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After the success and good feedback from the last years event we are happy to announce that we will have an SAP Inside Track in Hamburg this summer again. 

Grab the opportunity and connect with your peers, learn from each other by sharing experiences and thoughts as participant or speaker

Use hash tag #sitHH on Twitter to share ideas and spread the news. is a shortcut to this wiki.

The conference language will be English.

Here some impressions from 2017 Event:



For SCN/BPX community members (consultants, customers, partner, SAP employees) who are interested to share their knowledge on intersting topics arround SAP.


Saturday, 10.June 2017.

Registration open at 9:00. Sessions start at 10:00 and end at 18:00.


This year we are located on site at our sponsor bonprix on their project space at:

Haldesdorfer Strasse 58 22179 Hamburg 

in 2017 #sitHH will take place oposite to bonprix head office. You will not have to pass the usher. 

This location is about 10 km ( 15 min by car ) from the Hamburg Airport and 30 minutes by public transport from Hamburg Main Station


If you want to travel with public transport: Station U-Wandsbek Gartenstadt using the Subway U1 or U3 and walk 1 km  

or use the bus 8 towards S Poppenbüttel for only one station and get off at Haldesdorfer Straße  Here ist the Tube Plan


In the summertime Hamburg is visited by many tourists. We strongly recommend to book a hotel as early as possible.

The location unfortunately is not barrier-free.

Sessions Suggestions

Here you are invited to add value to SAP Inside Track Hamburg. Take the stage and share your SAP experiences, open the discussion and take new insights from other experts, geeks and developers back home. See the feedback in the videos why it is worth to host a session at an SAP Inside Track.

Please note that all sessions are supposed to last at most 45 minutes! If your session is shorter, you don't need to blow it up, please feel free to add it. If your session will need some more time, add your session and mention it. We will figure out how to handle it. 

If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do it:   Contact us  (bottom of this page) 

We plan to have Lightning Talks, short sessions, 10-15 minutes. 


09:00Registration openRoom 301SpeakerMin
10:00Welcome Session Peter Langner, Timo John and Mark Teichmann15

A Performance Architecture for Custom Code on HANA

Dr. habil. Burghard von Karger30
11:50Coffee / Coke Break  15
11:05 Unit Tests and Tests-Seams for ABAP (slides)@RainerWinkler


11:55 Code Challenges for training, motivation and Workshops. Prezi presentation

Stefan Schmöcker & @ennowulff


Mobile of People & Internet of Things: State of the Union used slides

SAP Leonardo & SAP IoT Platform used slides

@KaliszKarol 45


Do Visualizations help during development? Experiences after one year using SAP2Moose - Smalltalk environment applied (slides)@RainerWinkler45

Writing Testable Code Inspired by Functional Programming and Microservice Rules used slides


16:00Coffee Break   
16:15 Lessons learned: Connecting SAPUI5 to a RESTful-API from SAP Identity Management (IDM)Lennart Kayser45
17:00 Integration of SAP Change Request Managament (ChaRM) into the Application Lifecycle Management Tool Mylyn of the Eclipse IDE (slides)Torben Heits 20

SQL Anywhere - your flight mode database server

Volker Stöffler30
17:55The EndClosing Session - WrapupPeter Langner, Timo John and Mark Teichmann15

Session Proposals 

Please enter your Session Porposal in this list, not in the agenda

TitleHost / NameLengthDetailed descriptionNotes ( VPN needed, Sound ..)
Using HANA DB as base to overcome data silosMarkus Theilen30 - 45 min

It is very common in large and grown legacy IT landscapes to a lot of data silos, where each of it can contain parts of interesting data that needs to be combined to be really useful. In this session I would like to explain the approach we took to get more information out of our data.

Keywords: Hana, Big Data, Advanced Analytics

SQL Anywhere - your flight mode database serverVolker Stöffler45 min

This is a live and interactive version of my SCN blog with the same title. It's an introduction to the capabilities and characteristics of SAP SQL Anywhere, a standard compliant and full feature (including OLAP SQL) database server running on lightweight hardware (starting with Raspberry Pi) and workplace computers to server machines (workgroups, small enterprises), supplemented by a deployment option for embedded systems like smart sensors for IoT scenarios.

Keywords: SQL, SQL Anywhere, database, workplace, workgroup

SAP IQ - Business Intelligence and vertical data processing with 8 GB RAM or lessVolker Stöffler45 min

SAP IQ is a HANA companion for Smart Data Access / Integration and SAP BW NLS, to keep data way beyond memory limits accessible. But it also is a full-blown data warehouse system of its own, with column oriented data storage and powerful analytics capabilities. It can scale up to the world's largest data warehouse and down to desktop or notebook computers. This session is intended to show the benefits and capabilities of the vertical data structures used inside and their impact on high performance processing and parallel execution of Business Intelligence style queries. See also this SCN blog post.

