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Starting in 2016, please visit our new site: SAP Inside Track

An SAP Inside Track is a local grassroots community organized event where SAP Community Network members come together to share knowledge, expertise and network. Often these sessions are streamed and recorded for space and time shifting.

It is not too much effort to create your own Inside Track, especially if you compare it to all the benefit you will get from it: Hang out with fellow SAP enthusiasts for a day, share expertise and knowledge with the local community as well as with the world via web-casting. Strengthen your local SAP network. Interested? Check out: Tips on Hosting an SAP Inside Track

Follow SAP Inside Track on Twitter @SAPInsideTrack

For official SAP and SAP Community Events please check the SCN Community Event Space.  This page lists community driven events around SDN, BOBJ and BPX. Please add yours.

Please add your community events too. Rules: Name of event with link to the page, City, Date. Sorted by date, descending order.

How to organize an SAP Inside Track!

2016 SAP Inside Tracks

2015 SAP Inside Tracks You Just Missed:

Cancelled due to low registrations


2014 SAP Inside Tracks You Just Missed ;-)

See attachment below for PDF of Inside Tracks and Lumira Cloud

2014 Inside Tracks.pdf

SAP Inside Track Locations in 2013

Global SAP Events

Community Organized Events

Other SAP related events (not organized by SAP)

Internationally Recognized Events (not organized by SAP)

  • Ada Lovelace Day
  • Earth Day
  • Maker Faire (multiple dates and locations) A family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.
  • GECCO 2014 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference. Vancouver, BC, Canada 12-16 July 2014

Past Community Events

External Event Services

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