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30th March 2014

The ninth Australian SAP Inside Track (formerly known as SDN Community Day) is a not-to-be-missed event for all SAP Community members down-under. We hope to see a lot of new faces as we return to Melbourne for a second year in a row after many years away.

The session is a kick-start for the 2014 Mastering SAP Technologies conference but is open to all - whether you are attending the conference or not.


  • Date: Sunday, 30th March 2014
  • Time: 13:00 until 16:00. Informal meet-ups and networking continue afterwards - and don't forget Demo Jam starts at 18:30
  • Location: Crown Promenade Hotel, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank, Vic 3006
  • Sessions: 3 to 4 parallel sessions (We say this every year but usually just single stream everything)
  • Cost: No cost - open to all SAP Community Network members
  • Twitter hashtag: #SITMEL

Special Guest - Marilyn Pratt

I am excited to announce that we have Marilyn Pratt coming to SAP Inside Track Melbourne 2014.

Marilyn is a social media advocate and SAP Community Evangelist at SAP Labs with a keen interest in grassroots community activism. Even better she is a certified SAP ABAP Consultant and Instructor. But most importantly Marilyn is one of the integral pieces of glue that binds the SAP Community together. She is delightful, smart, engaging and an all round good egg. There are many of us, myself included, who would be far less active in the SAP Community without the encouragement and support of Marilyn.

Marilyn is really looking forward to meeting with as many of the Aussie SAP Community as possible to get your feedback, ideas and impressions - and maybe provide a few of her own as well.

Attendee list

Please add your details if you are intending to come. Click the Edit button at the top of the page. if you don't know how to do this just contact Graham Robbo and he will do it for you. (Photos and twitter handles are very much optional - just your name is fine)



Twitter ID




Twitter ID

Graham Robinson



Tony de Thomasis


Matt Harding



Marilyn Pratt



John Moy



Alisdair Templeton


Chris Paine



Simon Kemp


Sascha Wenninger



Custodio de Oliveira @zcust01
  Paul Hardy   Abhinav Tayal 
John Astill@johna69   Jonathan Coleman 
Sougata Chatterjee   Ankit Srivastava 

Hendrik Neumann@h_neumann  

Gary Parr

OSR Queensland


 Joanna Chan@jwenna  Agasthuri Doss ( AG ) 
Andre Olivier@andreo77  Nalinda Ratnayaka



 Stevanic Artana@stevanic_artana  

Kerryn Weickhardt

 Phani Vemulapalli  (big grin)Ben Patterson@bennypatto
 Jason Scott@js1972  Shilpy Kaushal 
 Martin English@martin_english   Angad Singh@tungals 
 Clint Vosloo@vosloo777  Grainne Quinn 
 Fendy Wongso@fendywongso   Stephen Kringas@skringas
 Rishabh Dubey   Mark Howes 
 Daniel Parker@dannyfparker   Bronwyn St Clair @bron1a
Sagar Pilli  Sudhir Gupta


 Harsh Srivastava   Marc Verwoerd 
  Krishna Moorthy   Mark Feldon 
 Raji Pilli  Doug Munford@doug_munford
Manish Tiwari  Rita Sleep



Krishna Mattaparti@mjkrisna    


Your session contribution

Your session contribution is at the core of SAP Inside Track. So if you think about hosting a session, please let us know by submitting your session idea to the wiki page or emailing to Graham Robinson.

It doesn't have to be a well prepared classroom-style PowerPoint presentation. In fact we would prefer it if it is a more open, improvised and collaborative discussion session to draw out the ideas and experiences of others. We usually collect all submissions and then run the ones that the audience show a preference for on the day.


BOF Topic




Website Performance 101

Really quick overview of some free tools that are useful in understanding why a web page can be slow, and what might be done to improve it.

Sascha Wenninger


NetWeaver Business Client

Discussion about implementation of NetWeaver Business Client.  Thoughts, lessons learned, what worked, what didn't.  The more persons offering their input into this session, the better!

John Moy


JavaScript and UI5 - Is there a better way?

True BoF session (e.g. Audience participation is critical) with those developing or playing with UI5 development discussing any hints or tips/tricks to how they get as near as an advanced integrated development environment that we've come used to in other languages.

Matt Harding


Freeori - should Fiori be free and would that help adoption?

Have you read John Appleby's post? This might be a good discussion to have over a few beverages in the bar. I think most developers will be on the free side of the fence, but what do you think would help adoption and what is your experience of using Fiori for real?

*** Can't be at the same time as the NWBC discussion - unless someone else wants to host *** (big grin)

Simon Kemp

Sorry had to cancel my trip last minute (sad)


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