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Who is your Ada Lovelace Day inspiration?

Suzanne Montgomery


Why is this person a role model?

I admire Sue because she is such a passionate evangelist for SAP's solution, both internally and externally, and because everything she does is with the client's best interests in mind.


What are some of the accomplishments of this heroine?

Sue combines extensive knowledge of enterprise software with a comfortable presentation and conversation style, making her a very cool woman in tech.  A gifted Solutions Consultant, Sue has a way of engaging and interacting that really connects with clients and colleagues alike.  She comes up with innovative solutions to customer problems.  Her infectious enthusiasm builds excitement in others, but she doesn't stop there - when you want to know more, Sue's there to help.  It's very difficult to take something as complex as enterprise software and simplify the message so that it resonates with the audience, but this is Sue's special talent.  And she's sort of like a Blackberry:  always on, always connected.