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Welcome SAP folks to the official SAP Inside Track Vienna info page! 

After attending many successful SAP Inside Tracks in the past years, we decided it is time to host the first SAP Inside Track in Austria. Due to its central location and easy accessibility by plane, train, and car we chose Vienna as the conference city.

The main conference will be on Saturday, 24th November 2018. On Friday, 23rd November we will organize an SAP Code Jam for interested community geeks, where we will explore the features of SAP S/4HANA in detail during a hands-on-session. The Code Jam will be hosted by Ingo Bräuninger of SAP – an expert for everything in regard to S/4HANA.

Both, the Code Jam and the Inside track are a great opportunity to spend the weekend in a nice city with a great cultural heritage, to connect with your peers and friends, to make new friends, to gain new experience and insights, to listen to interesting talks, to give great talks, to fall in love with Vienna once and for all, and, and and…

The conference language will be English. You might want to check out some local German basics at Wienerisch für Anfänger (Viennese for beginners). 

When and how to register?

Where will it take place?

SAP Inside Track 

For the Inside Track we were able to organize the great event location LOFFICE in Vienna's hip 7th district.

Schottenfeldgasse 85
1070 Wien 

Google Maps Link

SAP Code Jam

For the SAP Code Jam we organized a meeting location at Mariahilfer Straße - one of Vienna's main shopping locations. The location will provide all necessary meeting facilities (rooms, WiFi, etc.) to host the joint hacking session, led by Ingo Bräuninger.

currycom Seminarraum, OG4
Mariahilfer Straße 99
1060 Wien

Google Maps Link

Who shall attend?

The Inside Track and the Code Jam are from the SAP community for the SAP community: customers, consultants, developers, freelancers, blogger, nerds and geeks ... - But also for absolute rookies! The important thing of the entire event: share your knowledge, learn great new stuff and gain new buddies.

Hotel suggestions

Next to the #SITVIE

Next to the SAP Code Jam

Pre-conference event location

We will have pre-conference event, taking place after the Code Jam on Friday, 23rd November 2018 at 18:00 o'clock.

The pre-conference event will take place in the center of Vienna. The location will be announced soon.

Post-conference event location

There will also be a post-conference event, taking place after the Inside Track on Saturday, 24th November 2018 at 18:00 o'clock.

The post-conference event location is the Glacis Beisl.


The times below may change, depending on the number of talks. The event will start at 09:00 and close at 17:30.

The final agenda will be announced in week 43.

09:0009:1500:15Registration & Networking  
09:3010:00 Custom Code Migration to S/4HANA Ingo Bräuninger 
10:0010:15 Custom Code Migration to S/4HANA  
10:1510:45 Custom Code Migration to S/4HANA  
17:1517:3000:15Closing & Wrap up  

Sessions suggestions

The Call for speakers is now open! Grab your chance and add an interesting talk! The session topics at SAP Inside Tracks are usually technology focused. If possible, the talks should be related to S/4HANA or SAP Cloud.

Use the edit feature of this Wiki page or use the following Google Form to add your talk proposal. Four weeks before the Inside Track the organizing team will vote for the different talks and define a final agenda.

Speaker (First Last)Title of talkDescriptionKeywordsAdditional Information (SCN, XING, ...) 
Laurens van Rijn

No Comment?


The art of commenting your code with a bit of Technical Debt, Clean Code, ABAP Doc, and Code Inspector.

Technical Debt

Clean Code

Commenting Code


Code Inspector





Philipp KrennFull-Text Search InternalsToday’s applications are expected to provide powerful full-text search. But how does that work in general and how do I implement it in my application? This talk shows you how with Elasticsearch, the most widely used search engine available today.

Full Text Search




Ingo BräuningerCustom Code Migration to S/4HANA

One of the biggest challenges for our customers during the system conversion to S/4HANA (or Suite on HANA) on-premise is the custom code adaptation. These adaptations are necessary because of the simplifications (e.g. data model changes, removal of obsolete functionality, removal of redundant components) in S/4HANA compared to the classic ERP. To minimize the efforts for our customers to adapt their code the ABAP Platform provides tools to analyze custom code based on the so-called simplification database.


