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  • March 2st 2017:      Kick off
  • Avril  1st 2017:        We are starting with the "Call for papers".
                                      - All #EarlyBirdSessionSuggestion speakers will be auto-registered as participant (or get access to a reserved ticket)
  • June 11th 2017:       Registration for participants is open for #sitBERN (since 11:45am (CET)                         
  • September 1st 2017:     Agenda fixing for SAPInsideTrack Bern ( Speakers will be informed )
  • September 8th 2017       SAP CODE JAM - SAP HANA EXPRESS Edition (Friday 13:00 8.9.2017)
  • Septembre 9th 2017:      SAP Inside Track for Kids in Bern (Saturday 09:00 9.9.2017 link will follow)
  • Sptembre 9th 2017:      SAP InsideTrack Bern (Saturday 09:00 9.9.2017)
  • September 10th 2017    Privat excursion some ideas still collecting
    • Gruyere: Cailler chocolate fabric with visit of the old Gruyere castle
    • Lauterbrunnen: Trümmelbachfälle - Ice water from Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch in one cave.....
    • Beatenberg: Von Dänicken Trail. Great views of Lake Thun and surrounding
    • Niederhorn- Mittel Station:  Lunch at Mittelstation and  walk down the hill to Beatenberg. Great view over Lake Thun and Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau
    • Bern Museum Telecommunication:
    • Bern Gurten: 


Here we are .. back again:
  The 2017 edition of "SAP Inside Track in Bern"
  will be on Septembre 9th 2017 (Saturday)

SAP Inside Track Bern / Septembre 9th 2017 


What is an SAPInsideTrack?

An SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for all people from the SCN-Community  (Customers, Consultants and Freelancers). 
No matter if you are a developer, business consultant or an architect.
The event is fully organized by peers from the community.. and YOU are able to influence the agenda.

Have a look at all the review blogs of previous SAPInsideTracks 2016 to get into the right mood.. and register yourself afterwards.

Use hash tag  #sitBERN on Twitter to share ideas. Spread the news and follow the updates!


Saturday, Septembre 9th 2017        
Registration opens at 09:00
Sessions start at  09:30  and end at approx.  17:00
We are going to have a chill-in and chill-out in a local pub the evening before and after.  Stay tuned


Germany: Bern, Switzerland (Kanton Bern)
Location:  Post Finance Headquarter in Bern  

(just a 2 minute-walk from tram and bus station Bern Guisanplatz Expo, easy to reach with rapid transit from Bern Main Station (9 -11 minutes ride))

More details will follow... about parking suggestions


For SCN community members (both consultants and customers) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge.

      • Share what you love by holding a session.
      • Be curious to hear about new things & new insights and participate.

Speaker and Demo track

we are planing 2 Track parallel (smile)


Session suggestions (Call for Papers:   #EarlyBird (open)   #LateBird (closed)

Here YOU have the chance to add value and pay forward: host a session at SAP Inside Track in Frankfurt. 
Share your experience and/or initiate a discussion and take new insights back home. Please note that all sessions are supposed to last at most 30 minutes! If your session is shorter, you don't need to blow it up, please feel free to add it. If your session will need some more time, add your session and mention it.  We will figure out how to handle it. 
If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do it:   Contact us  ... contact data to be found at the bottom of this page. 

If your session is accepted, your ticket is guaranteed! 

Speaker name: First Last

Bio:  SCN, XING, LinkedIn...

Title:  Try to make it Twitter-length compliant (wink) 

Abstract: should contain between 300-1000 characters to describe the session content.  (Very helpful for the participants to know what to expect)

Type of Session: Lecture/Demo (30 min) is our standard format. (Mention if you think you need less/more time)

Contact details: Enter your email address for further contact by using the link to the GoogleForm (not into the WIKI directly for privacy reasons)

Session suggestions for #sitbern #EarlyBirdsSection (closed at the day when participant registration opened)

We are going to build an agenda and inform the speakers (planned March 1st).
All the early suggestions enable us to plan this day based on interesting content. 

