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SAP Inside Track Day   " SAP and GIS - Bringing Locational Intelligence to SAP "

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (ET)

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Event Description

Geospatial data, visualization and analysis are among the top focus areas of SAP customers.  This workshop will show how geographic data and analytics are used to enhance or extend SAP solutions for asset-intensive industries. The major touch points and benefits for integration with SAP will be covered including:  Enterprise Asset Management, Project System, Mobile, Real Estate, CRM, Environmental Health and Safety,and Business Intelligence.

We will also discuss and demonstrate the new geospatial technologies and how they are being used to bring location and business data together within SAP solutions.  To put it all in an actionable context, we will discuss the current landscape of options for bringing geospatial data, visualization and analysis to your SAP applications and take a look over the horizon to see where things may be in three to five years and beyond.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to hear directly from SAP and the vendors who have been integrating with SAP solutions around the topic of geospatial enablement of SAP.  It is targeted at SAP customers who are interested in learning how to leverage geospatial data and analysis to increase their ROI and bottom line as well as give them a layman's view of the technologies and options available today to bring these benefits to their organizations.

The format is a combination of presentations, case studies, and demonstrations by SAP, Esri and other partners.


- GIS and SAP in the Enterprise Today
- Geographical enablement of SAP with GEO.e  
- Next Generation Situational Awareness using Business Intelligence and GIS
- APOS Location Intelligence
- Mobility
- Esri - SAP Integration Technologies and Approaches

Session Detail Descriptions and Speakers

GIS and SAP in the Enterprise Today - Steve Benner ( Esri )
This session covers the major industries that are integrating GIS with SAP today and the most common SAP applications being extended with Esri's GIS platform.  We'll take a deeper dive into the most common application touch point - Enterprise Asset Management - including the business processes typically supported and the most common use cases. Finally we'll discuss the main benefits customers are experiencing by bringing these two systems together in the enterprise.

Geographical enablement of SAP with GEO.e   Uwe Fanselow (SAP) and Stephan Albrecht (SAP)

In this session you will:
- Learn, how your business processes are affected by geographical information and how the could geo-enabled
- Understand, how GEO.e generates significant added value in your daily business
- See, how the integration between ESRI and SAP works (live demo"
Next Generation Situational Awareness using Business Intelligence and GIS

Enterprises are looking to expand their investments in SAP ECC, Asset Management systems and Real time systems to better manage their risks from asset & business process breakdowns. Business Intelligence combined with real time intelligence help operators and mission controllers to use GIS systems for enhanced Situational Awareness. Real time feeds from SCADA systems combined with environmental events help to assess risks and liability issues stemming from lack of operational oversight.  
This workshop will show how geographic data and analytics are used to enhance or extend SAP solutions for asset-intensive industries such as Oil & Gas and Utilities. The major touch points and benefits for integration with SAP will be covered including:  Enterprise Asset Management, Project System, Mobile, Real Estate, CRM, Environmental Health and Safety, and Business Intelligence. You will also see examples of how utility companies are using GIS and Risk Analytics, along with Enterprise Asset Management functions within SAP. Learn how enterprises are extending their big data strategies to include GIS based spatial analytics for processing vast amounts of data and converting them into actionable intelligence. Advancements in the field of in-memory analytics using SAP’s HANA technology have helped spatial information processing to be executed at the “speed of thought”. Finally, you will see a demo of how a customer uses advanced analytics for improved reliability across his asset portfolio.

APOS Location Intelligence : GIS + BI = LI

The reach and impact of industry leading business intelligence solutions has never been higher, with BI decision and analysis content being utilized in all areas of today’s organizations.  However, the lack of geospatial context in this BI content often leaves a significant gap of understanding for many decision processes in the Oil & Gas and Utilities industries.   This session will introduce the key concepts of the APOS Location Intelligence Solution and its capabilities for bi-directional integration between the ESRI GIS platform and the SAP BusinessObjects platform, integrating a broad range of SAP and non-SAP data sources.  Discussion will be given to the range of SAP BI content integration points, and the enhanced analysis capabilities available for both map centric and business intelligence centric users.  This session will also include demonstration of Oil & Gas and Utilities industry focused workflows.

