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It's time again to meet with all the community members in and around Belgium. This year it will be on Saturday April 28th and the location will be in Antwerp. We're also changing the approach, before we open it for registration and make the agenda public, we're starting a "Call for Speakers". As this is a community event, we need you to help us filling the agenda. You can share knowledge, experience or just start a discussion.


    • What
      What is a SAP Inside Track?

      A SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for all people from the SCN-community  (Customers, Consultants and Freelancers). No matter if you are a developer, business consultant or an architect. The event is fully organized by peers from the community.. and YOU are able to influence the agenda.

      Have a look at all the review blogs of previous SAPInsideTracks 2015 to get into the right mood.. and register yourself afterwards.

    • Where

      Emeritis Belgium
      Berchemstadionstraat 78
      2600 Antwerp


    • When
      Saturday, April 28th 2018
      Registration opens at 08:30 – Please show your eventbrite confirmation in passbook or else (Avoid printing the confirmation to save a tree).
      Kick off starts at 09:30 and ends at approx. 18.00.

    • Who
      For SCN-community members (both consultants and customers) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge.
      Share what you love by holding a session.
      Be curious to hear about new things & new insights and participate.

    • Costs
      Low, aiming at €20 per participant - including lunch and drinks throughout the day.
      Speakers selected for the agenda will be free of charge.

    • Language
      The event language is: English.

      Belgium already has three official languages: Dutch, French and German. We also expect to have some friends from outside Belgium with us. Therefore we suggest to make the event language in English.

    • Live Broadcast
      Will be made available on the day of SIT Belgium.


Session suggestion

As this is a community event, we need you to help us for filling the agenda.
Share your experience and/or initiate a discussion and take new insights back home. Please let us know how much time you need for your session. You can register sessions of 30, 40 or 50 minutes. If your session is shorter, you don't need to blow it up, please feel free to add it. If your session will need some more time, add your session and mention it.  We will figure out if and how we can handle it. 

Please plan some time for questions and answers - or even asking the audience for feedback and ideas. The " In " of INside Track comes from INteraction (wink) 

If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do it: Contact us  ... contact data to be found at the bottom of this page. 


No Comment?Laurens van RijnExperis Ciber B.V.

Technical debt - Why you should worry about it... The art of commenting - The do's and dont's of commenting your code... ABAP Doc - Making commenting code easier since 2013... Retake of sitFRA 2018

Link to slides
Demystify SAP Leonardo Machine LearningAbdel DADOUCHESAPDuring this talk, we will try to demystify what is behind SAP Leonardo Machine Learning and see how really works!Link to slides 
Identity on Blockchain: managing your privacyJo VercammenJURUJuru is an online identity ecosystem built on Blockchain that puts the user in full control of his personal data. Juru allows you to securely and privately store your data, and share attributes of your identity (e.g. name, email, insurance number or net income) selectively with people and businesses. We're uniquely positioned as a hybrid Identity Platform between traditional solutions and full self-sovereign platforms, where individuals can create their own attributes by posing a claim. All of these claims can be attested by (KYC) services, so that other services can safely assume the data they get is correct. At the same time we're solving the GDPR compliance burden for SMEs: by managing consent and data in a user-centric approach. 
Build Fiori/UI5 Mobile apps with SCPJérémy CoppeyYteriaI will explain how to create/port a Fiori/UI5 app for mobile device., I will give a End to End demo on how to consume data through an Fiori/UI5 app and make a hybrid mobile app out of it. IF I get permission from the Client/project I will show some real cases and also bring lessons learned and pro's/con's to the session.Link to slides
“Smart Factory” Industry 4.0 on top of SAP Cloud Platform IoT AEDries Van VaerenberghFlexsoConnect IoT devices to the SAP Cloud Platform IoT AE, usage of the SAP Digital Twins and generate SAP IoT Fiori Apps 
Share your own library of UI5 ControlsWouter LemaireFlexsoShowing you how to start creating UI5 Controls, wrap it into a UI5 Library and share it with the community of UI5Lab.Link to slides
Dive into OData service annotationSteve GuoIndependent consultantMetadata driven approach is a new approach of developing Fiori Application. It enables the possibility of rapid development for common Fiori applications. All methods of this approach is based on the support of OData annotation. In this session, I will share you the rule of OData annotation and give you a summary of how to generate and consume OData annotation in SAP development context. I believe to understand the knowledge will have great help for you study Fiori Elements, Smart Business and other future technologies using metadata driven approach. 
Continuous Integration on SAP Cloud PlatformPieter-Jan DeraedtAmistaIn this session I would like to talk about Continuous Integration on SAP Cloud Platform and how it differs from your traditional SAP development approach.Link to slides
Adobe forms in SCPFouad HjiyerFlexsoI will show how to create a form in the Adobe LiveCycle designer. Afterwards I will upload the template in the document service from SAP CP. Once uploaded in SAP CP I will get some data from SuccessFactors and fill in the form. 
New BI Launchpad and Unified ViewerAshok RajashekarSAP Labs IndiaLearn about the key functionalities of the new BI launchpad with features like SAP Fiori UX and the new viewer for SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence software. Understand the differences in experiences between the old and the new and the capabilities available and missing in the new BI launchpad and the viewer. 
How to create your own LaunchpadLawrence Goeseels & Frederik DevinckDelawareNot all SAP systems already have a Fiori Launchpad installed, and in this session we will show you how to create your own.Link to slides
SAP IQ - Business Intelligence and vertical data processing with 8 GB RAM or lessVolker Stöfflerindependent consultant
SAP IQ is a HANA companion for Smart Data Access / Integration and SAP BW NLS, to keep data way beyond memory limits accessible. But it also is a full-blown data warehouse system of its own, with column oriented data storage and powerful analytics capabilities. It can scale up to the world's largest data warehouse [] and down to desktop or notebook computers. This session is intended to show the benefits and capabilities of the vertical data structures used inside and their impact on high performance processing and parallel execution of Business Intelligence style queries. See also this SCN [] blog post.
Slides Scripts Load Data: Years 19nn 200n 201n
How to visualize Query Semantics using Open Source GraphvizVolker Stöfflerindependent consultant
When analyzing the performance of complex queries, you may find yourself with multi table joins, e.g. generated by a BI system, coded by an out-of-reach developer or evolved through a long life cycle. A semantic query graph visualizes the topology of such a join and helps to understand the options the optimizer has at hand for an execution plan. The graph unveils possible shortcuts or extensions you can provide to enhance query performance by providing additional options to the query optimizer

