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Event Details 

Join us at SAP America HQ for the first SAP Inside Track on the east coast. Come to learn and share your knowledge with your peers as well as make a few friends.  Inside Tracks have been very successful in other parts of the world, including Europe, Australia, and South America, so this event should be no exception.  There will be a full day of breakout sessions, as well as a networking evening event. 

  • Where:  Building 1 3999 West Chester Pike Newtown Square, PA 19073.   
  • When: Friday June 25th 2010
  • Time: 8:00am - 8pm  including an evening event.
  • How/What: Community provided sessions from passionate SCN members. 
  • Cost:  Free. 
  • Participation: Max 100 participants locally.

Check out the SCN Community Day Blogs category.
Follow @SAPInsideTrack on Twitter  Hashtag: #sapitnsq
Check out the pictures of the event Marilyn's Flickr slide show  Craig's Flickr slide show
NSQ Video Snippets

Remote Participation via SAPConnect

We will be broadcasting all sessions via SAPConnect Session Rooms. Simply click the appropriate links below at the appropriate times, and you're in.


SAPConnect Link

Breakout Session Room 1  

Breakout Session Room 2

Breakout Session Room 3


Event Schedule




Breakout Session Room 1
Demo Room E

Breakout Session Room 2
Liberty Bell

Breakout Session Room 3
Independence Hall


Continental Breakfast







Welcome & Introduction







IT101 -  Building Agile Business Processes with Business Rules - Peter McNulty
Watch Recording

IT201 - Open Innovation at SAP - Craig Cmehil
Watch Recording

IT301What does SAP certification mean to you and your company - Jon Reed and Leonardo De Araujo
Watch Recording




IT102 - New Features in ABAP - Rich Heilman
Watch Recording

IT202Working the Crowd - Jim Spath
Watch Recording

IT302 - Leveraging SAP Crystal Presentation Design(Formerly Xcelsius) - Manoj Vig
Watch Recording




IT103 -  Step-by-step procedure to create Business Classes in OO ABAP - Leonardo De Araujo & Alvaro Tejada
Watch Recording

IT203 -  SAP Career Strategies - Jon Reed
Watch Recording

IT303 -  Business Objects 101 for SAP Experts - Greg Myers
Watch Recording










Mid-Day Feedback Session






IT104 -  What's new in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.2 - Peter McNulty
Watch Recording

IT204 -  Lessons learnt from Live Implementation of SAP inbuilt Role Based Audit Feature - Bhavesh Bhagat
(Recording not available at this time due to a technical problem. We are trying to fix this.)

IT304 -  Sybase Mobility for SAP - Vijay Garg
Watch Recording




IT105 -  What's New in Web Dynpro ABAP 7.02 - Thomas Jung presented remotely from Walldorf
Watch Recording  Note: IT105 & IT106 are both in same recording

IT205 -  ASUG (and Worldwide) Workflow Survey Results - Tammy Powlas
Watch Recording

IT305 - Universe Design in a VLDB Environment - Derek Loranca
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IT106 -  Real World Best Practices for Web Dynpro ABAP Development - Thomas Jung presented remotely from Walldorf
Watch Recording  Note: IT105 & IT106 are both in same recording

IT206Knowledge Exploitation - Getting what you want when you want it - Marilyn Pratt, Trevor Carlow, and Christine Merten 
 Watch Recording

IT306 - Successful ChaRM implementation in a validated environment - Ajay Vonkarey
Watch Recording




IT107 - Bw Upgrades - David Quigley
Watch Recording

IT207 - Expert tips, Advanced features for using Netweaver BEx Broadcaster - Jeevan Ravindran
Watch Recording

IT307 - Strategies for Rule Management in Access Control RAR 5.3 - Darshan Shah
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Evening Event Reception





 Session Abstracts

Session ID




Peter McNulty

Building Agile Business Processes with Business Rules:
SAP NetWeaver enables organizations to manage business rules for decision automation. Learn how business users participate in and control rule definition and change, while business process experts model, validate, deploy, update, and archive business rules throughout their life cycle. Watch demos in ABAP-based BRFplus (Business Rule Framework plus) as well as SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management (SAP NetWeaver BRM) with your composite applications


Rich Heilman

New Features in ABAP:  Discover the transparent infrastructure improvements, new facets of existing features, brand new features, and newly improved tools,  available with NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 2.


