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September 22, 2012

This is a community event aimed to make SAP professionals meet and exchange ideas/experience in an informal atmosphere.

Most important facts:

  • Date: Saturday September 22, 2012 starting at 09:00 ending at 16:00
  • Location: SAP Italy Vimercate 
  • Capacity:  ~ 75 people
  • Cost: no cost (free of charge)
  • Sessions: same fresh scheduling approach adopted in 2011. Most of the sessions will be 6 minutes long while few will arrive to 12 minutes
  • Clothing: By all means casual. Remember, it's a Saturday and most people attend on their private time.
  • Language: English
  • Twitter Hashtag: #sitmil
  • Photo stream: flickr
  • Contact Person: SergioFerrari ( & IvanFemia (
  • Format Adopted : link
  • SAPConnect live:

YouTube video recordings playlist

Attendee list

If you want to join the conference, please add yourself to the Attendee list


You make the SAP Inside Track! Add your own sessions or post your name in the Attendee column to show interest for a specific session.

We're in a Powerpoint Free Zone, like during the Demo Jam sessions should be short (6' or 12') and live (video are accepted since a lot of staff requires specific environment).

A company should take a maximum of 24' (e.g. 12' +6' +6').



Session Title  / Topic




Breakfast and registration open


9.15AM to 9:30AM


Start and Welcome everybody to SAP Inside Track Milan

Sergio Ferrari

9:30AM to 9:50AM


Connecting SAP UI5 to the SAP NetWeaver Neo persistence layer (SapConnect)

Rui Nogueira

9:50AM to 10:10AM


Consume Gateway RESTful service using SAP UI5 for Lightweight SAP Application (SapConnect)

Fabio Di Micco
Ivan Femia

10:10AM to 10:20AM


Mobilize BI Report by SAP Business Objects Mobile (SapConnect)

Andrea Maraviglia

10:20AM to 10:30AM


Tracking functional requirements, artifacts, work units with UML and SAP CTS, a practical approach (SapConnect)

Massimo Coletti



Coffee break & Networking


10:50AM to 11:00AM


SAPLink for ABAP in Eclipse (DemoJam selected submission 2012)

Gregor Wolf (recorded broadcast)

11:00AM to 11:20AM


Building realtime web applications using Abap and WebSockets (Sap Code-Exchange Project "Abap Pusher"):
-An instant messaging web application - Link: (SapConnect)

Patrizia Rossi
Alessandro Spadoni

11:20AM to 11:40AM


The SAP Developer Center (SapConnect)

Rui Nogueira

11:40AM to 11:50AM


B2C with strict firewall rules: Mission possible ABAP <=> JSON <=> NoSQL <=> sapui5 (SapConnect)

Uwe Fetzer



Coffee break & Networking


12:10PM to 12:20PM


SAP HANA: Innovation WITH Disruption = New Solutions

Marco Frigo

12:20PM to 12:30PM


Using KeePass instead of SAP Logon (SapConnect)

Peter Langner

12:30PM to 12:50PM


SAP NetWeaver UI Addon:  non disruptive provisioning of new user interactions to existing business applications. (SapConnect )

Tzanko Stefanov





2:00PM to 4:00PM


Round table (technology deep diving)


Registration Information
Stay tuned

Watch out for the wiki page and click on the envelope symbol on the page to receive notifications after every change made to the page .

On Twitter you can follow @SAPInsideTrack  and the hash tag #sitmil .


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