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Thank you very much to our Sponsors:



After the success and good feedback from the last years event we will have the 8th SAP Inside Track in Hamburg. 

Grab the opportunity and connect with your peers, learn from each other by sharing experiences and thoughts.

Use hash tag #sitHH on Twitter to share ideas and spread the news. is a shortcut to this wiki.

The conference language is english. 

Our keynote speaker 2019 will be Ralf Westphal with his talk Magically Predictable Software Delivery.

Magically Predictable Software Delivery.

"When will it be done?" is maybe the most frustrating question managers and customers are asking software developers. And it's also the most difficult to answer - at least if it's taken seriously striving for a small error margin. Has it even been answered correctly (within reason) once in the past? Or repeatedly correctly?

Ralf Westphal has his doubts. There are too many reasons why such estimations are too hard or even impossible in software development to be the foundation of a trustful and relaxed relationship between developers and stakeholders. Even more so in agile software development.

Estimations should be abandoned! But what else can be done, because the question is not going to go away.

Better predictions are done by forecasting. It's easier, it's fact based, it's not burdening developers, it can be repeatedly done at any time by anyone - and even if it should not be more accurate, then at least the risk is clearly stated.

In his keynote Ralf will explain what forecasting means to him by observing the workings of a magic black box together with the audience. The production of single features as well as the delivery of multiple features will be forecast. A general approach to answering questions about uncertain situations will be presented which can be implemented in any software production process which conforms to a simple condition.

Ralf Westphal is an freelance trainer and consultant with focus on sustainable software development, high longterm productivity, and making teams fit for a VUCA world.

He has co-founded a large German Clean Code initiative ( with more than 5000 members as of 2019.

Since 1997 Ralf has written extensively in magazines, books, and primarily in his blogs.

In addition he's a frequent speaker at developer conferences in Germany, Europe and abroad since 1998.

Visit his website at or follow @ralfw on Twitter.




Find here all sessions SAP Inside Track Hamburg on Youtube

Here the interview with Ralf Westphal on Youtube.

Here the film of the event.


Saturday, 16 November 2019


There will be a SAP Code Jam on Friday, 15 November 2019 (the day before sitHH) 

           ABAP in the Cloud


Evening Events

Please don't forget to plan for the spectacular evening events where all the topics can be discussed again with some food and drinks at hand.

On Friday we meet at Restaurant Brodersen at 18:30h.

On Saturday we meet at Gurke at 18:30h.


SAP Office Hamburg

Tesdorpfstraße 8 
20148 Hamburg 


For SAP community members (both consultants and customers) who want to share their knowledge.


Because of the Sponsors above we were able to offer this event without entry costs

Participants SAP Inside Track Hamburg 2019

The registration for SAP Inside Track Hamburg is open and you can register here SOLD OUT - Waiting list open

SAP Community User is needed 


Any tips to take into account? Please list them and help making it a day to remember.

  • Bring a good mood (big grin)
  • Dress casual

Sessions Suggestions

Here you have had the chance to add value to SAP Inside Track Hamburg. Take the stage and share your SAP experiences, open the discussion and take new insights back home. 

Please note that the sessions are supposed to be 15, 30 or 45 minutes! If your session is shorter, you don't need to blow it up, please feel free to add it and mark the needed time.


New format: #sitHH Marketplace

You have an incredible idea, your last solution should be known by other developers, a new tool increases your development-workflow?! This year we’ll start a new session format. In one hour you’ll have the opportunity to join quick marketplace sessions. And you have the opportunity to present a good solution, tool, workflow or other interesting stuff. We are looking for sessions. If you are interested in giving a talk, please also complete the call for papers. If you have any questions, contact Norman Merten (Twitter: @NormanMerten)

If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do it: Contact us... contact data to be found at the bottom of this page. 

The Agenda is planed, we have very interesting sessions. Please no more session suggestions. Thanks!

Event Photos 2019 

We have a google photos galery with some "official" photos. Feel invited to add yours.


