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SAP Community Open Space will take place on Friday, 06 Oct 2017. For more information as well as registration please look here: SAP Community Open Space


Like the years before, this year an SAP Inside Track will take place here in Munich.

The main conference will be on Saturday, 7th of October 2017 - on Friday, 6 th of October 2017 we will do an Open Space for interested community geeks where we will explore, implement or discuss based on the interests of the participants.

This is a great opportunity to spend the weekend in this great city, and like at other SAP Inside Track events, you can connect with your peers, learn from each other, share experiences and be inspired by great talks.

The conference language will be Bavarian – just kidding. We hope to attract also an international audience and choose English.

If you're interested in last year's SAP Inside Track in Munich you can find it here:


Friday 06 October 2017 from 11:00 to 17:30 -  SAP Community Open Space (see: SAP Community Open Space )

Saturday 07 October 2017 from 09:00 to 17:30 - SAP Inside Track Event


The SAP Community Open Space will be near Hackerbrücke:

Progressive Munich
Arnulfstraße 31
80636 München

The SAP Inside Track will take place at the same location as the last four years:  

Impact HUB Munich GmbH
Gotzinger Strasse 8
81371 München

This co-working location is just 4 stops from Marienplatz with the U3 or U6. The station is called "Implerstraße". For more details check out the Munich transport network maps. Here you find the location on Google Maps. Your way to the HUB Munich.

If you're looking for the cheapest public transport ticket for the whole weekend please have a look at the official MVV (Munich public transport association) website: Multiple-Days-Ticket-Offering

Hotel Suggestions

K+K Hotel am HarrasFr. - Su.

Peter Langner

Leonardo Hotel München City West 


Leonardo Hotel & Residenz München, Fasangarten  
Motel One München West

Fr.- Sa.




Martin Fischer

Hendrik Neumann

Christian Lechner

Volker Stöffler

Pre-Conference event location

Friday 06 October 2017 18:00

The "pre-conference event" will take place at "Augustiner Bräustuben". Please have a closer look on this subpage: Your way to Friday evening event

After-Conference event location

Saturday 07 October 2017 19:00

The "after-conference event location" is the steak restaurant KvR - Kapitales vom Rind- like the years before. 
Please have a closer look on this subpage: #sitMUC 2017 - your way to the Saturday evening event


09:0009:1500:15Welcome, Introduction Impact Hub Munich,
Introduction to Business Yoga (Brigitte Felzmann) in pauses, and
Graphic Recording (Mike Meister) throughout program.
Andrea, Hub
09:1509:4500:30Dos and Don'ts, when using BRF+ Link to slidesPeter Langner
09:4510:0000:15Q&A - small break/kleine Pause 
10:0010:3000:30Survive the Chaos with Tips and Tricks to Handle Legacy ABAP Code Link to Slides Link to videoRainer Winkler
10:3010:4500:15Q&A - small break/kleine Pause 

SAP IQ - Business Intelligence and vertical data processing with 8 GB RAM or less
Slides Scripts Load Data: Years 19nn 200n 201n

Volker Stöffler
11:1511:3000:15Q&A - small break/kleine Pause 
11:3012:0000:30Challenges in SAP integration testing based on int4 IFTT + Link to slidesMichal Kowalczewski LinkedIn
Frank Van Der Plas LinkedIn
12:0013:1501:15Q&A - Lunch 
13:1514:4501:30sitMUC Open Space 
14:4515:1500:30Custom Development with BOPF - how it changes with S/4 HANA (link to the slides)Martin Fischer
15:1515:4500:30Q&A - Kaffee & Kuchenbuffet 
15:4516:3000:45Conquering the unknown world between two SAP ERP systems. Link to slides, link to retrospect (in German)Philipp Liegl
16:3016:4500:15Q&A - small break/kleine Pause 
16:4517:1500:30Extensions in the age of S/4HANA (Link to slides)Christian Lechner
17:1517:3000:15Q&A - small break/kleine Pause 
17:3018:0000:30What's new for Developers (Link to slides)Thomas Grassl
18:0018:1500:15Wrap-upAndrea, Damir, Gregor, Martin, Mario


The sessions are what an SAP Inside Track event is all about. Come and take the stage or our marketplace and share your experiences, knowledge, and passion. Talk about something that interests you, something you have done recently, your SAP TechEd experiences and ignite a two-way discussion that benefits all participants.

Please enter your session proposals below, and nearer the time, we will organize them into appropriate time slots.