Keywords: SQL, SAP IQ, database, data warehouse, business intelligence, world record, petabytes

Mobile of People & Internet of Things: State of the UnionKarol Kalisz
30-45 min

Mobile devices are first-class citizens of Internet of Things today. Moving from human-to-human communication towards machine-to-human and further towards machine-to-machine. Today it is clear that IoT would not exist without Mobile technology. Trying to answer on the question “how the mobile technology must adjust to support IoT in delivering business value” and “how IoT has to support mobile technology to handle big data and real time insights – directly from the sensors to the user”. Year 2017 will bring new challenges and solutions.

2 live demos of IoT included.

in case 45 min, also updates on SAP Leonardo 2017.

WLAN nice
2 UI5 Applications with IoT platform inbetween. producing and Consuming IoT, real working example @ SAP Cloud PlatformKarol Kalisz
30 minReal working showcase of 2 UI5 applications which produce and consume IoT data. If this get accepted, we will play together (you need to bring your mobile device) and see how we together produce IoT data which can help presenters on conferences to talk with bigger audiences. During that we will see different technical solutions behind the scenes - it is explaining the technical implementation in detail on SAP CP of the application used in the session "Mobile of People & Internet of Things: State of the Union".WLAN nice
Screen Personas or Fiori? The answer is both!

Douglas Cezar


20 min

If your company is looking for ways to make SAP ERP friendlier, much more simple and productive so your users can get their work done better and faster, Fiori can be the natural choice for mobile-enabled scenarios.

On the other hand, SAP Screen Personas has incredible powers and many times it's the best and fastest tool to completely change for better the user interface on both standard and non-standard SAP GUI screens.

There are more than 400.000 standard screens in SAP ERP and Screen Personas is fit to simplify, merge and automate almost any of them, even those ones that aren't enabled for standard Fiori by SAP.

After working on three successful implementations of Screen Personas, I'm sure that it can bring much value for SAP customers, consultants, and developers!

Unit Tests and Tests-Seams for ABAPRainer Winkler @RainerWinkler30 - 45 minLegacy Code part 1. An Introduction to Unit Tests for applications with dependencies is given. The focus is on ABAP 7.50 where Test-Seams are available. Different strategies to develop tests are discussed. 
Do Visualizations help during development? Experiences after one year using SAP2Moose.Rainer Winkler @RainerWinkler30 - 45 min

Legacy Code part 2. The potential and problems of software visualizations in SAP development projects are discussed.

Available extractors to class and sequence diagrams (PlantUML) are shown and discussed.

The visualization tool SAP2Moose extracts dependency diagrams. It is shown and discussed together with a Moose addon to suport customizable diagrams. An experience report of using SAP2Moose in projects is given.

Code Challenges for training, motivation and Workshops.

Stefan Schmöcker &


30-45 minCode Katas and code challenges are a popular topic these days. We would like to present a framework where programming tasks of any kind can be defined and administrated . Users can chose a task, provide solutions which will be tested automatically.WLAN + VPN for live Demo would be nice
Lessons learned: Connecting SAPUI5 to a RESTful-API from SAP Identity Management (IDM)Lennart Kayser30-45 min

SAP IDM is an important part of maintaining the Security of the landscape and Enterprise systems, however, the UI sometimes introduces challenges for end users.

By extending the User Interface via UI5 new functionality and ease of use become possible. User Experience is now the driver.

During this session, we will discuss our experience (and issues) developing several Apps, using SAP Web IDE, SAP BUILD and pure SAPUI5.
WLAN nice
Integration of SAP Change Request Managament (ChaRM) into the Application Lifecycle Management Tool Mylyn of the Eclipse IDE.Torben Heits 20 min 

Mylyn is an ALM-Tool for Eclipse which provides a task-focused user interface. It allowes to link your development artifacts to specific tasks, which makes it easier to keep an overview of your relevant objects.

I want to show you an Eclipse Plug-In which allows you to integrate your change documents from ChaRM into Mylyn.

 A Performance Architecture for Custom Code on HANADr. habil. Burghard von Karger, SALT Solutions AG 30 min Even in a HANA-based system, conflicts can arise between the performance requirements of online processing and   reporting.  We look at an invoice verification system that was custom-developed in 40 man years, explain the performance challenges created by migrating from a classical warehouse to a HANA system and show how they were solved using a journal-based data architecture.  

Participants SAP Inside Track Hamburg 2017

Please register here.


Low, aiming at € 25 per participant, including lunch and drinks (Coffee, Water, ...). Feel free if you want to give more to support this non commercial community event...

Students or if you have a good reason: € 15


Thank you very much to our Sponsors:



Pre- and Post Conference 

Friday night

Continuing the old tradition of having a pre SIT meetup with some Craft beer we meet at 19:00 in the backyard of

Altes Mädchen in Lagerstrasse 28b in 20357 Hamburg.


Saturday night

At 19:00 we meet at

Restaurant Breitengrad

Gefionstraße 3
22769 Hamburg


Any tips to take into account? Please list them and help making it a day to remember.

  • Bring a good mood (big grin)
  • Dress casual

Further Questions

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions:

Peter.Langner at Twitter @peter_langner

Timo John at          Twitter @Timo_John

Mark.Teichmann at       Twitter @thulium3


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