I will demonstrate how to use the Open Source utility Graphviz [] for visualization.

This presentation is based upon ANSI Standard SQL and not restricted to a specific RDBMS implementation. The method is a generic approach to deal with the challenge of understanding and possibly enhancing the topology of a multi table join query.
SQL Anywhere - your flight mode database serverVolker Stöfflerindependent consultant
This is a live and interactive version of my SCN blog [] with the same title. It's an introduction to the capabilities and characteristics of SAP SQL Anywhere, a standard compliant and full feature (including OLAP SQL) database server running on lightweight hardware (starting with Raspberry Pi) and workplace computers to server machines (workgroups, small enterprises), supplemented by a deployment option for embedded systems like smart sensors for IoT scenarios.


Added 5 minutes after each session for questions and switching speaker.

StartEndDurationSpeakerRoom1  SpeakerRoom 2
9:009:1515 minSAP Inside Track Belgium TeamIntroduction    
9:159:5030min + 5min QAJo VercammenIdentity on Blockchain: managing your privacy   
9:5010:5560min + 5min QAAbdel DADOUCHEDemystify SAP Leonardo Machine Learning   
11:1012:0550min + 5min QAJérémy CoppeyBuild Fiori/UI5 Mobile apps with SCP    
12:0512:4030min + 5min QAPieter-Jan DeraedtContinious Integration on SAP Cloud Platform   
13:3014:0530min + 5min QAFrederikHow to create your own Launchpad  Laurens van RijnNo Comment?
14:0515:0050min  + 5min QADries Van Vaerenbergh & Wouter Lemaire“Smart Factory” Industry 4.0 on top of  SAP Cloud Platform IoT AE Steve GuoDive into OData service annotation
15:1516:1050min + 5min QAVolker StöfflerSAP IQ - Business Intelligence and vertical data processing with 8 GB RAM or less Ashok RajashekarNew BI Launchpad and Unified Viewer
16:1016:4530min + 5min QAFouad HjiyerCloud, SAP CP Adobe Forms  Wouter LemaireUI5 Libraries
16:4517:00 Closing - quiz     

Participants list

Register for this event here (Speakers don't have to register)

NamePost-Evening event
Koenraad JanssensMaybe
Anusha Choory BalajiMaybe
Jonas VanderkelenMaybe
Rutger MichelsMaybe
Laurent BouzianiMaybe
Pieter LemaireMaybe
Jeroen MarijnissenNo
Tim Van Den BergheMaybe
Nicolas GorisMaybe
Bram GoolaertsMaybe
Kim SchoukensNo
Mickele FranciscoNo
Patrick van NieropMaybe
Bart De PrinsNo
Sebastian Garcia MartinezMaybe
Ghazanfar AbbasMaybe
Koen Van AntenhoveMaybe
Amol GuptaMaybe
Hong Ngoc VuNo
Gaurav MittalMaybe
Sridhar KannepalliMaybe
Rottiers TomNo
Kristof De ClercqMaybe
Vincent WeissMaybe
Jonathan MuylaertMaybe
Kim ClaesMaybe
Laurens van RijnNo
Thomas LinskensNo




The event will be hosted by the Belgium SAP Partner: Emeritis


Organizing team

The event is organized by Tom Rottiers, Tom Cenens, Martin Gillet and Wouter Lemaire.

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