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Madrid 2011 After Party

What: As outlined in this blog we would like to come together to share experiences and things learned at SAP TechEd Madrid. It will be an informal gathering, so no obligations at all (just don't bring your hangover from the concert/party on Thursday night).

When: Friday morning/afternoon 11-11-'11 We'll start at 9.00 AM but of course you're welcome anytime!

Where: UPDATE!! Location is now known: AC Hotel Feria Madrid . Please be aware that this is still a few km away from the airport and act accordingly ;-)

Here  you can find the location on Google maps.

Who: everyone who still is in Madrid on 11-11 and is interested in hanging out with his/her peers!

If you are interested and/or wish to attend please sign up here (just to give us an idea of how many people are interested):


Twitter ID

Available till

Fred Verheul



Christian Braukmüller



Tom Cenens



Gregor Wolf


depends on the location (my flight back is scheduled for 12:20h)

Uwe Fetzer


depends on the location (my flight back is scheduled for 12:20h)

Matthias Steiner


~ 11h

Philip Kisloff


11.00 am

Marilyn Pratt


I am very interested but am flying out at 9:35h - if I'm able to take a later flight would join

Martin English


depends on the location (flyout at 17:30)

Ivan Femia


depends on the location (my flight back is scheduled for 14:30h)

Phil Loewen


depends on the location (my flight is scheduled for 12.20 h)

Ingrid Bos



Thorsten Franz


Flight is scheduled for 12:20h

Chris Kernaghan


Flight is scheduled for 16:00

If you already know that you want to share something, and even know what, please share this with us in the table below:


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