Mobility - Steve Benner ( Esri) and Kim Obermair (SAP)

This session begins with an example of how a specific customer has integrated Esri and SAP mobile technologies for work management in the field.  We will then discuss how new mobile devices and technologies are rapidly changing the way we work.  Esri's mobile product suite and functionality will be discussed with an eye toward a future of intelligent web maps accessible from any device including ruggedized PCs, Smartphone's and Tablets.  We will also discuss the past, present and future of SAP's mobile solutions with a focus on the platform, applications and strategy around SAP's recent Sybase acquisition the associated Afaria and Sybase Unwired Platform technologies for building and deploying mobile applications across the enterprise.

Esri - SAP Integration Technologies and Approaches

This discusses the main functions of a GIS at a conceptual level how it is generally linked to SAP.  We will cover the main integration objects within SAP that are being linked to GIS map features, the most common integration technologies being used, and the evolving role of GIS within an SAP enterprise environment.   The general integration approach will be discussed including business process modeling, data modeling, and technical integration.  Finally we'll discuss what is often the most difficult aspect of any integration project - the human side of bringing together these two disparate organizational cultures.


Paul Kurchina, Connector, Analyst and Community Catalyst in the SAP Ecosystem

Having spent the past twenty years improving business operations in SAP and other industry technologies, Paul now focuses on the role of The Connector, as Malcolm Gladwell defines it in The Tipping Point, as " people in a community who know large numbers of people and who are in the habit of making introductions ". Taking a broad view of the overall industry and using a large network of stakeholders, Paul proactively seeks to bring people together who will benefit from sharing their mutual experiences and business know-how. He also plays the role of Industry Analyst, keeping track of developments in existing and new technologies used to improve the business performance of corporations. Paul is also a SAP Mentor for the SAP Community Network (

Steve Benner, SAP Alliance Manager, Esri

Steve has been with ESRI, the world leader in Geographic Information Systems(GIS), for over 20 years in various roles including operations, alliance management, marketing, and sales. He has managed all activities with SAP as a partner since 1999. He has a broad understanding of both GIS and SAP applications and technologies and has been involved in both project and product development activities between the two companies and with customers. He is a frequent speaker at both SAP and GIS events and has written a number of articles and use cases on GIS integration with SAP.

Uwe Fanselow, SAP Consulting Manager Services EMEA Oil&Gas, Metals&Mining

Stephan Alrecht, SAP Principal Consultant Real Estate Stephan Albrecht   

Krishna Kumar, CTO, Space-Time Insight
As Founder and CTO of Space-Time Insight, Krishna Kumar leads vision and strategy for the Space-Time Insight suite of products. He pioneered the innovation behind Space-Time Insight’s Space-Time Awareness Server (STAS) that analyzes, correlates, and geospatially visualizes data from multiple data sources and enables initiation of preventive action from a geospatial screen. He is regarded by leading energy companies as a thought leader in real-time, situational intelligence and high-context visualization of geospatial analytics. Krishna is a popular speaker at tradeshows and conferences worldwide. He has been recognized by leading organizations for his vision and innovative spirit. As a proponent of green initiatives, he has stimulated thinking on energy reliability, balancing renewable and conventional energy resources and sustainability in the supply chain. Krishna formerly led the SAP practice at Ness Technologies, one of the largest SAP implementation companies in Israel. In this role, he was responsible for the technology roadmap and business generation for the high, growth SAP practice. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of e-Commerce solutions at Intelligroup. Krishna also contributes time to non-profit organizations that wish to use geospatial visual analytics to help solve deep rooted social issues like human trafficking, world poverty and the spread of disease.

Allan Pym, Chief Operating Officer, APOS
As Chief Operating Officer, Allan is responsible for all revenue and business development aspects of the company, including sales and account management, business development, solution consulting, marketing/communications, channels and partnerships. Allan joined APOS in 1998. He holds a degree in Psychology and Business Management from Wilfrid Laurier University.
Kim Obermair, Director, Enterprise Mobility at SAP
Kim has over 20 years experience years as an entrepreneur in Information Technology with a focus on business leadership, business development, and sales & marketing. Currently his role is to evangelize, sell and coordinate SAP’s suite of mobility solutions, partner ecosystem, and application development resources to provide enterprise customers with a world class mobile applications experience. He is focused on solutions for the Oil and Gas, Utilities and Chemical Industries.

To Register

Date: Wednesday, February 8. 2012
Time: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Eastern  ( * Registration at 8:30 am to 9:00 am )
Location: SAP Canada Ontario Room, 4120 Yonge Street Suite 600 , Toronto, Ontario M2P 2B8
Cost: No Charge for this SAP Community Network (SCN) SAP Inside Track 2011 Event

Questions: For further inquires please contact Paul Kurchina via email