIT this page and enter your name in the first empty row of table. 

The table on this WIKI page is not automatically updated after you have submitted the Google Form.
We're using the Google form to capture email addresses,
the WIKI table is to show who will be attending.





Twitter ID

Early arrival on Friday 

& looking for a meet-up

Taking part
Saturday evening
approx. 7.30pm 
in a local pub  



Christian Braukmüller

SCN / Xing  

2Tobias Trapp  @ttrappprobablyprobably 
3Twan van den Broek SCN@tbroekprobably notyes 
4Jens WeilerSCN@ABAP4Hnot sure yet yes  
5Hendrik NeumannSCN@h_neumannyesyes 
6Gregor Wolf SCN / Xing@wolf_gregoryesyes 
7Peter Langner SCN@peter_langneryesyes 
8Jasmin GruschkeSCN@jasmingruschkeyesyes 
9Martin FischerSCN/XING@cyclingfischyesyes 
 10Wolfgang Weiss  XING  @WeissWolfgang nono  
11Christian GünterXing yesyes 
12Christian DrummSCN@ceedee666maybeyes 
13Denise NepraunigSCN@denisenepraunigyesyes 
14Renald Wittwer SCN@RenaldWittweryesyes 
15Leo van HengelSCN@lvhengelmaybeyes 
16Wim SnoepSCN@wsnoepmaybeyes 
17Uwe Fetzer SCN@se38yes


18Yanko StoychevXing@yankostnot sure yetyes 
19Damir Majer yes


20Soumyasanto SenSCN@soumyasantoyesyes 
21Roland Knipp


22Mehmet MetinSCN / LinkedIn@mehmetmetin1981probably notyes 
23Suhas SahaLinkedIn / SCN MaybeYes 
24Roel van den Berge SCN@roelvdbergeProbably notYes 
25Tyron JonesLinkedIn Probably notYes 
26Martin RöhrSCN / LinkedIn@nipponkatayesyes 
27Oliver BärSCN maybeyes 
28Christian LechnerSCN@lechnerc77maybeyes 
29Patrick MeurerSCN@patrickmeurer86yesyes 
30 Daniel Ridder SCN  @nielseabap yesno  
31Daniel Fischer  noyes 
32Oliver JägleSCN@ojaeglenoyes 
33Mark Teichmann Mark on SCN@thulium3 yes 
34Anette Grosser @ag_con nono  
35Wouter PeetersSCN@WouterPeetersnomaybe 
36Pieter-Jan Deraedt @PJ_Deraedtmaybeno 
37Guido BruneXING@Genosse_Brunomaybemaybe 
38Frank NawrathSCN@frankaemaybemaybe 
39Patrizia RossiPatrizia Rossi@patty_1982maybemaybe 
40Danilo Stella  maybemaybe 
41HP SeitzSCN@hpseitznoyes 
42 Cemal Aslan XING  @cemal00noyes  
43Andrei VishnevskySCN@VishnAndryesyes 
44Alexander Wernecke  noyes 
45Thorsten WinterXING maybeyes 
46Justin NeumannLinkedIn@justIndeedmaybeyes 
47Askim Ünal 


 48Stefan Schnell SCN / XING / Site  no no 
49Enno WulffXing SCN@ennowulffyesmaybe 
50Martin SteinbergXing / 
51Fred Verheul SCN@fredverheulnono 
52Chris SwanepoelSCN


53Florian Rothländer  nomaybe 
54Nils Janßen  yesyes 
55Florian Henninger @flohen_for_sapno


56Hannes HaeseXingn/aprobablyyes 
57Tolga AltunelliSCNn/aprobably notmaybe 
58 Martin Hofmann    no maybe 
 59Husameldin Elnour   nono  
60Bert AufdemkampSCNn/ayesyes 
61Thomas Lorenz n/anono 
62Jens Knappik 




63Sergei Schulz  nomaybe 
64 Waldemar Philipp   maybe 


65Matthias LudwigXING nomaybe 
 66Martin Kuhlmann  50/50


67Bruno EsperançaSCNn/anomaybe 
68Malin Lidén  nomaybe 
69Frank Koehntopp SCN@koehntopptbdtbd 
70Alexander Komissarenko  nomaybe 
71Lea MarackeSCN yesyes 
72 Vitaliy Rudnytskiy
(aka Witalij Rudnicki) most likely yes rather no  
73Michael Schneider  not sure yetyes 
74Thomas Friske  yesprobably 
75Markus Schlamminger
(list will be resorted weekly)
76Thomas Käss  nomaybe 
77Pascal Möller  not sure yetprobably 
78Oliver LampXing yesprobably 
79Michael FrummetXing / Linkedin


80Thomas FiedlerSCN@thfiedlernoyes 
81 Ferenc Tabori Xing   yes

 rather no

82 Gagat Anand   probablyprobably  
83Jörg BrandeisXing probablyprobably 
84Peter BengerXing probablyprobably  
85Phat Cuong Dip  probably probably  



We contacted all the people from #85 to the end of the list. Please don't plan to travel to Frankfurt! We are sad to have you not with us, but the space in the location is limited.

