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25th March 2012

The seventh Australian SAP Inside Track (formerly known as SDN Community Day) is a not-to-be-missed event for all SAP Community members down-under.

The session is a kick-start for the 2012 Mastering SAP Technologies conference but is open to all - whether you are attending the conference or not.


  • Date: Sunday, 25th March 2012
  • Time: 13:00 until 16:00. Informal meet-ups and networking continue afterwards - and don't forget Demo Jam starts at 18:30
  • Location: Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel, 61-101 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000
  • Sessions: 3 to 4 parallel sessions
  • Cost: No cost - open to all SAP Community Network members
  • Twitter hashtag #SITSYD

Special Guests

We are honoured to have some key SAP Community Network senior executives as special guests at SAP Inside Track Sydney this year. Mark Yolton, SVP of SAP Communities & Social Media, and Chip Rodgers, VP and COO of SAP Community Network & Ecosystem Events, will be in Sydney for Inside Track and Mastering SAP Technologies. Both Mark and Chip are very excited to meet as many of the Australian and New Zealand members of the SAP Community Network as possible during their visit. With the recent launch of the new SCN platform they are keen to hear our feedback and take back any ideas we have for improvement. They are also very keen to hear from us our thoughts about the growth and future of SCN.

And as a special treat we will also have the pleasure of the company of the enterprise software curmudgeon himself - Dennis Howlett. Dennis is especially keen to engage with independent developers and ISVs. He is keen to hear what you want and need from SAP to help you add value to the SAP ecosystem. 10 minutes with Dennis is unforgettable - several hours could be extreme overload. ;)

Attendee list

Please add your details if you are intending to come - if you don't know how to do this just contact Graham Robbo and he will do it for you. (Photos and twitter handles are very much optional - just your name is fine)



Twitter ID




Twitter ID

Graham Robinson



Tony de Thomasis


Matt Harding



Thomas Jung


John Moy



Nigel James


Martin English



Alisdair Templeton


Chris Paine



Simon Kemp



Neil Gardiner



Doug Hay


Sophie Sipsma



Gregor Wolf


Sasha Wenninger



Paul Kurchina



Claus Andreasen



Marek Kowalkiewicz



Peter Chapman



Paul Hawking


John Patterson




Jason Mahon


Richard Spinks




Joshua Fletcher



Gráinne Quinn




Mark Pyc


Glen Simpson




Sven Wagner-Boysen



Raj Govender




Marcus Roy


Atul Patel




Brett Quinlan


Your session contribution

Your session contribution is at the core of SAP Inside Track. So if you think about hosting a session, please let us know by submitting your session idea to the wiki page or emailing to Graham Robinson.

It doesn't have to be a well prepared classroom-style PowerPoint presentation. In fact we would prefer it if it is a more open, improvised and collaborative discussion session to draw out the ideas and experiences of others. We usually collect all submissions and then run the ones that the audience show a preference for on the day.


BOF Topic





Share experiences, opinions and knowledge on mobile enablement options for SAP.  Particularly welcome early adopters of SUP / Gateway and to hear their experiences with these.  What alternatives are being used or considered?  What real-life challenges are being experienced in the field?  What are the experiences of implementers with mobile device management solutions such as Afaria?  Here is an opportunity to take a barometer to SAP mobility implementations and strategies in the local region.

John Moy



At the time of writing (December 2011) I have just started a HANA implementation.  The application is the subject of a presentation during MasteringSAP itself, but if anyone wants to listen, I'm willing to talk about implementation and support (i.e. the BASIS side of things).

Martin English



With the Customer Connection Initiative SAP provides now a structured way to roll-in small to medium sized improvements. The German-speaking SAP User Group DSAG was involved in the fist Cycles. Now the Cycle 3 for SAP CRM was started. I will give an overview how you can engage via SAP Idea Place and how to find the provided improvements at

Gregor Wolf





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