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Welcome SAP folks to the official SAP Inside Track Maidenhead info page - this is your last chance to attend a SAP Inside Track event in the UK before Brexit (smile)

The conference language will be English. 

Maidenhead is fairly close to London, just 20 minutes from Windsor and about 40 minutes by train from either central London or Heathrow Airport. There is a shuttle bus available from the railway station to the SAP office. If you are driving it is easily accessible from the A404(M) which connects the M4 and M40 motorways.

The event is on a Friday, so why not bring the family and make a long weekend of it to visit Maidenhead, Windsor and London?

When and how to register?

  • The SAP Inside Track Maidenhead will take place on Friday 15th March 2019. 09:00 - 17:00
  • To register, please add your name to the "Register Now!" list below. The event will most likely be free to attend, but if we do charge money then it will be just a small amount to cover our expenses.

Where will it take place?

SAP Inside Track 


Objects House, Vanwall Business Park 
Vanwall Road 

SAP Code Jam

(maybe the day before, if at all)

Who shall attend?

The Inside Track and the Code Jam are from the SAP community for the SAP community: customers, consultants, developers, freelancers, blogger, nerds and geeks ... - But also for absolute rookies! The important thing of the entire event: share your knowledge, learn great new stuff and gain new buddies.

Hotel suggestions

(to be announced)

Pre-conference event location

(to be announced)

Post-conference event location

(to be announced)


(to be announced) - Feel free to hand in session proposals

Sessions suggestions

The Call for speakers is now open! Grab your chance and add an interesting talk! The session topics at SAP Inside Tracks are usually technology focused. If possible, the talks should be related to SAP topics, but anything of interest to practitioners in the SAP field is fine.

Please use the table below to add your talk proposal. If we get lots of proposals then we might have to come up with some sort of voting process, but we will have 2 rooms which should be enough for at least 12 sessions throughout the day.

Speaker (First Last)Title of talkDescriptionKeywordsAdditional Information (SCN, XING, ...) 



The event is for FREE (free, as in free beer). Including drinks during the event and lunch.

The pre- and/or post-conference events are not for free. (Everybody pays his own drinks & food)

Social Media

Twitter Hashtag: #sitMAI




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Contact & follow us 

The event is organized by Phillip Parkinson and Darren Hague

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