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Beyond the Buzzwords - Learnings from TechEd

Somnath Manna

Facts on QGM and ChaRM integration

Jansi Rani Murugesan

Have WE made it Large? - Open discussion as to how can SCN link you to the
 most wisely used social media which in turn can help you in shaping your career! Would reveal
 3P funda and how does it fit in the daily life of a developer.

Kumud Singh

Lets  have some fun playing  a comman game (Quiz) for half an hour .Will  have question related to SCN community and SAP .

Anjaneya Bhardwaj


























Managing complex business rules using BRF+ in SCM
In this presentation, I will share selected real life case where BRF+ is applied to manage rules in Steel industry. This presentation will also showcase a POC developed around SCM Suite with BRF+ which is applicable across metals and mining industries.

Sangeeth Parvatam

Design Thinking for Open Innovation

Dipankar Saha

Mobilizing an Enterprise using SAP Mobility Solution
In this session I will be giving an overview of Enterprise Mobility as a concept, different mobile computing platform from SAP and then spending some more time on SAP's current mobile solution development platform known as Sybase Unwired Platform. I will also show a small demo of a native application on Android platform communicating to SAP ERP backend.

Nilay Ghosh













via SAP Connect



Demo Jam like Live Demo of 4 SAP Code Exchange Projects
Discover the functionality of 4 SAP Code Exchange Projects in 6 minutes live demos. I will show SAPLink / ZAKE, ZGEOCODE, SeleniumABAP and abap2xlsx.

Gregor Wolf



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