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Join us at SAP office for the fourth annual SAP Inside Track in Sao Paulo on October 7th, 2011. Come to learn and share your knowledge with your peers as well as make a few friends in an informal atmosphere. Inside Tracks have been very successful in other parts of the world, including Europe, Australia, and North America, so this event should be no exception.

Every year dozens of people participate in to the SAP Inside Track in Sao Paulo, thus, we invite you to participate and help us to do another great event.  Don't forget to invite your colleagues.

Join us for a day of breakout sessions

Share your expertise

Meet old friends and make new ones

Enjoy the Networking evening with some friends

Event Photos

Links to SAP Inside Track São Paulo 2011 photo albums:

- - by Marcelo Ramos

- - by Fábio Pagoti

Demo Break

Bring your piece of innovation or success story and present it in a live demo during the afternoon break! This a new and interactive idea that will allow you to show your work and get instant feedback from the community. Please write to us with your idea.
Demo Pod #02 - Mauricio Cruz - Zombie Attack an ABAP Retro Game!
Demo Pod #02 - Fábio Pagoti- 1st ABAP Championship!!
Demo Pod #03 - Marlo Simon - HTML5 Mobile Reports from Gateway RESTFul Services (on iPad)

Date and Location

  • Where:  SAP - Av. das Nações Unidas, 14.171 - 7º andar (Entrada pela Av. Chucri Zaidan, em frente ao Shopping Morumbi)
  • When:  Friday - October 7th, 2011
  • Time: 8:00am - 6:00pm.
  • How/What: Community provided sessions from SAP Experts and passionate SCN members. 
  • Cost:  Free. 
  • Participation: Max 100 participants locally.

For more info: 

Check out the SCN Community Day Blogs Category.

Twitter hashtags : #sitsp or #sapinsidetracksaopaulo
Follows us on Twitter: @sapinsidetrack and @sitbrazil
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Virtual Connect Session:

Room 1:

Room 2:

For more information send an email to

Event Schedule

* Time Zone GMT -3



SDN Room 

BPX Room


Welcome Cofee





Inside Track Keynote

Inside Track Keynote



Marcelo Ramos - ABAP OO

Ivan Mirisola - Mobile Business Objects (SUP)



Mauricio Cruz -  Usabilidade em ABAP

Henrique Pinto - SAP NFE 10.0



Bruno Lucattelli - <DYNAMIC> ABAP

Raquel Cunha - Solution Manager 7.1 - ChaRM







Henrique Pinto - HANA

Tobias Hofmann - SAP Portal Themes


Demo Break





Ronildo Santos -  SAP NW Gateway




Marlo Simon - Native vs. HTML5 Apps



Network evening




Replay Link





Marlo Simon
Marcelo Ramos
Fabio Fernandes

Inside Track Keynote
O Novo SAP Community Network – Compreendendo o Valor da Comunidade


Marcelo Ramos


Desenvolvendo Aplicações em ABAP, usando conceitos de Orientação a Objetos


Henrique Pinto


Automação de recebimento de NF-es com o SAP NFE 10.0


 Henrique Pinto


HANA - Overview, Arquitetura e o que esperar do SPS3


Tobias Hofmann


SAP Portal Signature Theme


Marlo Simon


Native vs. HTML5 Apps – O Potencial do Desenvolvimento Cross-Platforma


Ivan Mirisola


Mobile Business Objects Modeling for Synchronized Mobile Applications


Mauricio Cruz


Usabilidade em programas ABAP - A importância de pensarmos no Design dos programas ABAP, e o quanto isso pode ser decisivo para o sucesso de um projeto.


Bruno Lucattelli

<DYNAMIC> - ABAP. Como o desenvolvimento dinâmico em ABAP me rendeu tempo, histórias e várias soluções que você vai levar pra casa.


Ronildo Santos


Gateway - Overview e Live Demo


Raquel Cunha

SAP Solution Manager 7.1 ChaRM - Change Control Management

List of Hotels near SAP Office in Sao Paulo

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