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SAP Inside Track Wrocław 2017

Grab the opportunity and connect with your peers, learn from each other by sharing experiences and thoughts, and expand your view of SAP ecosystem! Join our third SAP Inside Track in Poland.

The conference language will be English with a little bit of Polish, where unavoidable (wink). Use hash tag #sitWRO on social channels to share ideas and spread the news.

  • Where Capgemini office at Legnicka 48 building F (new campus)
  • When May 27, 2017 during 10:00-17:30 (the official part)
  • Who For local and global SAP community (customers, consultants, freelancers, startups, press and bloggers, SAP employees) plus for those totally new to SAP. The most important is that you want to share and gain some knowledge and new buddies.

Pre-SIT event: SAP CodeJams

Again this year, on Friday the day before SIT we will have not one, but two SAP CodeJams - free events full of hands-on exercises to try and understand new SAP technologies:

SAP Cloud Platform, predictive services:

SAP Cloud Platform, integration services:

Pick one you would like to get started with and register using the links! Registration for SAP CodeJams is separate from SIT.

Experts will be evangelist from SAP Developer Relations team Abdel Dadouche (Predictive) and Product Manager for Integration Udo Paltzer.

Social events

As much as knowledge exchange is important during SIT same are social networking opportunities. Therefore there are plans for both Friday preSIT and Saturday afterSIT get-together enjoy-beer/wine/tea gatherings. Please stay tuned as more details coming soon! 

Agenda (draft)

10:00-10:15Opening SAP Inside TrackVitaliy Rudnytskiy15  
10:15-10:30Experiences in running the SAP Events in IstanbulRidvan Polat, SAP Mentor15  

How can you write an SAP book? Learn a few tips from an SAP Mentor who wrote 5 SAP books.

Michal Krawczyk, SAP Mentor15  

SAP HANA, from development to deployment, cloud, on-premise or hybrid: The solution architect journey

Abdel Dadouche30  
11:20-11:40COFFEE-BREAK 20  
11:40-12:00The Art&Science of tuning SAP HANA models - tips&traps&tricksMichal Korzen20  
12:05-12:20A simple use case for HXE to expand your HANA and FIORI know-howJakob Flaman15  
12:25-12:55How ABAPers can flourish complex offline Fiori UX apps in record timeJulian Bonillo30  
13:00-13:45LUNCH 45  
 STREAM 1: NetWeaver Development  STREAM 2: Apps and Innovation 
13:45-14:15SAPUI5 progressive application & SAP Netweaver

Tomasz Wilk

30Cloud, HANA & Other Drugs@waldemar.falinski
14:20-14:50How to develop ABAP in a modern way?Philipp Deth30Agile delivery in omnichannel commerce projectsMichał Bartmański
14:55-15:25Speed up your coding with ABAP in EclipseŁukasz Pęgiel30How close AI is to beating humans?Pawel Grzeskowiak
15:25-15:40COFFEE-BREAK 15  
15:40-16:10When to use SAP AIF and when to stick to SAP PO?Michal Krawczyk, Mateusz Nowak30Mobile of People & Internet of Things: State of the UnionVitaliy Rudnytskiy
Karol Kalisz

Using BRFplus for building business apps with ABAP or SAPUI5

Michał Majer30

SAP Leonardo:
the Big Picture

Karol Kalisz

16:50-17:00Closing the SAP Inside Track WrocławVitaliy Rudnytskiy10  


Sessions - submissions are closed

Here you have the chance to add value and fun to SAP Inside Track Wrocław. Take the stage and share your experiences, open the discussion and take new insights back home.

Submitted sessions are below. Working on agenda now.




Length (30 mins)

ABAPSpeed up your coding with ABAP in Eclipse30
SAP AIFWhen to use SAP AIF and when to stick to SAP PO?Michal Krawczyk30

Cloud, HANA & Other Drugs

This is about the changes on the SAP market what is actually extremely wide now, but like always focused on ERP.

