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This is a common page for all the meetups in Dubai, UAE. This will be updated with the upcoming meetups and past meetups details. 

Login to SAP Wiki and click the Watch button at the top right and be updated about all the events.

SAP Yalsah is a casual meetup (StammtischPlus) driven by SAP community in the UAE. It's a great opportunity for everyone to listen to SAP technology experts and socialize with the local community.

Upcoming Meetups

Next Event Register Here - 17 Oct 2020 

You can also be Speaker in SAP Yalsah

Past Meetups

SAP Yalsah Online Meetup - September'2020

SAP Yalsah Online Meetup - August'2020

SAP Yalsah Online Meetup - July'2020

SAP Yalsah Online Meetup - June'2020

SAP Yalsah Online Meetup - May'2020

SAP Yalsah Meetup - Jan 2020

SAP Yalsah Meetup - Dec 2019

SAP Yalsah Meetup - Nov 2019

SAP Stammtisch- Oct 2019

Contact Details

Folks who want to be part of next meetup you can register in the above like, You can also reach out to any of us below for more details.

Mahesh Kumar Palavalli - LinkedInTwitterSAPCommunity

Sreehari Pillai - LinkedInTwitterSAPCommunity

Midhun VP - LinikedInTwitterSAPCommunity

Punith Babu - LinkedInTwitterSAPCommunity

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