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Wow, time flies! Saturday, November 17th 2018 we’re hosting SAP Inside Track Copenhagen at the KMD offices for the fourth time. As always, the agenda for the day is based on the open Call for Speakers posted here on the SAP Community site. On this page, you'll find the agenda, information on how to register, and all other details about the event.

At SAP Inside Track Copenhagen, we’re all about the Danish “hygge”, which translates to something like having a nice time with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. In the spirit of “hygge”, we hope you’ll stick around after the last session for beers and snacks with your fellow community members.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at SAP Inside Track Copenhagen!


The big picture of SAP Cloud Platform Functions by Vadim Klimov

The session will focus on the architecture and usage of the new SAP Cloud Platform Functions service, and highlight its role and place in the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory. We will take a look at the use cases where the Function as a service (FaaS) model is applicable, as compared to the other cloud computing models available in SAP Cloud Platform.

Slides available here

Design Thinking and business model innovation by Ritika Singh

Business models are changing rapidly with the digital transformation and new technologies have a massive impact on employees and corporations. Design Thinking and business model innovation can help to understand this transformation and come up with new ideas to stay relevant. This understanding has to be established on an employee level as well as on a corporate level.

Slides available here

SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors overview by Daniel Graversen

Modern integration of IT systems is all about using APIs from different providers, but they all work differently, thereby complicating the integration task. As an answer to this, SAP has created SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors, which is a service that gives you a unified interface to many different APIs. This makes it easier to integrate to new applications. In this talk, you will get an overview of what SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors is and where it can be used.

Slides available here

Design Think a better SIT experience – creative ideation for all by Anne Johnson

 In this session, Anne will invite SIT participants to try out a couple of Design Thinking exercises in the spirit of improving and spreading the joy of the SIT events. The DT exercises will focus around the experiences that SIT goers have, and find common thoughts to ideate on, in order to publish the ideas to the SAP community, and hopefully invite you all back to next years improved #sitCPH. It’s all about spreading the hygge!

Running SAP NetWeaver on your laptop by Matthias Wild

The new SAP NetWeaver 7.52 on SAP ASE 16.0 Developer Edition comes with a free two year license, and can run on your laptop as well as in the cloud and as a Docker image. It’s a great system for teaching, development, demos and as a sandbox. In this session, you will get to see a demo of the system running on a laptop. You will also get to see the Technical Monitoring Cockpit tool, which is the new monitoring solution for OS and database.

Slides available here

Kickstart your microservice landscape by Søren Amdi Bach

The bimodal approach to enterprise IT introduces a need to integrate the predictable mode 1 world with the innovative mode 2 world. In an SAP context, this means that the data and functionality of the existing SAP on-premise systems, such as S/4HANA, must be brought into the microservice world of SAP Cloud Platform, in order to build new applications and services. In this talk, we’ll discuss how the architecture of the on-premise SAP world fits into the microservice world of mode 2, and where you need to pay special attention when architecting your solutions.

Slides available here

Get your blogging on by Morten Wittrock

Picking up blogging is easier than you might think. In this session, you will get concrete tips on how to get started with blogging on the SAP Community site. We’ll discuss how to choose topics, and how to approach writing. At the end of the talk, you’ll be ready to take your first steps into the world of SAP Community blogs.

Slides available here


Registration is no longer open, seeing as the event already occurred (smile)

When and where

The event takes place on Saturday, November 17th. Registration and breakfast starts at 9 AM. Sessions start at 10 AM and end at approximately 5:00 PM, followed by beers, soft drinks and snacks.

Location: KMD, Lautrupparken 40-42, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark

Map to KMD

Please note that you need to go to the south entrance, by following the signs for "KMD Syd".


All the talks at SAP Inside Track Copenhagen are given in English.

Food and drink

KMD is very kindly sponsoring breakfast and lunch as well as hot and cold beverages throughout the day. If you have any dietary restrictions we need to know about, please use the Contact Event Organizer link on the Eventbrite page, to inform us in advance.

Transportation and parking

If you are going by public transportation, can help you plan your journey. If you arrive by car, you will find plenty of parking space right next to the entrance.


The hashtag for this SAP Inside Track is #sitCPH.



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