We got mostly confirmations so far. As soon as we got cancelations we will proceed and inform the next one in line. But please don't expect too much. It might get 1 or 2, but we don't expect more cancelations in advance. 

86 Jakob Flaman 


 yes yes 
87Florian PfefferSCN@pfefferfmaybemaybe 
88Stanislav Shub  noprobably  
89Waleri Moretz  noprobably  
90Stephan Schultz  maybeYes  
91Jan Kocka  YesYes 
92Johannes VeichtSCN maybemaybe 
93Sascha HackXING nono 
94Roman KudrinLinkedin maybemaybe 
95Jitendra Kansal SCN@jkkansal1987maybemaybe 
96Saravanan Natarajan  Nomaybe 
97Tapio ReisingerSCN / LinkedIn NoYes 
98Artem LimanLinkedIn Nomaybe 
99Tobias ArnoldSCN nomaybe 
100Tobias BucherLinkedIn nomaybe 
101Paul OffnerSCN yesyes 
102Tim Salig  yesyes 
103Eugen SoydasSCN noprobably 
104Ulli HoffmannSCN@_ullihoffmannnono 
   Please don't add yourself to this list from now on.
For every upcoming cancelation within the next 5 days we will try to refill from the waiting section (row #86 to #104) by contacting you directly.
105Jan Penninkhof

Going to add myself anyway, as men should never stop dreaming (tongue)



Hotel suggestions





Who stays?

Hotel Rödelheimer Hof - Am Wasserturm

Link1000m walk from SAPInsideTrack location, closest by€ 59,80

@CBasis (Fr/Sa)
@mehmetmetin1981 (Fr-So) 
@se38 (Fr/Sa)
@VishnAndr (Fr/Sa)
@ennowulff (Fr/Sa)
@wolf_gregor (Fr/Sa)
@SbgMartin (Fr/Sa)
@majcon (Fr/Sa)
@RenaldWittwer (Fr/Sa)
@patty_1982 (Fr/Su)
Danilo Stella (Fr/Su)
@denisenepraunig (Fr-So)
@WouterPeeters (Fr-So)
Tyron Jones (Fr-So) 
@Sygyzmundovych (Fr-Sa/Su)
Oliver Lamp (Fr)


Public Transportation

Perfect connection (9 minutes ride) via public transportation  (S3,S4,S5) from Frankfurt Hbf (MainStation), choose "Frankfurt Rödelheim Bahnhof" as target location.

Train ride

Martin Steinberg, Damir Majer and Gregor Wolf take the ICE 620 from  München Hbf leaving 15:54 on March 20th arriving  19:04 in Frankfurt. Coach 28 in the First Class. Back on Sunday, March 22nd 10:18 with ICE 1521 Coach 2.

Car Sharing

Coming from




Count me in (add your name)

Pickup point


Additional things

Sponsors (THANK YOU!)


















    Info: Alle SAP Inside Track 2015 Frankfurt Teilnehmer erhalten 10% Rabatt auf die offenen Seminare. Link zum Seminarprogramm Majer Training Seminare 2015


(Be a sponsor if you like to run this event on low costs for the participants => Contact us => info @  or via twitter @_sitfra)


Pre-Event "SAP CodeJam"

(We plan to host a CodeJam event Friday afternoon as well .. stay tuned)


Any tips to take into account? Please list them and help making it a day to remember.

    • Dress casual, it's not a business event. We all are there in our sparetime.
    • If you register yourself, please be there at March 21st. Otherwise we will really miss you.
      If anything crosses your plans .. please remove yourself from the list above. It helps us to adjust the organizational stuff.
Organizing Team

The event is organized by  Christian Braukmüller, Tobias Trapp and Hendrik Neumann with a lot of help from the local SAP Stammtisch Frankfurt.

You can get in touch with us via email:  info @ or twitter: @_sitfra


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