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Pre-evening event on Friday

I've counted seven people staying in the Hotel Continental and arriving already on Friday 19th February. I have two suggestions where to spend the evening with traditional rhinish food:



Gaststätte Zur Rheinbrücke
Approximately 22 minutes walk from the Hotel (Route on Google Maps). They serve original rhinish sour roast from horse meat.


Zum Treppchen
Approximately 12 minutes walk from the Hotel (Route on Google Maps). They server rhinish tapas in a brewery atmosphere.

Gregor Wolf
Jide Okeowo
Uwe Fetzer
DJ Adams
Carsten Kasper
Renald wittwer
Roger Vandervort
Thorsten Franz (tentative)
Paul Hardy
Vikki Hardy
Tobias Trapp

Please vote until Thursday, 18th February, 6pm CET so we can reserve a table at the chosen location. Feel free to add additional locations.

I (Gregor Wolf) have now reserved a desk for 8 persons  in Zum Treppchen. We should arrive there between 7 and 7.30 pm.

Main evening event on Saturday

But please don't forget to plan for the main evening event on Saturday. It will be right at the location of the event, one floor below the conference rooms. We will have a nice buffet for attendants, some music, drinks, and the occasion to get together in a relaxed atmosphere.

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