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Thank you to our sponsors SAP and SAP Press

Attendees will be entered for a drawing for FREE SAP Press eBook.

Date: June 28th, 2013
Location: New York City

Address: 95 Morton St. New York, NY 10014, Liberty Room (Suite 200)


Register at

Check out last year's recordings here:

Twitter hashtag: SITNYC

Continental coffee / lunch with sandwiches / salads will be provided.

Agenda (East Coast Times) Online PDF Version




Presentation Link



Registration Opens



Derek Loranca

Welcome to SITNYC2013!



Tammy Powlas

Ramp-up and customer validation experiences with BI4.1


Paul Aschmann

Gateway is a useful middleware platform for developing mobile and lightweight solutions which consume SAP system data and processes. In this session, we will walk through the development of a iPad application which pushes and pulls data from an SAP ECC backend to a mobile device. We will take a look at the software development life cycle (SDLC) behind building a app in general, and take it through each phase to produce the final running result


John Astill

I use SAP developer tools from why don't you?-  SAP provides free developer editions of HANA, SUP, UI5, Gateway, HANA Cloud (Neo) and many other tools. See how the tools were used to win the Sapphire 2013 App Rumble and also by 3 middle schoolers that showed SAP tools are not just for adults. Without the use of PPT we'll create a mobile app together that uses SAP Mobile Platform, HANA and if I don't talk too much UI5.



Lunch Break


1:00 pm

Marilyn Pratt

SCN gamification/’Fail Faire’ Ideation/SCN Update

2:00 pm

Greg Misiorek

Z. or How to Game a System or Two

3:00 pm

Peter McNulty

When Big Data and Processes need to work together- Big data is a new trend that cannot be ignored. It is here with us and here to stay. The first organizations to leverage this trend will be the first to see the benefits and drive innovation faster. SAP has introduced a new solution called SAP Operational Process Intelligence that allows creating event drive observations processes for business owners to have visibility on top of their business processes. This HANA application will leverage HANA’s high performance but more importantly it will allow creating the awareness that your business needs at the right level of abstraction IN REAL TIME!


David Parker

Sybase ESP - Sybase Event Stream Processor enables you to create and run your own complex event processing applications to derive continuous intelligence from streaming event data in real time. Learn how Sybase ESP is enabling HANA to provide Real Time Analytics with Big Data

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