(The #LateBirdsSection is still open till end of February. Please scroll down for the open table)

No.Speaker nameBioTitleAbstractKeywordsDurationLink for presentations
1 Jakob Flaman

xing , linkedin,

SAP HANA Express, thougts about usecases

From the perspective of a SAP Consultant or Developer there are some interesting features to do some HXE explorations. This presentation covers exoerience about, system requirements,installation and usecases etc.

HXE, Installation, requirements proposals, ideas about usecases.


30 min.  
2Flaman SAP VORA usecase iSmall usecase as a finger practice with HANA Express HADOOP and VORA on top.HXE, HADOOP;30 min. 
3Flaman SAP HANA Express - Predictive showcaseSAP HANA Express, 30 min. 
4Mansour Farghaly  SAP Release ManagementTools and practices as a SAP Release Manager based on Solman 7.2

SAP Releasemanagement, ChaRM, Solman

30 min. 
5 Heko Bernhart Process automation with BRF+

 Automated dispatching in SAP Solution Manager using BRF+.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2, BRF+, Automation30 min. 
6Achim Toeper 




Mission Control Center approach with SAP Solution Manager- bird's eye view

Being responsible for technical quality assurance and the establishment of an early warning system for projects, it is a must first to take a look at the build, deploy and run process. An example will show how current and future possibilities of the mature ALM suite SAP Solution Manager 7.2 are used to secure the business-critical processes of the customers 24/7 and by that being able to turn their own departments into a hybrid center of expertise.

SAP Solman7.2
heroes in Operation Control Center
Functional Gaps
projects - releases
Solution Readiness

30 min. 
7Volker Stöffler

LinkedIn | SCN |
SQL Anywhere Forum

SAP IQ - Business Intelligence and vertical data processing with 8 GB RAM or lessSAP IQ is a HANA companion for Smart Data Access / Integration and SAP BW NLS, to keep data way beyond memory limits accessible. But it also is a full-blown data warehouse system of its own, with column oriented data storage and powerful analytics capabilities. It can scale up to the world's largest data warehouse and down to desktop or notebook computers. This session is intended to show the benefits and capabilities of the vertical data structures used inside and their impact on high performance processing and parallel execution of Business Intelligence style queries. See also this SCN blog post.SQL, SAP IQ, database, data warehouse, business intelligence, world record, petabytes30 min. 
8Volker Stöffler

LinkedIn | SCN |
SQL Anywhere Forum

SQL Anywhere - your flight mode database serverThis is a live and interactive version of my SCN blog with the same title. It's an introduction to the capabilities and characteristics of SAP SQL Anywhere, a standard compliant and full feature (including OLAP SQL) database server running on lightweight hardware (starting with Raspberry Pi) and workplace computers to server machines (workgroups, small enterprises), supplemented by a deployment option for embedded systems like smart sensors for IoT scenarios.SQL, SQL Anywhere, database, workplace, workgroup30 min. 
9HP Seitz




Full-Stack JavaScript Development on SAP HANA Platform


With the advanced model of the Extended Application Services (XSA), which were introduced with SPS11 of SAP HANA, SAP provides now a overall development and runtime environment for implementing full-stack JavaScript applications. The session will demo the availabe tools and services.SAP HANA XSA, SAPUI5, Full-Stack JavaScript, SAP HANA Express Edition30 min. 
10Volker Stöffler

LinkedIn | SCN |
SQL Anywhere Forum

How to visualize Query Semantics using Open Source Graphviz

When analyzing the performance of complex queries, you may find yourself with multi table joins, e.g. generated by a BI system, coded by an out-of-reach developer or evolved through a long life cycle. A semantic query graph visualizes the topology of such a join and helps to understand the options the optimizer has at hand for an execution plan. The graph unveils possible shortcuts or extensions you can provide to enhance query performance by providing additional options to the query optimizer

I will demonstrate how to use the Open Source utility Graphviz for visualization.

