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The SAP communities Munich and Vienna joined their forces!

Due to the current COVID situation the SAP Inside Track Munich and SAP Inside Track Vienna will be organised as a joint virtual conference - as an SAP Online Track.

The SAP Online Track will be held on two dates:

  • 22nd of October 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm → Afterwards we will have a socialising open hour format (wink)
  • 29th of October 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm → Afterwards we will have a socialising open hour format (wink)

Register here

Table of Contents 


SIT Munich and SIT Vienna won't be a physical on-site conference. Instead we will do it online this year. 

We hope to attract an international audience and chose English as conference language.

If you're interested in last year's SAP Inside Track in Munich you can find details here:

Check out the nice summary blog about the SAP Inside Track Vienna 2018.


ONLINE - ZOOM - Zoom link will be sent to all registered participants on October 21.


22nd October 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

FromToDurationSessionSpeakerLink to SlidesLink to Video
17:3017:3500:05Welcome & IntroductionOrgateam & Andrea Taylor

17:3518:1500:40RAP on SpeedSören Schlegel


18:2019:0000:40My first E-Learning courseJörg Brandeis


19:0519:1500:10How to use the communityJerry Janda

19:1519:4500:30Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in Tech - Panel Discussion

Moderation: Andrea Taylor

BlackInTech-Berlin: Kave Bulambo, Founder,

Emamurho Ugherughe ("Ema")

net4tec: Begonia Merayo, Co-Founder,

Nuischa Ansari,

Fayaz Pinjari

SAP Diversity: Karin Tillotson

"IT Managers": Conrad Donau,

Christian Braukmüller


19:5020:3000:40Azure with SCPMartin Pankraz, Martin Raepple, Roman Broich


20:3521:1500:40A look back at 2020 from an architectTobias Hofmann

21:1521:3000:15Wrap-upOrgateam Munich & Vienna

"Stammtisch", Beer, ... 


29th October 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

FromToDurationSessionSpeakerLink to SlidesLink to Video
14:0014:0500:05Welcome & IntroductionOrgateam & Andrea Taylor

14:0514:4500:40Jenkins, a rising tool in the ABAP world Andreas Gautsch


14:5015:3000:40SAP Analytics Cloud – Application DesignBernhard SauerteigBlog_and_Slides

15:3516:1500:40Unique Names for ABAP Managed Custom Fields in S/4HANAAndreas Schallercustom-fields-in-s-4hana

16:2017:0000:40wdi5 for UI5Volker Buzek


17:0517:4500:40Serverless SAP Fiori Apps in SAP Cloud PlatformMarius ObertSlideshare
17:4518:0500:20Surprise SessionThomas Grassl

18:0518:1500:10Wrap-upOrgateam Munich & Vienna

"Stammtisch", Beer, ... 


The sessions are what an SAP Online Track event is all about. Come and share your experiences, knowledge, and passion. Talk about something that interests you, something you have done recently, your SAP TechEd experiences, and ignite a two-way discussion that benefits all participants.

Please enter your session proposals below, we will organize them into appropriate time slots.

This year we’ll have a classic lecture part. So if you want to do a lecture for about 30 minutes talk - approximately 10 minutes Q&A then the table below is best for you:




Additional Information
wdi5 for UI5using wdi5 for testing a hybrid UI5 app in the browser, on the emulator and on the real deviceUI5, testingvobu
PostgreSQL adapter for CAPcurrent state of the adapter, how it's designed and how to contribute features CAPgregor & vobu

A look back at 2020 from an architectA lot happened since last SITMUC in 2019. Let's take a look back at the last 12 month. What happened around SAP topics and let's try to keep ourself updated about the latest announcements.SAPTobias HofmannBeer bribery: if selected, I offer (again) to bribe the organizers with badischem Bier.x
Architecture view on SAP Central FinanceSAP Central finance is one of the widely chosen deployment option for SAP S/4HANA Deployment. In this session the discussion will be discussed on overall architecture view of CFIN align with how best the organisations can use the deployment for business benefits SAP S/4HANA Central FinanceNitin GuptaSession will cover functional as well as technical aspects
Getting the Most from SAP CommunityWhether you're new to SAP Community ( or a long-time participant, you'll want to attend this session to learn how to get the most out of your membership. The session will explore the community's various features, so you can learn more, share more, and make important connections.  SAP CommunityJerry JandaSimilar to the presentation I'll be giving at the SAP Inside Track Barcelona
SAP HANA Advanced Analytics: ReloadedsitVIE 2018 was the very first location for me to present "Do you know SAP HANA Advanced Analytics?" talk. I'd like to use this opportunity to do the first presentation of the reloaded version of that talk (smile)SAP HANAVitaliy Rudnytskiy

Azure with SCPKickstart your development with Azure AD, Azure Services, SCP and Odata Gateway. We will present an end-to-end scenario covering all the nasty implementation pitfalls.SCP

Martin Pankraz, Martin Raepple, Roman Broich

RAP on SpeedWith RAP in shortest time to success!SAP ABAP RAP
My first E-Learning courseMy experience in creating an e-learning video course. Self created, self hosted and self marketed. As so often in IT it looks simple at first, but the devil is in the details.About Wordpress, recording technology, tax law and many, many WP PlugIns.