Leonardo De Araujo
& Alvaro Tejada

Step-by-step procedure to create Business Classes in OO ABAP: After having presented sessions on why Business Classes are important, reduce TCO and having also presenting a set of development standards, this session will focus on the step by step procedure to create them in the system. We will also be able to play with them to better understand how it works and the Exception classes concepts.


Peter McNulty

What's new in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.2?
SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.20 is the latest release of SAP's Java environment enabling business process extensions on top of SAP's business applications through composition. Latest enhancements in Composition Environment focus around Business Process Management, Business Rules Management and overall improved Java developer productivity. In this session we will provide an overview of latest enhancements to SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.2 and highlight prominent features to give an overview both to IT decision makers and developers at one glance.


Thomas Jung

What's New in Web Dynpro ABAP 7.02:
Web Dynpro ABAP has seen numerous enhancements since its launch with SAP NetWeaver 7.0. This lecture focuses in particular on recent changes via SAP NetWeaver enhancement packages in the development infrastructure and the UI design. Topics will include "drag & drop," Islands, asynchronous value suggestion, Form Layout, new and enhanced UI elements, and Local Page Builder/CHIPs.  **Will present remotely


Thomas Jung

Real World Best Practices for Web Dynpro ABAP Development:
This session will present best practice suggestions and examples for building "real-world" Web Dynpro ABAP applications. We will discuss the best way to structure large scale applications in relation to topics such as using Floorplan Manager, comparing cross component context binding and shared assistance class, working with large amounts of data, and gaining tips and tricks for certain UI elements. We will also look at performance optimization and the trace tools that can be used in the Web Dynpro ABAP environment. **Will present remotely


David Quigley

BW Upgrades: Many companies are now upgrading to use the latest features and technologies that customers and users are asking for. Some are driven by business requirements or to be in compliance with new rules and regulations. This session provides a step-by-step approach to help you perform a successful upgrade from an exclusively ABAP-based SAP BW environment to an SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 system that includes both ABAP and Java. Learn how to migrate established data flows and queries. Identify important source system preparation tasks that must occur before beginning the actual upgrade. Step through the prerequisite checks required for your RDBMS and SAP systems. Gain insight into backups, checks, and adjustments and other post-upgrade tasks you may encounter. Explore the requirements and steps for installing the Java Add-In once the ABAP environment upgrade is complete.


Craig Cmehil

Open Innovation at SAP: A look at how SAP is working around the topics of Innovation, how we are approaching customers and partners to determine future trends and how our own strategies are being influenced by what we are seeing in the market with and around our own technologies.


Jim Spath

Working the Crowd
Best practices in social networking tools for fun and profit.  How to manage your time, leverage your investments, and prove your worth, from ASUG.COM to SCN to a zillion other sites vying for your time.


Jon Reed

SAP Career Strategies: Finding Your Sweet Spot (and Avoiding Skills Commoditization)
SAP skills are a constantly moving target. New product areas emerge, threatening to overtake existing skills. "Commodization" in the form
of global sourcing changes the game, forcing us to take pro-active steps to avoid flattened rates and decreased demand. In this
interactive, "no slides" discussion, SAP Mentor Jon Reed will address the career planning questions you bring. He'll also share his views
on building an SAP career strategy, the role of "social networks," the relevance of certification, and the impact of community on
careers and skills development.


Bhavesh Bhagat

Lessons learnt from Live Implementation of SAP inbuilt Role Based Audit Feature: Know How to conduct technical assurance audits using Robust features within your existing SAP ERP implementation? Session offers expert, undocumented tips for leveraging key reports and controls to gain both transparency and the necessary evidence trail to perform rigorous system and business process audits.Empower your internal audit and business controls teams to focus on the right areas without getting lost in technical layers of information. Identify and take advantage of underutilized features, such as lesser-known Basis reports and audit logging functionality. Walk away from this session with a comprehensive list of SAP security and audit roles needed to ensure success in any technical audit.


Tammy Powlas

ASUG (and Worldwide) Workflow Survey Results:
The ASUG Workflow and Business Process Management SIG conducted a world-wide survey on SAP Workflow. This presentation will review results of the 2010 International User Groups - SAP Business Workflow Survey. See how the trends and responses can help you with your workflow work today.