This toolset is crucial for the adoption of S/4HANA on-premise.






Werner KroissLeveraging the power of full text search in SAP GUI and SAP Fiori

Full text search technologies such as Elastic Search bring new possibilities for searching and analyzing data. Instead of manually querying multiple database tables using SQL, a full text search index may be queried. The power of the created search index goes beyond simple searching, as it may be used for powerful business analytics as well.

In this talk we show how to integrate Elastic Search with SAP ERP. We demonstrate how to build up an Elastic Search index with data from the SAP database. Furthermore, we show how the index may be queried using ABAP or JavaScript and how one may leverage the BI capabilities of Elastic Search.

Full Text Search





Johann FößleitnerABAP Refactoring in theory and practice.We will show what refactoring is all about and how ADT supports it perfectly.

Clean Code



Vitaliy RudnytskiyDo you know SAP HANA Advanced Analytics?By now you have heard SAP HANA has Advanced Analytics capabilities, which placed it as a leader in Forrester’s Translytical Data Platforms. Join this talk to find what “translytical” and “advanced analytics” really mean – as always in down-to-earth and entertaining way


HANA Express

Advanced Analytics: Spatial, Graph, Text, Document etc

LinkedIn | SCN | Twitter
Jörg SiebertSAP STARTUP - Experiences after 7 yearsI would like to share 10 milestones when founding a company in the SAP ecosystem. From idea to business plan, changing job , first steps with the new company, IT infrastructure, from prototype to production and adjusting the plan and company concept. This presentation is a restrospective of a matured startup and should give the audience inspiration what might happen when you found your own company. 



Tudor RiscutiaBuilding the RIGHT IT before you build IT RIGHT

SAP partners and customers alike embark on the journey to innovation. The investment in adopting and adapting to the newest technologies is high, but is it worth it?

Mastering the Fiori principles and building the most beautiful user interfaces is exciting, but is someone really using the applications?

Let's discuss how concepts like fail-fast and test-driven development can be applied before the actual implementation.




Andreas GautschABAP Continuous Integration Plugin
Speeding up your (TDD) development process
In this session I will demonstrate an Open Source plugin with the target to speed up the ABAP development process by automating the Unit Tests and ATC features of ABAP in Eclipse.

Continous Integration

Abap in Eclipse




Gregor WolfSAP Cloud Application Programming ModelBased on the SPICY (Space Itinerary Company) tutorial I would like to walk you through the development of a Node.js App that runs local with sqlite but can be deployed to Cloud Foundry environment of SAP Cloud Platform but also to HANA.


SAP Cloud Platform

Cloud Foundry


LinkedIn | SCN | Twitter
Damir Majer

Back to the Future by adopting OO in ABAP Objects

Back to the Future by adopting OO in ABAP Objects. Ten Best practices that influenced my Programming in ABAP Objects.


ABAP Objects




The event is for FREE (free, as in free beer). Including drinks during the event and lunch.

The pre- and/or post-conference events are not for free.

Social Media

Twitter Hashtag: #sitVIE

SAP Code Jam

There will be an SAP Code Jam prior to the SAP Inside Track. The Code Jam will be hosted by Ingo Bräuninger of SAP – an expert for everything in regard to S/4HANA.

Date: Friday, 23rd November 2018
Time: 10:00 am - 05:30 pm

The SAP Code Jam will take place at 

currycom Seminarraum, OG4
Mariahilfer Straße 99
1060 Wien

Google Maps Link

Register now!

Grab your ticket now! (Speakers don't have to register)

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SAP Inside Track Registration

Register for the SAP Code Jam

SAP Code Jam Registration



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We are looking for sponsors. If you like to support us don't hesitate to contact Johann Fößleitner

For sponsors we offer the following:

  • Your logo on the SAP Community Network Space for SAP Inside Tracks
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  • At the event, you can put some flyer and merchandising to one of the desks. Please no rollups.

And the best of all, by sending your employees to the conference, you'll have the opportunity to get in contact with plenty of highly motivated SAP experts.

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