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Join us in Chicago on July 19, 2013 for our 3rd local SAP Inside Track! Together we'll learn, network, and share with others. 

We are looking for passionate community members to step forward and present a session - talk about your experiences, something cool that you developed, your take on SAP's direction, or lead a discussion group.

Registration is now open .

When: Friday, July 19, 2013

  • Where:Harper College, 1200 West Algonquin Road, Palatine, IL 60067-7398
  • Time: 7:30am - 5:30 pm
  • How/What: Community provided sessions by passionate SCN members
  • Cost:  Free (registration required due to limited space) 
  • Participation: Maximum 100 participants locally
  • Twitter Hash Tag: #SITCHI
  • Highlights:** We are super excited that SAP Mentors Ingo Hilgefort and Thomas Jung will be providing hands-on sessions.  Planned topics are HANA and BW/BI on HANA** The event is co-located with the Chicago Chapter ASUG meeting. This means that you also have the opportunity to access 4 more tracks of sessions and also a big group of local SAP folks for networking. Usually you need to be an ASUG member to participate in these meetings or view the content.
  • Check out the ASUG agenda here: ASUG Sessions for July 19
  • NEW: Vijay Vijayasankar, Global VP of SAP, will be providing the keynote.


Session Title


The New Paradigm - Data Modeling in BW on HANA.  How to Think Differently...
Abstract:  This session will review new concepts of data modeling allowed with BW on HANA.  It will review the use cases and benefits of using multiple new provider types, including Composite Providers, Transient Providers, other Virtual Provider types, and HANA-optimized Cubes and DSOs.  The session will discuss concepts of LSA++ in which multiple persistent layers of data are no longer required, and it will walk through several examples of taking existing data flows and consolidating them using the new BW on HANA capabilities.  Finally, the session will review the use cases for HANA "mixed scenarios" in which both Enterprise HANA and BW on HANA are combined to provide wide range of new analytic capabilities.

Tony Guetersloh

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Starter Kits for BPC v10 (EPM Suite)
In this session, the audience will learn how to leverage the best practices for conducting planning and consolidations projects for BPC and the good, the bad and the ugly of leveraging starter kits for BPC EPM v10.  The presentation will provide real case studies and examples.

Seth Rudin

SAPlink for ABAP in Eclipse
SAPlink for ABAP in Eclipse brings ease of use to SAP code exchange ABAP developers. Check out code from the central repository, import it to your ABAP system, modify the code, and export it back to code exchange. All from the integrated development environment of ABAP in Eclipse. / this would be a mix of the presentation we had at DemoJam 2012 in Madrid and the DKOM session in Walldorf

Ivan Femia

Leverage your investment in Webi to Interactive Dashboards using BIWS
Abstract: In this session attendees will learn how the new functionality in BI4.0 – BIWS (BI Web Services) allow users to leverage existing Webi as source for creating complex dashboards. We will examine what BIWS is and how to use it. In this presentation attendee will hear how customers leveraged BIWS to have complex dashboards on company portals and solving data refresh challenges.

Rahi Khandelwal

Full day Hands On workshop: BW on HANA  This workshop is a hands-on focused workshop and is designed for SAP NetWeaver BW and BI team members, which require a deeper understanding of SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA, the migration from SAP NetWeaver BW to SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA, and the integration of SAP BusinessObjects BI with SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA.

Ingo Hilgefort and Rohit Kamath

Full day Hands on workshop: Building Applications which leverage SAP HANA
In this hands-on workshop we will introduce various techniques for building applications on SAP HANA.  We will perform some data modeling.  We will see how to push down data centric processing logic into the HANA database via the usage of SQLScript.  We will then explore both major application server layers – ABAP and HANA Application Services and how they can each be used to build or adapt applications to leverage the power of HANA.

Thomas Jung


Thank you to our sponsors SAP and SAP Press

Attendees will be entered for a drawing for FREE SAP Press eBook.

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