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SAP Inside Track Palo Alto 2009

Update: We have our own SAP Inside Track Palo Alto Event Page now please register there.

New: Ride Sharing page. Would be so cool if rides where shared with a fellow participant.

Let's get together for a day of unconference style sessions at the SAP Campus in Palo Alto. It is like a local Community Day/Hacker's Night/Process Jam.
Update: Blog post introducing SAP Inside Track Palo Alto

Some of you may remember that before there was Community Day, there was SDN Day and before SDN Day there was SDN meets Labs here in Palo Alto as well as Walldorf.

SAP TechEd isn't happening for many months, let us SAP Developers and community members from Silicon Valley and beyond come together for a day of hacking and collaboration fun around your favorite SAP themes. Depending on interest and participation some BOBJ and  BPX sessions will happen too.

  • Where 3410 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto Co-Innovation Lab and Southern Cross
  • When Friday May 29th 2009.
  • Time All day, including some evening refreshments. (pub meet the evening before?)
  • How/What Similar to what we do at Community Day / Hacker's Night during TechEd. 

How much is it? 

Free, you will even be fed including evening refreshments. Plan accordingly.

I will participate:

Max 100 participants locally:

We have our own SAP Inside Track Palo Alto Event Page now please register there. Same with sessions please suggest it here

Please add your session suggestion to the following list. Including a one line explanation and a link to a separate page with more detailed information. Also add you name to all the sessions that you are interested in participating.

Wish List

Don't see much that you fancy? Interested in something else? Add your suggestions below and if there is enough interest and someone is willing to host/facilitate then your wish may be granted. Or if someone else has made a suggestion you like, cast your vote by adding your name to the "Me too!" list (Don't be shy, this is the only way to gauge level of interest!).
If you are willing to host/facilitate a requested session, add your name under 'Host' - or move it up to 'Sessions' if there is enough interest.



Suggested by


Me too!



BusinessObjects and SAP NetWeaver - need to come up with something interesting.. anyone have ideas?  Perhaps something interesting with BusinessObjects Labs products. 

Tanner Spaulding



Tanner Spaulding



















More information will come as blogs:
Community Day Blogs