This presentation is based upon ANSI Standard SQL and not restricted to a specific RDBMS implementation. The method is a generic approach to deal with the challenge of understanding and possibly enhancing the topology of a multi table join query.

SQL, Database, RDBMS, Joins, Optimizer, Query Analysis, Query Tuning30 min. 








Low, aiming at €30 per participant - including lunch and drinks throughout the day.


The event language is:  English
We expect to have some friends of outside Switzerland with us.
(we may offer a simultaneous translation to Bern Deutsch (wink) for the local participants)


Use the #sitBERN hashtag and follow @sitBERN

Agenda 2017

Will be driven by the session suggestions of all participants. 




Foyer Room 1

Room 2


09:3009:50 Kick Off   
10:0010:30 tbdtbd  
10:4011:10 tbdtbd  
11:2012:00 tbdtbd  
 13:0013:30 tbdtbd  
13:4014:10 tbdtbd  
14:2014:40 tbdtbd  
14:5015:20 tbdtbd  
   Presentation SITKID   


Evening Event 

Tramdepot like last year. To be in the Biergarten and nice food, with a sundowner and overllooking Bern


Rosengarten and  a walk through the Altstadt of Bern   


we are looking for nice events around Bern starting around 9:00 and finishing about 02:00 pm. 

Participants SAP Inside Track Bern 2017   

Registration for participants is open for #sitBERN (since 11:45am (CET) 

Please register first in Eventbride then second into this table!

Max 50 participants. 






Link to BIOtwitter

Fri event


Sat event


Sun event


1Jakob Flamanyes7y

xing scn

2Mansour Farghalyyesno scn yesyesyes
3Heiko Bernhartyesno  yesyesyes
4 Frank Nawrath yes no scn    
5 Roland Knipp yes no scn @sbasischeck   
6 Sebastian Abshoffyes  no     
7HP Seitzyesnoblog, scn@hpseitz   



This custom map might help you.   

We flagged several points like #sitBERN location, hotels, local transportation, places of evening events, e-charging and other relevant stuff.

Hotel suggestions

This year the hotel situation looks quite good.

We recommend to book with cancellation option. 

Depending on your arrival and your plans to join us in the pub on Friday and/or Saturday one of these hotels might be a good choice  (Check "CustomMap" to see them all marked.):





(just a hint)

Who stays?

All price classes  

 it can be nice and for family attractive



Public Transportation

In Bern to travel by public transportation is a goog choice. The Distances arent so big. Most of the locations after the event is in walking distance. Last but not least - Parking is subject to charges

Train ride

In case you arrive by train: Share your connection to find others for your personal #sitFRA warm-up

Coming from




Car Sharing

Coming from


Starting: Th/Fr/Sa HH:MM
Leaving: Th/Fr/Sa HH:MM


Count me in (add your name)

Pickup point


Additional things

Sponsors (THANK YOU so much for supporting the Community!)

  • Die Schweizerische Post
  • Bauschadenexperten
  • swisscom

Pre-Event  (Friday): SAP CODE JAM - HANA EXPRESS Edition

In 2016 the first SAP Code Jam took place in Bern.

It was an experiment - and the result was very impressive..

Now it's our turn again to make it happen.  Even more community driven than last year.



Any tips to take into account? 

  • Dress casual, it's a community event - not a business event. And it is Saturday. (wink)
  • If you register yourself, please show up at March 12th. Otherwise we will really miss you - and someone who was just on the waiting list will be sad.
    If anything crosses your plans.. please cancel your registration!
    It helps us to fill up the list with people from the waiting list.
    In  2016 we were happy to have a nearly 100% percent show-up rate and many happy faces. Let's repeat that! 
  • More tips from your side as a participant? Please list them and help making it a day to remember!

Organizing Team

The event is organized by  Jakob, Heiko, Mansour a lot of help from the local SAP Stammtisch Bern.

You can get in touch with us via email:  info or twitter: #sitBern

or contact our experts (wink) directly via Twitter.