Jörg Brandeis


Jenkins, a rising tool in the ABAP world 

About 3 years ago with Project Piper SAP started to connect its Cloud system with Jenkins to enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. 

Today Jenkins is ready to use also for the ABAP world. there is a Project Piper implemention for ABAP Cloud Platform and also projects to connect an ABAP on Premise system with Jenkins.

In this session I will show practical examples from the installation to the automatic execution of Unit tests and ATC checks.  

SAP ABAP, Jenkins, CI/CDAndreas Gautsch
Serverless SAP Fiori Apps in SAP Cloud PlatformI'll show-case the latest innovation for web apps in SAP Cloud Platform – hosting them without an approuter. With this new capability of the Launchpad service, you no longer need to deploy backend components to host web apps – which, therefore, run serverless on SAP Cloud Platform.SAPUI5, SAP Fiori, SAP Cloud PlatformMarius ObertProposal for the 29thx
Unique Names for ABAP Managed Custom Fields in S/4HANAField report from S/4HANA migration projectS/4HANA, ABAPAndreas SchallerProposal for the 22ndx
SAP Analytics Cloud – Application DesignThis session gives an Overview to SAP Analytics Cloud and its Capabilities (like Analytic Applications Scripting, Dashboarding, Data-aquisition)  including a DemoSAP Analytics CloudBernhard Sauerteig / ZPARTNER ( for 29th, as early as possiblex

DEI in Tech:

Panel Discussion

This will be a relaxed panel discussion about the impact of DEI in Tech, personally and within IT/Tech/ Digital Business Teams.
Panelists representing these groups will appear:
- BlackInTech Berlin (network for blacks in tech, this is the Berlin-based group of the larger organization)
- (network for women in IT/Tech/ Digital Business careers)
- SAP Diversity (the DEI evangelists at in Germany)
- IT Business Owner(s)/Manager(s) with first-hand experience on the benefits of introducing DEI into a previously homogenous (all-male, all-white, all-IT-educated (non-Quereinsteiger), all younger, all straight, all German/Austrian, etc.), non-diverse teams in IT/Tech/Digital Business!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion -

DEI in Tech

Andrea Taylor will moderate the discussion, with panelists from the groups listed in the Description.If selected, we would strongly prefer a slot on Thurs. evening, 22.10.2020. Thank you!x


stay tuned...

List of Attendees - TBD


helping us to hold this event



SponsorshipsDamir Majer
E-Mails to participants and speakers
Jens Schmid
Participant Registration

Sebastian Kroeker

Moderation / Speaker SupportAndrea Taylor / Gregor Wolf
TimekeepingDomi Bigl 
ZoomDomi Bigl / Johann Fößleitner
Event Video (Record impressions, interviews, Cut Video, Publish)Johann Fößleitner
Event Photos



This year we restricted the number of Sponsors. We sold out the available seats. Thanks to all Sponsors who are not selected for their interest!

We are searching for sponsors. If you like to support us don't hesitate to contact Damir Majer.

Thanks to our Sponsors:




Media Partnership

Book Sponsors

Social Media

Twitter Hashtag: #sotMUCVIE und #SAPOnlineTrackMUCVIE

Social Meda Wall (powered by SAP IT)

Background Pictures

We have prepared some background images for you: get sotmucvie background

To change the settings in the Zoom app checkout this documentation Zoom Virtual Background Image. Be aware that when you have the "Mirror my video" option on, you need to choose the non mirrored background image. This will appear correct for the other participants.

  • Animated dark mode background for Zoom .. Munic&Vienna at night    
    Preview / Snapshot      (There is no PNG/JPG Version because it was a quick PowerpointHack without a good quality. Looks only nice as MOV without having a closer look (wink))

  Download (145MB) mov-File  

(by Christian Braukmüller )

Mood Cards

We saw these Mood Cards used in another virtual conference, and they were a hit! Especially in ZOOM calls, where you sometimes want to just give a quick signal or reaction on camera, while you remain muted.

Here's the original source:

Diese Karten für die Co-Moderation in Remote-Meetings/Videokonferenzen zum Selbstausdrucken wurden inspiriert von und, eigenen Erfahrungen
und Feedback von Julian Kea (! Vielen Dank! Die verwendeten Piktogramme sind Bestandteil der aktuellen Version von Microsoft Powerpoint für Office 365. Gute Meetings wünscht Heiko Bartlog ◌ Gastgeber für Innovation ( – Version 0.5 am 26.03.2020

Here we've selected and somewhat crudely adapted the cards for our purposes. We've left them as a PPTX rather than PDF, so that you can still make adjustments as needed to align them. The first slide gives a brief instruction.

Mood Cards for sotMUCVIE_front and back_v3 as PPTX

Mood Cards for sotMUCVIE_front and back_v3 as PDF

Yoga Exercises

Thanks to Brigitte Yoga we can provide the  Exercises that we did during the SAP online track 2020 as a PDF for download.


Shared collection on Google Photos

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