This year we’ll have a classic lecture part. So if you want to do a lecture for about 30 minutes then the table below is best for you:




Host Additional Informationselected
Survive the Chaos with Tips and Tricks to Handle Legacy ABAP CodeI will speak about techniques to handle complex ABAP applications. I demonstrate Unit Tests for code with dependencies using Test Seams. I explain how this is used to apply a basic technique to work with Legacy Code; make Unit Tests to characterize and understand a code, then use this as a safety net while making the changes. I finally demonstrate how the openSource Projekt Moose2Model can be used to keep an overview and jump to the code using ADT links.ABAP, Legacy Code, Testing, Visualization

Rainer Winkler (SCN)   @rainerwinkler

Link to Slides Link to video 
SAP IQ - Business Intelligence and vertical data processing with 8 GB RAM or lessSAP IQ is a HANA companion for Smart Data Access / Integration and SAP BW NLS, to keep data way beyond memory limits accessible. But it also is a full-blown data warehouse system of its own, with column oriented data storage and powerful analytics capabilities. It can scale up to the world's largest data warehouse and down to desktop or notebook computers. This session is intended to show the benefits and capabilities of the vertical data structures used inside and their impact on high performance processing and parallel execution of Business Intelligence style queries. See also this SCN blog post.SQL, SAP IQ, database, data warehouse, business intelligence, world record, petabytes 

Volker Stöffler LinkedIn | SCN |
SQL Anywhere Forum

Slides Scripts

Load Data:
Years 19nn 200n 201n

Extensions in the age of S/4HANAThe S/4HANA in its broadest sense (including the SAP Cloud Platform) not only lead to a new programming model, but also to new options (and variants within the options) when it comes to extensibility and add-on development. In this talk, I would like to share my thoughts about the different options and the consequences for the customers and partners. We will take a look into the topics of in-app extensibility, side-by-side extensibility, what options there might be if you want to avoid the cloud and what might happen to my beloved BRFplus (smile).S/4HANA, Extensibility, SAP Cloud Platform, InApp Extensibility, Side-by-Side Extensibility

Christian Lechner
SCN | Twitter | LinkedIn | Xing

Link to slides on slideshare
How to visualize Query Semantics using Open Source Graphviz

When analyzing the performance of complex queries, you may find yourself with multi table joins, e.g. generated by a BI system, coded by an out-of-reach developer or evolved through a long life cycle. A semantic query graph visualizes the topology of such a join and helps to understand the options the optimizer has at hand for an execution plan. The graph unveils possible shortcuts or extensions you can provide to enhance query performance by providing additional options to the query optimizer

I will demonstrate how to use the Open Source utility Graphviz for visualization.

This presentation is based upon ANSI Standard SQL and not restricted to a specific RDBMS implementation. The method is a generic approach to deal with the challenge of understanding and possibly enhancing the topology of a multi table join query.

SQL, Database, RDBMS, Joins, Optimizer, Query Analysis, Query Tuning, Visualization, Query Graph

Volker Stöffler
LinkedIn | SCN |
SQL Anywhere Forum


Custom Development with BOPF - how it changes with S/4 HANABOPF is around since years on the ABAP AS. As it is part of the S/4 programming model, it becomes even more important. I will show the different steps of evolution and how it works now with 7.5CDS, ABAP, BOPF, Custom Development, Fiori, Gateway

Martin Fischer

@cyclingfisch | XING | LinkedIn

The road from ABAP to SCP microservices

Based on the blog with a similar name, this talk will provide a short introduction into developing and deploying microservices on the SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform, CloudFoundry, Microservices and more

Tudor Riscutia

Twitter | LinkedIn | SCN

SQL Anywhere - your flight mode database serverThis is a live and interactive version of my SCN blog with the same title. It's an introduction to the capabilities and characteristics of SAP SQL Anywhere, a standard compliant and full feature (including OLAP SQL) database server running on lightweight hardware (starting with Raspberry Pi) and workplace computers to server machines (workgroups, small enterprises), supplemented by a deployment option for embedded systems like smart sensors for IoT scenarios.SQL, SQL Anywhere, database, workplace, workgroup, occasionally connected

Volker Stöffler
LinkedIn | SCN |
SQL Anywhere Forum


Conquering the unknown world between two SAP ERP systems

SAP systems back some of the world’s largest supply chains. Porsche, BASF, EDEKA and the like heavily rely on the use of SAP to realize their procurement and sales processes. For most SAP developers, however, the perceived world usually ends at the SAP system’s boundaries.  

In this talk we will explore the unknown land, which we must conquer in order to connect two ERP systems. We examine the technical protocols such as AS2, X.400, OFTP2, etc., give an overview of the concept of Value Added Networks (VAN), and show the particularities of different industries, taking automotive and retail as an example. Furthermore, we introduce the different standards and their ideas such as VDA, EDIFACT, ANSI ASC X12, etc. and show why XML is not always the better choice. 

Finally, we show the technical challenges we have to master in an SAP system in order to get the necessary information in and out of the system using IDocs. After this talk you should have a thorough understanding of the previously unknown world between two ERP systems.

IDoc, EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, Data Integration, ABAP, XML

Philipp Liegl
Twitter, LinkedIn, XING, SCN


Applying Problem-Solving Techniques to Programming

Ask any developer if problem-solving and decision-making activities are part of their day, and they will answer “Yes.” But how many of us have had training in problem-solving, and why is it so important to learn problem-solving skills? Making critical decisions is an essential element of our work, so we should know how to do it effectively. This session covers the techniques and tools we programmers can use to transform ourselves into “solution finders.”

Knowledge Worker, Developer, Problem Solving and Solution Finding, agile Mindset


Damir Majer



Challenges in SAP integration testing (SAP PI/PO and Clound Integration) based on int4 IFTT

We are specialists in automated testing of SAP integration both of SAP PI/PO and SAP Cloud Platfrom Integegration middlewares and the ABAP backend logic. During the session we would like to share our project experience, explain the difference between classical SAP system testing and the disrupted landscape with 3rd party and SAP systems integrated all together. We developed an SAP Addon to perform such testing. We would like to describe our unique concepts how we automate this process e2e in SAP landscape and perform a live demo. The session will address project challenges in area of SAP Integration like DevOps, migrations, upgrades and rollouts.

SAP integration, automated testing, virtualization, Cloud Integration Platform

Michal Kowalczewski LinkedIn

Frank Van Der Plas LinkedIn

Dos and Don'ts, when using BRF+With S/4 HANA BRF+ is getting more and more important. In this talk I want to share with you my experience/opinion how to use BRF+ in the best way for developer and business consultants. I will use a real world example from FI-CAx.ABAP, BRF+, FI-CA, Development Guidelines

Peter Langner

scn, @peter_langner,

Link to slides 
What's new for DevelopersJust coming out of SAP TechEd in Las Vegas, I would like to review some of the announcements and answer questions from the audience. In addition many new activities have been launched for the developers to share.Developer, SAP strategy and directions

Thomas Grassl



SAP HANA && SAP Vora - yin and yang of data processingI will help you to understand what is what, how developers can start with each, and how HANA and Vora complement each otherData Management, Big Data, Analytics, SAP HANA, SAP Vora

Vitaliy Rudnytskiy



From Zero to "Fiori-Hero" in 60 Minutes or Less!

We will show you how to build your very own SAP Fiori apps!

We'll cover the necessary landscape needed, as well as the first steps to get you started and Best Practices to guide you, and we'll share our experiences building various SAP Fiori apps for our international clients.  (smile)

SAP Fiori Apps, How-To, Getting Started 



Open Space

In this part of the day we want to use the Open Space Technology.


We're now opening the Registration:

Register here (SCN User required)

List of registered participants

Cookie / Cake Angels

Bringing some cookies or cakes for the afternoon coffee



CakesMinh Tri Nguyen
"Spekkoek"Laurens van Rijn
SachertortePhilipp Liegl
MuffinsDamir Majer
BrowniesAndrea Taylor
Apfel-Mohn-Streusel-KuchenMaria Steinberg


helping us to hold this event



Participant Registration


Speaker SupportAndrea Taylor
Live Streamingpropose to make higher quality videos to make them available on YouTube (infrastructure both network & streaming is w/o professional equipment hard to realize)
Event Video (Record impressions, interviews, Cut Video, Publish) 
Event Photos 
Time Shutter VideoMartin Steinberg



We are searching for sponsors. If you like to support us don't hesitate to contact Damir Majer.

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Business Yoga - Stress Reduction - New Focus

Coaching / Training / Consulting / Visualization
Graphic Recording: @mm_mikemeister



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  1. Was für ein Codejam wird denn am 6.10.2017 stattfinden? Zu welchem Thema?

  2. Mich würde auch interessieren, um was es in der Code Jam geht und wo man sich registrieren kann. Es sind ja nur noch wenige Wochen.

  3. Gibt es bald den Schedule, also die Zeiten und exakten Vorträge? Das wäre toll.

  4. Kann jemand die Slides von @rainerwinkler herunterladen? Ich bekoimme die Meldung, dass die "private" sind.

  5. Hallo Volker, sorry die Slides waren privat. Ich habe die Einstellung gerade auf öffentlich geändert. Jetzt sollte es gehen. Viele Grüsse, Rainer