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Read quotes come from SAP customers and partners who've had valuable experiences at SAP TechEd, which provides networking opportunities and valuable training for its attendees.  Learn more in this testimonial video.

1. "I attended my first SAP TechEd in November 2006. I had no idea of the vastness of information I'd find there! I still have booklets from the sessions I attended. I use them as quick reference texts all the time. The brain trust at SAP TechEd is so mind boggling. When I'm among those people, I feel like I've made it!"

-- David J. Rutt, Technical Support Specialist for Yorktowne Cabinetry

2. "At SAP TechEd '06 in Bangalore, the event that raised a lot of applause was Demo Jam. Boy, was that fun! The applause meter, the crowd going wild over the demos ... people voted with their applause to select the winners. It was great."

-- Shabarish Vijayakumar, Certified XI Consultant with T-Systems India Pvt. Ltd

3. "There's always a great deal to learn at the conference. But the key reason [Community:to attend SAP TechEd] each year is to focus on areas within BI, and to learn and understand the latest choices and direction that SAP is moving towards. We also often have the opportunity to meet with SAP executives to help guide future product direction." 

-- Eric A. Barfield, Senior IT Staff, Major Defense Company

4. "Exposure at SAP TechEd helps you in getting better credibility if you can demonstrate what you have learned. Certainly, it has helped us in networking, establishing contact with new vendors, and creating new consulting engagements."

-- Srinivasa Bhatta, Systems Analyst, Dade Behring Inc.

5. "I've attended four SAP TechEd conferences.  Recently, our company was trying to decide on new tools for custom development (i.e. Web Dynpro) and find new options for employee self-service. Previewing upcoming technology and getting hands-on experience at SAP TechEd was valuable to us."

-- Kevin Horton, Systems Analyst, Eastman Chemical Company

6. "I've attended seven SAP TechEd conferences. I go in order to improve the ROI of the SAP applications at our company. Plus, SAP TechEd helps us keep pace with the new techologies that are emerging, and helps contain the costs of actually implementing those technologies."

-- Long H. Le, SAP Basis Administrator, Marathon Cheese Corp.

7. "By attending SAP TechEd, we are learning to stay 'ahead of the curve' in design, so that the hardware can be scalable and usable to implement future SAP direction."

-- Barbara Ahern, Technology Manager, Enterprise Application Design/Architecture, Healthcare Products Company

8. "The most relevant challenges for us are setting up the BI and Portal systems to interface properly with our core SAP R/3 systems. At SAP TechEd, we can learn the technologies well enough to implement them. SAP TechEd is the most valuable conference for the money spent."

-- William Scott Pyle, Basis Lead, University of Nebraska

9.  "The differentiator with SAP TechEd is the possibility of participating in workshops. I perceive it as the main value-added in comparison with other events. SAP TechEd allows you to leverage activity within the system and actively gain knowledge of SAP technologies. TechTour, on the other hand, offers a unique mix of new trends and technologies, plus clients' success stories. Also important is our access at TechTour to  local SAP specialists."

-- Marek Ksiazek, SAP R/3 Expert, Polska Telefonia

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