Start ZeitHostTitle of talkDescriptionSlides
09:00Registration & Networking   


10:15Ralf WestphalKeynote Slides
11:15Christian LechnerSide-by-Side Extensibility with Microsoft AzureOne option in the extensibility universe of SAP is the side-by-side extensibility. Usually this is seen in close relation to the SAP Cloud Platform. In this talk I want to show a small prototype how to leverage the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure in combination with a SAP Business Suite backend to achieve a side-by-side extension. This is accompanied by a short introduction of the serverless paradigm used in the prototype. To grow some desire for making your hands dirty with Azure function as the central part of the prototype I will show how easy it is to setup Azure functions locally. Slides
11:45Christian BraukmüllerSAP Basis people these days ..

.. are not your grandfathers basis people anymore.

Giving insights into what challenges are driving SAP Basis people in these days. Explaining why we are still there and not bored to death.
And showing some approaches to handle todays complexity with or without the cloud.

Warning: This session might contain some opinions that are targeting the oversimplificated messages from keynotes and "these Gartner" of the previous years. Seems like some people took them much too serious.

13:15Oliver Wahrstötter


SQL Cockpit

I want to demonstrate the benefits of a full SQL Editor that can help SAP developers to analyze data in productive systems and implement performant SELECT Statements with ease. The SQL Cockpit will help you in many different ways, from list compare, code generation to knowledge sharing with your colleagues. 
13:15Christian Braukmüller


Community Driven SAPEventformats

Community Driven SAPEventformats 
13:15Dominik Müller


Squaring the circle - An Editable ALV Tree

Time for some old school SAP GUI tech: many times an editable ALV tree has been requested and now it is finally there, at least kind of. Let us dive into the innards of ALV to the edge of ABAP and make some interesting discoveries on the way. 
13:30Heiko Walter BernhartA Solman for all (Test)CasesThe SAP Solution Manager has been in use as a testing tool for quite some time, at least for large SAP Projects with dedicated test organizations. But in the times of agile projects and TDD the requirements of developers and testers are changing. So how does the Solution Manager support these scenarios and which functionality potentially offers an added value?Slides

Soumalya Nath LinkedIn
SAP Community
Twitter: @nath_soumalya

Bart van de Kamp
SAP Community
Twitter: @DevKampie

Handcuffed, Blindfolded, now what ?.. SAP Conversational AI has the key to your freedomThe presentation will be done by 2 presenters. Me (Soumalya Nath ) and Bart van de Kamp. We would like to demonstrate the power of SAP Conversational AI, through our prototype. We shall call for 2 volunteers 

Alexander Riva

Twitter: @clenriva

My lessons from SAP CPI and SuccessFactors Projects

As an SAP CPI Consultant, I want to share you my lessons learned from SAP SuccessFactors implementation and SAP CPI projects, in a full life cycle implementation project. Challenges in the implement integration scenarios with standard packages and in the development of custom integrations. 
15:15Sören SchlegelAbout Beer and Small ThingsSome Experiments with IoT, NodeMCU , ABAP, NodeRED , MQTT and Beer Slides
16:00Philip EngelmartinGonna Catch 'Em All - Security education with flagsWhen you think of security, data protection, data privacy or compliance trainings and e-learnings; what is the first thought that comes to your mind? “Wow, I look forward to participating in this challenging yet interesting e-learning with 13 videos and 37 slides which I have to finish this week.”? I bet you know this kind of training. And I bet you really love them, don't you? In SAP we have a heart for employees; that is why we started with our Capture the Flag approach. This session is about our experiential yet collaborative learning approach, how it all started, evolved and how we educate our colleagues - and of course to convince you to follow us in our journey to make people understand that security is fun! 
16:30Frank KöhntoppFree beer or headaches - Are you doing Open Source right?Musings on the role of Open Source in your projects, and an attempt at a new perspective (plus some security sprinkled on top) 
17:00Closing, Summary and Networking   

Unfortunately we were not able to place all session proposals into our agenda of this year.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions:

Peter.Langner at Twitter-ID @peter_langner

Renald.Wittwer at Twitter: @RenaldWittwer

Timo.John at Twitter @timo_john

Torsten.Schubert at Twitter @weltspion.

Mark Teichmann Twitter  @thulium3



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