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SAP Inside Track Wrocław 2018

Grab the opportunity and connect with your peers, learn from each other by sharing experiences and thoughts, and expand your view of SAP ecosystem! Join our 4th SAP Inside Track in Poland. You can watch recaps from 2015 and 2016.

The conference language will be English with a little bit of Polish, where unavoidable ;-). Use hash tag #sitWRO on social channels to share ideas and spread the news.

  • Where Capgemini office at Legnicka 48 building H (different building than in 2017)
  • When May 19, 2018 during 10:00-17:30 (the official part)
  • Who For local and global SAP community (customers, consultants, freelancers, startups, press and bloggers, SAP employees) plus for those totally new to SAP. The most important is that you want to share and gain some knowledge and to meet new buddies.

Pre-SIT event: SAP CodeJams

Again this year, on Friday the day before SIT we plan to host two SAP CodeJams. They are already confirmed and registration is open (but pls pick only one):

  1. Geospatial Analysis with SAP HANA:
  2. ABAP for SAP HANA:

Parallel event: mini-sitKids

In parallel to regular SIT we are planning a whole-day Snap! workshop for about 20-25 kids (age 10-14), whose parents are attending SIT. The language of that workshop will be Polish / Ten warsztat będzie w języku polskim. Kids will need to have their own laptops with modern web browsers installed. Internet access will be provided during the event.


10:00-10:15Opening SAP Inside TrackVitaliy Rudnytskiy, Pawel Grzeskowiak15  
10:15-10:45A day in life of SAP SuperuserMaciej Suder  

Using Design Thinking in SAP Activate projects

Anne Johnson @ArtisticSpasm

 Room 1:   Room 2:  
11:40-12:10#ABAPisNotDeadŁukasz Pęgiel 

SAP Data Hub

Frank Schuler 

12:15-12:45Custom Code Migration to S4HANA

Ingo Bräuninger


30SAP S/4HANA landscapes and deployment options

Bartosz Jarkowski

12:45-13:30LUNCH 45  

Requirements maintanance


Rainer Winkler @RainerWinkler30


Waldemar Falinski @WaldemarF001

14:05-14:35Development on HANA XSA Platform

Tomasz Wilk

30PowerDesigner is alive

Michal Korzen @michal_korzen

14:35-14:50COFFEE-BREAK 15  
14:50-15:20Programming in Snap! with some live demos

Grzegorz Posyniak


15:25-15:55Cloud Foundry buildpacks deep diveMorten Wittrock @mwittrock30Mobile Single Sign On with FioriJarosław Zdanowski @j_zda

Building a Community: two perspectives

Sylwia Ganiec
+ Oliver Kohl @oliver



16:45-17:00Closing the SAP Inside Track WrocławVitaliy Rudnytskiy15  


Session proposals - CfP is closed!

Here you have the chance to add value and fun to SAP Inside Track Wrocław. Take the stage and share your experiences, open the discussion and take new insights back home.

Please add your proposal below...

Regular sessions




Length (30 mins)

KeynoteThe State of the CommunityThomas Grassl30




Three topics that have a lot of common sense and potential synergies:

1. Organizational Change Management levels and methods in SAP projects and maintenance (means ITIL-ish) endeavors. Creed: how to disrupt by bringing new value (dream of every CEO) without disrupting daily operations (nightmare of every CIO);

2. GDPR as a logical step after DPD creating chance to bring business – social network on better level and how SAP solutions can leverage it.

And eventually:

3. Run Simple with S/4HANA.

sneak peek:

Waldemar Falinski30
CLOUDContinuous Integration on SAP Cloud Platform. What it is, how it works and what the benefits are.

Pieter-Jan Dereadt

Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry buildpacks deep dive

One of the cool things about Cloud Foundry is the impressive number of languages and frameworks supported through buildpacks. In this session, I'll show you how buildpacks work, how they are built and how they interact with applications deployed on Cloud Foundry.

Morten Wittrock @mwittrock


SAP Data Hub
  • SAP Data Management overview
  • SAP Data Hub architecture
  • SAP Data Hub Cockpit
  • SAP Data Hub on the Hadoop cluster
  • SAP Data Hub on the Kubernetes cluster

Frank Schuler


Introduction to SAP HANA PAL by examples.

Pawel Grzeskowiak30

A walkthrough different SAP S/4HANA landscapes and deployment options.

