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Saturday 19th October 2019

We plan a SAP Code Jam on Friday, 18th October 2019 and SAP Inside Track Munich on Saturday 19th October 2019.




Like the years before, this year an SAP Inside Track will take place here in Munich.

  The conference will take place on Saturday, 19 October 2019 .
On  Friday, 18  October 2019 we will have an evening Event the location is still to be defined.

  This is a great opportunity to spend the weekend in this wonderful city. Like at other SAP Inside Track events, you will be able to connect with your peers, learn from each other, share experiences and be inspired by great talks.

The conference language will be Bavarian – just kidding. We hope to attract some international audience and chose English.


If you're interested in last year's SAP Inside Track in Munich you can find it here:


Saturday, 19 October 2019 from 09:00 to 17:30 -  SAP Inside Track Event


The SAP Inside Track will take place at a different location this year!

IBM Client Innovation Center Germany GmbH
Hollerithstraße 1
81829 München

If you're looking for the cheapest public transport ticket for the whole weekend please have a look at the official MVV (Munich public transport association) website: Multiple-Days-Ticket-Offering

Hotel Suggestions


Pre-Conference event location

Friday 18 October 2019 18:00

The "pre-conference event" will take place at TBD.

After-Conference event location

Saturday 19 October 2019 19:00

The "after-conference event location" is the steak restaurant KvR - Kapitales vom Rind- like the years before. 
Please have a closer look on this subpage: tbd



Topic + Link to Slides
Link to Video
09:0009:1500:15Welcome & Introduction  


18:1518:3000:15Wrap-upAndrea, Damir, Gregor, Sebastian 


The sessions are what an SAP Inside Track event is all about. Come and take the stage or our marketplace and share your experiences, knowledge, and passion. Talk about something that interests you, something you have done recently, your SAP TechEd experiences and ignite a two-way discussion that benefits all participants.

Please enter your session proposals below, and nearer the time, we will organize them into appropriate time slots.

This year we’ll have a classic lecture part. So if you want to do a lecture for about 30 minutes then the table below is best for you:




Additional Information
Classical Talk (T) or Marketplace Session (M)
Consume UI5 Web Apps from the HTML Application RepositoryWhile the development of the OpenUI5 technology advances with incredible speed, one thing remained almost constant for a very while time: The deployment flow of the web app to the Cloud Foundry environment. For years, we embedded the minified UI project as a static resource in the Approuter module. While this approach works our fine in simple scenarios, it might reach its limits when the application needs to scale. In this session, I will explain the disadvantages of the old approach and how to overcome them with the HTML5 Application Repository service.SAPUI5, SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry, Application RuntimeMarius ObertI could also shift to focus a little bit to Reach and the UI5 web components if the audience is more interested in thisT 
Using SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory and Open Source Kyma to extend SAP C/4HANACustomers and partners of SAP C/4HANA got access to the so-called SAP C/4HANA Foundation in May 2019. It includes as well the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory which provides a cloud-native way of extending SAP C/4HANA Applications. Learn about the joint vision of SAP CP XF to become the "cloud-native extensibility framework for the Intelligent Enterprise" and see Open Source Kyma live in action to extend SAP C/4HANA.C/4HANA, Kyma Open Source, SAP Cloud Platform Extension FactoryMarco Dorn T 
Side-by-Side Extensibility with Microsoft AzureOne option in the extensibility universe of SAP is the side-by-side extensibility. Usually, this is seen in close relation to the SAP Cloud Platform. In this talk, I want to show a small prototype on how to leverage the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure in combination with an SAP Business Suite backend to achieve a side-by-side extension. This is accompanied by a short introduction of the serverless paradigm used in the prototype. To grow some desire for making your hands dirty with Azure function as the central part of the prototype I will show how easy it is to set up Azure functions locally. Side-by-Side Extensibility, Microsoft, Serverless, FunctionsChristian Lechner-T 
The Competitive Advantage of Cooperation - Why Nice Guys (should) Finish First

Social Darwinism is widely considered a toxic term these days, and it is so for very good reasons. But there are observations from evolution that we can learn from and benefit for our teams, communities or even society. Richard Dawkins, one of the most renowned contemporary advocates of Darwinism and Evolutionary Biology, has dedicated a BBC documentary and a chapter in his first book "The Selfish Gene" to the subject.

This session is about the benefits of and prerequisites for cooperative behavior, the answer to "who are the fittest?" in "Survival of the Fittest", the ratio of effort and gain in competition, the characteristics of non-zero-sum games ("win-win-situation") and the role of diversity therein.

Cooperation, Evolution, Survival, Selfishness, Altruism, Darwinism Volker Stöffler

This is a non-technical presentation based upon texts published by Robert Axelrod and Richard Dawkins. Axelrod provides a mathematical foundation for Dawkins' conclusions using game theory.

Book links:
The Evolution of Cooperation
The Selfish Gene
(German) Die Evolution der Kooperation
(German) Das egoistische Gen

BBC documentary "Nice Guys Finish First":

Windows, Cubes & Rollups: OLAP Extensions in SQLA core component in Business Intelligence is Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). It is based upon the aggregation of (usually many) rows to a (usually much smaller) result set. The SQL Standard contains some fundamental capabilities (MIN, MAX, AVG, SUM, ... functions, GROUP BY, HAVING) and more advanced functionality is usually provided by applications. But there is an extension to SQL, implemented in SAP products HANA, IQ and SQL Anywhere, which brings more powerful functionality into SQL and the database server itself. With more analytic capabilities closer to the data, there is potential for improvement, especially when dealing with extreme numbers of data rows aka Big Data. Here, I'll introduce basics and principles of these SQL extensions.OLAP, SQL, Database, Analytics, Database Server, Business Intelligence Volker Stöffler  T 
SAP Cloud Application Programming Model - Jumpstart into Cloud DevelopmentCloud Native Development isn’t a no brainer. There are various languages and tools you can choose from, but it doesn’t necessarily make your life easier. The SAP Cloud Application Programming (CAP) Model is supposed to ease application development in the SAP ecosphere rapidly. An introduction into the concept of CAP with less slides, more live coding.SAP Cloud Platform, Node.js, Java, OData, Cloud FoundryMax Streifeneder  T 
Community Driven EventsAn overview about community driven events as well as the sitCOUNCIL and the ressources.

SAP Inside Track

SAP Stammtisch


Svea Becker


length approx. 10 minT 
SAP Community: Engagement at its best

Everyone is somehow involved in a community e.g. a sports club, neighborhood, a fan club, etc. Why are you part of these communities? The SAP Community offers a wide range of involvement and engagement opportunities. What are the similarities to your private communities? Join this session and find out what the SAP Community is, how to get part of it and how to actively contribute. After all, bringing people together, is what community is all about.

SAP Community

live demo

Svea Becker


Core Dev Skills: How to become better in becoming betterI will share my experience form Eskalation Projects and especially as an agile Software Engineering CoachSoftware Developer

Damir Majer




stay tuned...

List of Attendees - TBD

Cookie / Cake Angels

Bringing some cookies or cakes for the afternoon coffee



MuffinsDamir Majer
Mohrenköpfe (regional hergestellt)Svea Becker


helping us to hold this event



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Moderation / Speaker SupportAndrea Taylor / Gregor Wolf
TimekeepingKai Holert ?
Live StreamingDouglas
Event Video (Record impressions, interviews, Cut Video, Publish)Gregor Wolf
Event PhotosPeter Janze
Time Shutter VideoN/A




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