Marilyn Pratt, Trevor Carlow & Christine Merten

Knowledge Exploitation - Getting what you want when you want it.
Join us for an open discussion about findability and search on the SCN site. We'll talk about the basics of metadata and taxonomies and how they relate to search, as well as give a sneak peek at the new search application we've been working on


Jeevan Ravindran

Expert tips, Advanced features, custom techniques, and scheduling options for using Netweaver BEx Broadcaster:
Get to know utility programs and transaction codes that can simplify administration of BEx Information Broadcasting. Garner ideas to design a tool that automates mass broadcasts to multiple departments, plants, or other large groups without the need to manually launch the distribution every day, week, or month. Find out how to use advanced features such as characteristic based recipient determination, exception based broadcasting and multi-channel broadcasting. Examine the benefits and tradeoffs of time-point based broadcasting, process chain-based broadcasting, and direct schedule based broadcasting. Pinpoint the relevant security objects that can be used to grant the right level of user access to reports


Jon Reed & Leonardo De Araujo

What does SAP certification mean to you and your company? What would you like it to mean? During this interactive, slide-free discussion,
Jon Reed and Leonardo De Araujo, two members of the "Certification Five," will share their efforts to engage in dialogue with SAP around
the improvement of SAP certification. Jon and Leo will also speak to the theme of community-organized projects, and what the group has
learned about community project methodology through the ups and downs of their work to date.


Manoj Vig

Leveraging SAP Crystal Presentation (formerly Xcelsius) to create performance dashboards
Learn how SAP Crystal Presentation can be used with various other technologies within and outside of SAP product portfolio to create meaningful performance metrics and dashboards.


Greg Myers

Business Objects 101 for SAP Experts. A light-hearted overview of what BOBJ is, what it does, and it's major components for those not familiar with the product suite. Customer perspective.


Vijay Garg

Sybase Mobility Solutions for SAP:    This session will provide overview of currently available solutions, Architecture/Landscape details for this solution, Live Demo of some of the applications. Also will be able to provide details of Development/Customization options required for these solutions.


Derek Loranca

Universe Design in a VLDB Environment. Tips, tricks, and case studies in designing universes against very large databases(VLDB)


Ajay Vonkarey

Successful ChaRM implementation in a validated environment:   Learn how a pharmaceutical company enhanced their Change Management process in a validated environment by eliminating manual processes and implementing Solution Manager ChaRM. Understand how detail processes were adapted for Normal, Urgent and GxP changes. Find out how ChaRM helped SAP COE and business teams by providing comprehensive change and traceability information and enabled them to focus on innovation rather than support. Get a peek into new and additional functions the customer is planning to implement to enhance and optimize their SAP Solution. Get a comprehensive look on the vision, strategy and experiences of SAP COE at the customer for enabling Solution Manager.


Darshan Shah

Strategies for Rule Management in Access Control RAR 5.3: Come to this session to learn the techniques for Rules Management in GRC Access Control Tool Risk Analysis & Remediation (RAR) v5.3. Get to know the Techniques to refine your Rules - Change Management Mechanism, loose Change Management Mechanism of these Java Based tools makes it hard to manage. Learn how to build your GRC Landscape for better Rules Management & Understand Risk -> Function -> Action Concept which is the Core of RAR 5.3 Rules. How to build & Manage Offline Tracking of Rules to compliment your RAR Rules. Take home key tips & technique to maintain your Rule set in RAR & Workflow design for Rules Management.


Directions to the campus:

FROM I-95 SOUTH (From the Philadelphia Airport):
Take I-95 South to Rte 476 North.
Take 476 North to exit 9 (Upper Darby/Broomall).
Turn Left onto Rte 3 West (West Chester Pike).
Follow Route 3 West for approximately 4 miles.
SAP's entrance will be on the right approximately 0.7 miles past the intersection of Rte. 252 and Rt. 3.

Take I-95 North to Rte 476 North.
Take 476 North to exit 9 (Upper Darby/Broomall).
Turn Left onto Rte 3 West (West Chester Pike).
Follow Route 3 West for approximately 4 miles. SAP's entrance will be on the right approximately 0.7 miles past the intersection of Rte. 252 and Rte. 3.

Take Exit 333 (Norristown) to Rte 476 East.
Take 476 South to exit 9 (Upper Darby/Broomall).
Turn right onto Rte 3 West (West Chester Pike).
Follow Rte 3 West for approximately 4 miles.
SAP's entrance will be on the right approximately 0.7 miles past the intersection of Rte 252 and Rte 3.

Directions once on campus:

1) Enter the campus from Route 3.
2) Continue passed security following the road around the bend.
3) Enter the parking garage on the left as shown on the map and park on any level.
4) Exit the parking garage and proceed to NSQ-1 as shown on the map.
5) Once inside, check in at the front desk to receive your badge and further instructions.

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