Bartosz Jarkowski30
PowerDesigner is aliveThe power of PowerDesigner in action - GDPR (aka RODO) live demoMichal Korzen30
SAP LeonardoHigh-level overview of SAP Leonardo

Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

Design ThinkingUsing Design Thinking in SAP Activate projects, we’ll be able to add value to the SAP design processes as well as our business workshops in general. In this talk I’ll discuss what kind of value Design Thinking can bring to our projects. Specifically using Design Thinking as a process and using techniques to enhance your workshops and project communication.

Anne Johnson


Business Model Canvas - tbcWhy+Who+What is Business Model Canvas

Grzegorz Posyniak



ABAP#ABAPisNotDead - my thoughs about why we still should learn ABAP and why it's not dead as some of the people have foreseen before (smile)

Łukasz Pęgiel


Developers should now what they developed. Sometimes customers do not provide requirements of sufficient quality. It is also helpful to have some basic understanding how requirements should look like.

I also demonstrate the new open source tool . This tool is a simple way to maintain requirement by the help of an Excel add in.

Rainer Winkler


Software visualization tools - Workshop

It was not possible to organize this workshop, but you can contact me to arrange a free Workshop in 2018: status/986683644432568321

UML is a well known technique to make diagrams of software. But it is mainly used during the development of new applications to draw overview diagrams. These are mostly used by architects, but not detailed enough for developers.

It is not well known that there are currently some companies and people working enthusiastically to change this. One project can be directly used for ABAP developments: SAP2Moose. SAP2Moose is currently used successfully in the everyday work of an ABAP developer who develops and maintains ABAP applications.

I will show in detail how SAP2Moose and Moose2Model can be used. The participants should come with own laptops and have access to an own SAP system to benefit most. But this is not mandatory. The goal is that the participants understand how they can use them in their own projects. Most of the work should therefore be done with the systems of the participants if possible.

I will also mention the commercial tool Sourcetrail. This is one of the very few commercial tools that has prices (even for the commercial version) that can be paid by developers themself (The private and trial version is free).

Rainer Winkler


2 - 4 hours
Custom Code Migration to S4HANA

One of the biggest challenges for our customers during the system conversion to S/4HANA (or Suite on HANA) on-premise is the custom code adaptation. These adaptations are necessary because of the simplifications (e.g. data model changes, removal of obsolete functionality, removal of redundant components) in S/4HANA compared to the classic ERP. To minimize the efforts for our customers to adapt their code the ABAP Platform provides tools to analyze custom code based on the so-called simplification database.

This toolset is crucial for the adoption of S/4HANA on-premise.

Ingo Bräuninger 30 min
A day in life of SAP QM Superuser   Maciej Suder
30 min
Mobile SSO in 3W: What, When and Why? Using Mobile Single Sign On with Fiori applicationsJarosław Zdanowski
30 mins
Development on HANA XSA PlatformSAP HANA XSA Modules creation (db, js, web) and administration toolsTomasz Wilk30 mins

Lightning Talks - 3/7/14 minutes short talks on interesting topics




Length (3 or 7 or 14 mins)


Social events

As much as knowledge exchange is important during SIT same are social networking opportunities. Therefore there are plans for both Friday preSIT and Saturday afterSIT get-together enjoy-beer/wine/tea gatherings. Please stay tuned as more details coming soon! 

Code of conduct

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the following code of conduct

Hotel suggestions

NameLinkAdvantagesPriceWho stays?
Hotel PURO

+ Nice location

+ 15 mins by public transportation

~120 EUR per night

Rainer Winkler,
Locomotive Hostel

+ Nice location

+ Hostel price

~35 EUR per night 
Colourful Apartment price~ 35 EUR per night 
Registration for SIT

Participant registration link for SAP Inside Track:

Registration for SIT is separate from the registration for SAP CodeJams and registrations for Mini-sitKids









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  1. This Saturday we meet! I am going to focus in my part on three messages:

    1. Whether we SAP consultants are ready for GDPR and why it is very important we are…

    2. Even if our SAP customers are very good equipped for GDPR with SAP components they need our care on it as a kind of Organizational Change Management;

    3. OCM is still a kind of Achilles' heel of many SAP projects so in order to make implementations and use of it much more beneficial we need to be clearer and even more sensitive on it… Sometimes we focus to much on what we are doing forgetting about for whom we are doing it and that their acceptance is so important…

    More about it U can find here:

    Because there are going to be many SAP delivery topics – which is great – I value these three to make my message more focused. Hope you will like it

    See U soon!

  2. Anonymous


    Break a leg and good luck with your presentation!



  3. Hi Gregory, what a surprise hearing from you here! But it is our old SCN indeed... Thank you! Regards, Waldemar

  4. As my presentation was only a kind of illustration putting here the recording of me speech - enjoy as I had a lot of fun finding some weird expressions: