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Welcome SAP folks to the official SAP Inside Track Hannover info page! 

The main conference will be on Saturday, 11th of May 2019. On Friday, 10th May we will try to get a SAP Code Jam for interested community geeks.

Both, the Code Jam and the Inside track are a great opportunity to spend the weekend in a nice Inwerken AG location with a great cultural heritage, to connect with your peers and friends, to make new friends, to gain new experience and insights, to listen to interesting talks, to give great talks and and and…

The conference language will be English. 

When and how to register?

  • The SAP Inside Track Hannover will take place on 11th May 2019. 09:00 - 17:00
  • If SAP Code Jam would happen on the Friday before.

Where will it take place?

SAP Inside Track 

Inwerken AG

Ahrensburger Straße 4-6

 30659 Hannover

SAP Code Jam

(to be planned)

Who shall attend?

The Inside Track and the Code Jam are from the SAP community for the SAP community: customers, consultants, developers, freelancers, blogger, nerds and geeks ... - But also for absolute rookies! The important thing of the entire event: share your knowledge, learn great new stuff and gain new buddies.

Hotel suggestions

(to be announced)

Pre-conference event location

(to be announced)

Post-conference event location

(to be announced)


(to be announced) - Feel free to hand in your session proposal

Sessions suggestions

The Call for speakers is now open! Grab your chance and add an interesting talk! The session topics at SAP Inside Tracks are usually technology focused. If possible, the talks should be related to SAP topics... but even 

Please use the following Google Form to add your talk proposal. Four weeks before the Inside Track the organizing team will vote for the different talks and define a final agenda.

Speaker (First Last)Title of talkDescriptionAdditional Information (SCN, XING, ...) Duration

Giovanni Rago

Test Automation in an Agile World: Introduction to Selenium and Appium

Agile software development has had a profound impact in how software is delivered. With delivery cycles sensibly shorter, how does testing keep up with the increased need for speed? In this talk, we take a look at the leading open source test automation tools for both web and mobile, while also introducing the protocol that makes them tick.

LinkedIn45 min

Stefan Schnell

SAP Integration Scenario - Web App Testing with Selenium and Mobile App Testing with Appium in the Context of eCATT

Based on my presentation at sitHVR 2018 I show the progress and realizations of test automation with eCATT and PowerShell. Many perspectives have been formed and the approach has been consolidated. In particular I'll talk about using Selenium for web application test automation and Appium for mobile apps test automation.

SAP Community

30 - 45 min

Volker Buzek

cloud-first...not - or: what cloud-based development can't do for you

though a valid development concept, a "cloud first" software approach won't always help solving the tasks at hand. this talk will show some excerpts from the dev reel where "the cloud" did good, bad, and the ugly.

@vobu30 - 45 min

Ingo Bräuninger

Custom Code Migration to S4HANA

One of the biggest challenges for our customers during the system conversion to S/4HANA (or Suite on HANA) on-premise is the custom code adaptation. These adaptations are necessary because of the simplifications (e.g. data model changes, removal of obsolete functionality, removal of redundant components) in S/4HANA compared to the classic ERP. To minimize the efforts for our customers to adapt their code the ABAP Platform provides tools to analyze custom code based on the so-called simplification database.
This toolset is crucial for the adoption of S/4HANA on-premise.

@ibraeuninger45 min
Enno Wulffsomething about ABAPtbd@ennowulff30 - 45 min
Laurens van RjinThe Hitchhikers Guide to the LegacyBring your towel!@laurensvanrijn 30 min
Peter JaeckelAbout functional programming and its useFunctional programming is often cited but rarely understood. Also the advantages of thinking functional even in a non functional language can be of great value.@hapejtboth 30 min or 45 min
Volker WegertPatience of a SAINTInstalling an ABAP Add-On is fairly straight-forward. But... what is an ABAP Add-On? In which way is it different from Any Old Transport File[tm] - and why might that be a good thing? What do you have to do to get into the Add-On Zone - and once you're there, how do you stay there?@vwegert45 min
Sebastian WolfAPACK - The ABAP Package and Dependency ManagerFor the first time in the 30+ years history of the SAP-proprietary programming language ABAP, it is now available as a dedicated product offering with the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment. At the same time ABAP embraces non-proprietary version-control management tools with the integration of abapGit as central tool for the lifecycle management of custom code. By using these open source technologies, there is now a unique opportunity for a whole community to create, use and build on open source libraries and applications for the ABAP environment. In order to enable the ABAP community to efficiently use the new possibilities of the new Cloud Platform environment, we created a lightweight package and dependency manager called APACK – tailored to the needs of developers and organizations for application development for the Cloud. Join us and learn about APACK, give feedback and talk with us about it.@WerkWolf both 30 min or 45 min



The event costs EUR 20,- Including drinks during the event and lunch.

Speakers are free.

The pre- and/or post-conference events are not for free. (Everybody pays his own drinks & food)

Social Media

Twitter Hashtag: #sitHVR

Register now!

Grab your ticket now! (Speakers please also register!)


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We are looking for sponsors. If you like to support us don't hesitate to contact Enno Wullf or Sascha Seegebarth

For sponsors we offer the following:

  • Your logo on the SAP Community Network Space for SAP Inside Tracks
  • You will be mentioned during the opening and closing sessions of the conference
  • At the event, you can put some flyer and merchandising to one of the desks. Please no rollups.

And the best of all, by sending your employees to the conference, you'll have the opportunity to get in contact with plenty of highly motivated SAP experts.


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The event is organized by Sascha Seegebarth and Enno Wulff

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