So this is a kind of continuation of what I said year ago about ERP update but more in the direction of new technologies like cloud and HANA and their impact, about variety and dynamic of components, variety of ways how to make it work and variety of roles, also in the practical meaning of labor market around it. It is about what we have now, but I would like to use something from the past to try to predict the development in the future. So it means this is about collaboration and I hope on your collaboration on this. Look forward to meeting you soon!

BRFplusBRFplusMichał Majer30
HANA PALHow close AI is to beating humans? Pawel Grzeskowiak30
SAPUI5 SAPUI5 progressive application & SAP NetweaverTomasz Wilk30
IoT How to connect Arduino to SAP Cloud Platform?Mateusz Skadorwa30
ABAPHow to develop ABAP in a modern way?Philipp Deth30
SAPUI5How ABAPers can flourish complex offline Fiori UX apps in record timeJulian Bonillo30
SAP CPExtending SAP SaaS Solutions with SAP Cloud Platform Vladimir Pavlov 30
UDF @ CARPredicting future demand with Unified Demand Forecasting in SAP Customer Activity RepositorySlawomir Bielecki30

2 UI5 Applications with IoT platform inbetween. producing and Consuming IoT, real working example @ SAP Cloud Platform

 Real working showcase of 2 UI5 applications which produce and consume IoT data. If this get accepted, we will play together (you need to bring your mobile device) and see how we together produce IoT data which can help presenters on conferences to talk with bigger audiences. During that we will see different technical solutions behind the scenes - it is explaining the technical implementation in detail on SAP CP of the application used in the session "Mobile of People & Internet of Things: State of the Union"

Karol Kalisz30
 IoT, mobile

Mobile of People & Internet of Things: State of the Union

Mobile devices are first-class citizens of Internet of Things today. Moving from human-to-human communication towards machine-to-human and further towards machine-to-machine. Today it is clear that IoT would not exist without Mobile technology. Trying to answer on the question “how the mobile technology must adjust to support IoT in delivering business value” and “how IoT has to support mobile technology to handle big data and real time insights – directly from the sensors to the user”. Year 2017 will bring new challenges and solutions.

2 live demos of IoT included.

in case 45 min, also updates on SAP Leonardo 2017.

Vitaliy Rudnytskiy
Karol Kalisz

SAP HANA && SAP HANA Vora - yin and yang of SAP Data Management

We will help you to understand what is what, how developers can start with each, and how HANA and Vora complement each other

Abdel Dadouche && Vitaliy Rudnytskiy


SAP HANA, from development to deployment, cloud, on-premise or hybrid: The solution architect journey

During this session, you will discover the different options provided by SAP HANA as platform for your development and deployment. We cover from the development till the deployment phase with the various hosting options.

Abdel Dadouche30
HANAThe Art&Science of tuning HANA models - tips&traps&tricksMichal Korzen30


Lightning Talks - 7-15 minutes long presentations of interesting topics




Length (3 or 7 or 15 mins)

SAP HANA ExpressA simple use case for HXE to expand your HANA and FIORI know how. Details will follow.Jakob Flaman15m
SAP Book writing

How can you write an SAP book ? Learn a few tips from an SAP Mentor who wrote 5 SAP books.

Michal Krawczyk15 min
SAP CommunityExperiences in running the SAP Events in Istanbul.Ridvan Polat

15 min

IoT ProjectsValue of connected things and the need for IoT projectsHüseyin Dereli

15 min

Hotel suggestions

NameLinkAdvantagesPriceWho stays?
Hotel PURO

+ Nice location

+ 15 mins by public transportation

~120 EUR per night

Philipp, Julian
Locomotive Hostel

+ Nice location

+ Hostel price

~35 EUR per night 
Colourful Apartment price (but only one room left)~ 35 EUR per nightKarol (Fr-Su)
 Mojito Apartments   Ridvan & Beste
Registration for SIT is open!

Participant registration link for SAP Inside Track:

Registration for SIT is separate from the registration for SAP CodeJams.










When to use SAP AIF and when to stick to SAP PO?


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