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Join us at SAP Labs Canada, Vancouver, for our first local SAP Inside Track! Together we'll learn, share with others and network. Inside Track is a community grass root event that takes place all over the world including this summer in: Bangalore, BrusselsLondonIsrael , Sao Paolo, and Newtown Square. We're excited to join this year.


  • Where: SAP Labs Canada, 910 Mainland Street, Vancouver BC 
  • When: Wednesday, September 15, 2010
  • Time: 9:00am - 7:00pm (Registration starts at 8:00am)
  • How/What: Community provided sessions by passionate SCN members (unconference style)
  • Cost:  Free (registration required due to limited space) 
  • Participation: Maximum 100 participants locally
  • Theme:  A Celebration of local actions with global impact!

Check out the SCN Community Day Blogs Category and follow us on Twitter (hashtag: #sitvan).

Registration is now closed. 

Please send questions about the event to

Please watch this space for more information!

Updates from the SAP Inside Track Vancouver 2010

Agenda (with recordings)


Applying SAP  - Galileo Room

Influencing SAP - Amazon Room

Community Value - Spatsizi Room

Remote access link

08:00 am - 09:00 am
@ All

Registration (Main reception) & Continental Breakfast



09:00 am - 09:30 am
@ All

Welcome (Kirsten Sutton - SAP Vancouver Managing Director) Morning warm-up exercises (Jason Cao - BOC)



09:30 am - 10:00 am
@ All

Keynote presentation: Dave Weisbeck (Senior Vice President, Information Platform)



10:10 am - 11:00 am

Session 1: Collaborative Decision Making in the Enterprise: SAP StreamWork (Michelle Wong)

Session 2: SAP runs SAP: How SAP manages its Partner business - sneak preview (Camelia Cirjoi); Customer 360 Dashboard (Eric Laroche)

Session 3: How to get the most out of your community? (Jason Cao and Kirby Leong)

11:10 am - 12:00 pm

Session 4: Dashboard Design Essentials (David Lai)

* Session 5: BI self service and end user empowerment (Saskia Battersby)

Session 6: How SCN has changed my life? (Gordon Du)

12:10 pm - 1:10 pm

"Meet the Support Experts" Lunch

Tweet break / Networking / Demo



1:20 pm - 2:10 pm

Session 7: BI Breakdance - how to be AGILE with SAP BusinessObjects (Iain Rogers)

Session 8: The future of BI and EIM (Nic Smith)

Session 9: Reportapalooza! (Christine Mykota)

2:20 pm - 3:10 pm

Session 10: SAP BusinessObjects Explorer - explore your business at the speed of thought (Tomasz Zima)

CANCELLED * Session 11: How global customers participate in improving support experience (Alyson Munroe)

Session 12: Going Green with SAP and the David Suzuki Foundation (Steve Williams)

3:20 pm - 4:10 pm

Session 13: Extending the SAP Enterprise with Mobile Field Force Automation (Keith MacLachlan)

* Session 14: Streamlining support (Diana Brown)

Session 15: SAP BusinessObjects Roadmap/Overview (Kevin McManus)

4:20 pm - 4:50 pm

Door Prizes/Wrap-up/Farewell



4:50 pm - 7:00 pm

Evening Social - Meet the Experts



  * This session will not be webcasted.

Session Abstracts



Jason Cao, Kirby Leong (Community Managers, SAP BusinessObjects Community)

How to get the most out of your community?
From our arm chairs here in Vancouver, we've been watching the SAP BusinessObjects community grow to over 420K registered members (the entire SAP Community Network (SCN) has about 2.2 million members). Come and join us for more fun facts and stats about the community. We'll share with you what is fueling the growth, recent developments and plans for the future. Most importantly, we want your feedback, and to have a conversation with you about what you'd like to see from SCN and how we can help.

Christine Mykota (Director, NA Marketing Programs, SAP)

SAP reaches the masses through a new social media extravaganza - "Reportapalooza".  First you learn your "Reporting Artist" personality, then perhaps participate in a reporting duel, if not, simply answer a poll and help shape the game. Philanthropy more your style?  Vote for your favorite dashboard, finely crafted by 5 experts for charity, the dashboard with the most votes wins not only a free dashboard but a substantial donation.  See how SAP has crafted unique campaigns, like this, and others launched right here in Vancouver. 

David Lai
(Xcelsius Gurus Network)

Dashboard Design (Xcelsius) - a presention of some uses cases with Dashboarding and how businesses benefit from utilizing dashboards. Then more technical presentation of best practices in dashboard design, tips & tricks for developers. Time available for Q&A and specific discussion on connecting data to Xcelsius and the different methods for doing so.

Gordon Du (SCN Forum Moderator, #1 SCN Points Contributor in last 12 months)

How SCN has changed my life? To spread the word of the SCN so that more users could benefit from it based on my personal experience being Top 1 contributor on SCN for current year.

Camelia Cirjoi (Project Manager, SAP IT); Eric Laroche (SAP IT)

SAP runs SAP
This session will provide insights into how SAP leverages its technology to bring the best to the SAP Organization. 2 specific topics will be presentations:
-       Wondering how SAP manages their thousands of Partners around the world? Come and get an early preview of the redesigned processes and re-engineered flow based on SAP CRM 7.0 solution. All of this, developed by our IT Team in Vancouver!
-     Customer 360: Combining Xcelsius, Crystal Reports and BW for providing a 360 view of our customers to our Sales force.

Michelle Wong (Product Manager, SAP StreamWork)

Collaborative Decision Making in the Enterprise: SAP StreamWork
In this session, you'll see a live demo of how you can make a business decision using SAP Streamwork, by using business methods and BI tools to analyze the results to make a decision.  
At the end of the session, you find making business decisions with SAP Streamwork can be an easy and fun experience!

Alyson Munroe (Sr. Usability Manager, SAP Support)

* How Global Customers Participate in Improving Support Experience
SAP's Primary Support has a newly formed Customer Experience Team. Join Alyson Munroe as she demonstrates how we run usability tests locally in Vancouver with customers all over the world participating remotely. You may even get a chance to participate in a mock usability test! We'll also demonstrate how members of the Customer Experience Team are using YouTube in order to improve your experience with Support.

Keith MacLachlan (Clevest Solutions Inc.)

Extending the SAP Enterprise with Mobile Field Force Automation:
Understand how Clevest's Mobile Field Force and integrated vehicle tracking solutions extend the SAP enterprise into the field through a real-time two way interface between mobile devices and ECC 6.0. Clevest's solutions enable organizations to reduce errors in data capture, improve asset management, increasing worker efficiency and safety, and increase customer satisfaction.

Saskia Battersby (Solution Manager, SAP BusinessObjects)

* BI Self Service and End User Empowerment
Please join us for a round table discussion, as well as proof of concept validation, around how to extend the reach of BI within your organization. In this session we are looking to learn what you need in order to make BI accessible and relevant to more end users within your organization. You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on some early proof of concepts related to this topic.

Tomasz Zima (Solution Manager, SAP BusinessObjects)

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer- Explore Your Business at the Speed of Thought
Come and see how our new tool can help you to analyze vast amount of data in an intuitive way.

Nic Smith (Group Product Marketing Manager, SAP BusinessObjects)

The Future of BI and EIM
Get a glimpse into the future of Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management technologies at SAP. This session will discuss the key themes around how SAP is looking to redefine decision making.

Iain Rogers (The BI Builders)

BI breakdance - How to be AGILE with SAP BusinessObjects
Everyone from TDWI to Forrester to Gartner is talking Agile BI. Join the seminar to find out why. Agile is a BI project delivery method. Learn what it means to be Agile - how agile should you to be? See how Explorer, Web Intelligence and Crystal enable agile. Discuss the need for strong, flexible Data Integration (ETL), data governance and program management for Agile.

Steve Williams (Director of CSR, SAP)

Going Green with SAP and the David Suzuki Foundation
SAP makes our solutions available for free to over 900 non-profit organizations a year around the world including many environmental organizations. Learn how SAP solutions help visualize environmental data and help green your organization. Then it's over to you!! Have a challenge you need help with? Want some feedback on an idea from your peers? Join us for "Speed Greening"! This fast-paced session gives you the chance to give and receive feedback on projects, ideas, challenges or problems you are engaged in to green your business.  Hear about what other companies in Vancouver, including SAP, have done to green themselves.

Diana Brown (SAP Customer Support Team Manager)

* Streamlining Support
Support is continually working to improve our customer's access to information which will help maximize the SAP product suite.  Come and see what innovative ideas support is working on to allow customers to access a multitude of self service tools and exchange ideas throughout communities.  Also hear what we've done to expand our ability to quickly duplicate, test and resolve new issues through our new virtualized testing infrastructure.

Kevin McManus (McManus Consulting)

SAP BusinessObjects Roadmap/Overview

  • Understanding the roadmap differences between SAP Business Warehouse and BusinessObjects Enterprise 
  • Companies that have BusinessObjects Enterprise may not realize all of the functionality that is available and coming
  • By understanding what is coming you have the opportunity to further extend the reach of BOE within your organization
  • Opportunity to raise awareness of BI outside of the IT department
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  1. Unknown User (f47en7y)

    Love the logo! Let me know if you need a high-priced international speaker to flown in first class and wined and dined.  I'm even willing to learn Canadian!

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback on the logo, and your offer! (wink)  We could always use an expert speaker like you. You know the budget we have to work with as you and Stephen lead the St. Louis event (great job btw!). Maybe if we start accepting sponsorships.


  3. Unknown User (bouxz6u)


    I spoke at St. Louis event and should have called earlier. Let me know if you need to fill a slot.  I am a cheap speaker, requiring only a microphone and an audience

     One of my Vancouver team will be there as well.

     Kevin McManus

  4. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for reaching out to me. Guess what? I session slot just opened up today. Could you please send me an abstract and I'll add you to the agenda?