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The very first UI5con is taken place on Friday March 11th, 2016 in Frankfurt am Main/ Germany!

UI5con is a non-profit community-driven conference about SAPUI5/OpenUI5.

The event is organized by our SCN community and the SAPUI5 team at SAP. It is a community event where you will meet some of our SAPUI5/OpenUI5 heros and you will also meet some experts directly from the SAPUI5 team from SAP.

This is the first UI5con ever and we want to make it a technical event including some deep dive sessions with a lot of networking opportunities. We want to bring people together who share their love for SAPUI5/OpenUI5.


Agenda 2016

Finally (smile) We finished our agenda for UI5con Frankfurt and published it here.

The agenda is driven by the session suggestion of all participants.

Sessions on the #UI5con Frankfurt
SpeakerTitleSession Type
Stefan BeckWelcomeLecture
Benjamin SteinvorthMinimize time-to-market with UI5Lecture - Slides
Nabi Zamani Hacking the Explored App by Adding Custom CodeLecture - Slides
Sean CampbellBuilding C4C companion apps Lecture
Leo van HengelBuilding Custom Site Templates for the new SAP HANA Cloud Portal with SAPUI5Lecture
Tomasz MaćkowskiContinuous integration in UI5 projectsLecture
Andreas KunzControls - How They Work, How to Create Your OwnLecture - Slides
Denise NepraunigUnexpected SAPUI5 apps (Star Wars, Chuck Norris)Lightning Talk - Slides
Kimmo JokinenVoice control your UI5 appLightning Talk
Andreas FrischeUsing UI5 with Type ScriptLightning Talk - Slides (available until 18.04.16)
Qun Li Ian TaylorUsing SAP Fiori Reference Apps as a Basis for your Fiori AppsLecture - Slides (access expires on June10, 2016!) 
Helmut TammenBuilding Custom Graphial Control Using SVG & Usage of OData-Server for note.jsLecture
Nathan AdamsDevelopers are not designers?Lecture
Volker BuzekInside a Container Persistence and UI5Lecture
Matthias Bollen Tobias TrappAnalysis Path Framework - A Hidden Gem for Creating UI5Lightning Talk - Slides
Lemaire Wouter Coppey JeremyABAP TO Fiori and back using OOLightning Talk - Slides!
Mark SchmaleCombining UI5 and SAP LO VC for fun and ProfitLecture
Maximilian LenkeitBuilding Custom Controls to Visualize DataLecture
Denny Schreber Katrin GrohmeLessons Learned from SAPUI5Lecture
HP SeitzFull-stack JavaScript with OpenUI5Lecture - Slides
Michael GrafThe OpenUI5 SpiritLecture - Slides

Recording & Pictures

For those  who missed a session or the entire event: As promised we have recorded the presentations and will make most of them available in the UI5con 2016 playlist on the OpenUI5 Youtube Channel as soon as postprocessing is done (exceptions are due to legal or technical issues).

The first bunch of videos is ready now and linked to the session in the agenda table above.

Want to share pictures of the event? Join #UI5con Frankfurt 2016 group on flickr.


Curious how the event has been received by the participants?

Find here some personal impressions:


Friday, March 11th 2016
Registration opens at 8:30 a.m.
Sessions start at 9:30 a.m. and end at approx. at 6 p.m.

Hint - hint - hint:  The next day (same location) the SAP InsideTrack Frankfurt  #sitfra will take place.  
Details available here : 


Germany:  Frankfurt am Main  - FRA (  Hesse  )

Office:    AOK Systems Office in Frankfurt-Rödelheim   

Space for approx. 80 people

  2 session rooms

Ticket price (Fee)

20 EUR per participant, to be payed at the event

No fee for speakers  


For SCN community members (and friends) who want to share or catch-up on their SAPUI5 / OpenUI5 knowledge.

      • Share what you love and have learned by holding a session

      • Be curious to hear about new things & new insights and participate.

Evening Event

Starting 7:00 p.m. we'll meet up at "Zu den 12 Aposteln" / The restaurant has some traditional delicious dishes and home made beer. It is located near the S-Bahn/U-Bahn stop "Konstablerwache". 

We’ll be leaving Rödelheim together and travel with the S-Bahn to Konstablerwache located in Frankfurt City. From there we have short walk for about 5 minutes.

Route:  Google Maps .


Use the #UI5con hashtag 

Register / Participants List

The registration for participants is now OPEN!!!! So hurry up and reserve your seat NOW!

The people who have submitted a CFP have been added automatically as a participant. However this does NOT mean your talk has been accepted automatically, we will inform you within 1-2 weeks.

As you can see we already have a very long waiting list. So if you are one of the lucky one getting a seat but realized now that you cannot make it, please be fair and tell us by striking out your name. We will then nominate additional participants. Thanks (smile)


Name: First Last

Bio:  SCN, XING, LinkedIn...

Come-together: yes/no, like to join the “come-together” in a local pub after the event in Frankfurt (starting at approx. 6 or 7 pm)

Contact details: Enter your email address for further contact into this formular  (not into the WIKI directly for privacy reasons).
Please note that without contact details we are not able to confirm your registration and have to consider it as unsuccessful registration!

Participants List










Automatically added CFP people - this does NOT mean your talk has been accepted automatically! We will inform you within 1-2 weeks.
1Denise Nepraunig @denisenepraunigSCN, LinkedInyes 
2Volker Buzek@vobuSCN, XINGyes 
3Maximilian Lenkeit@mlenkeitLinkedInyes 
4David Fish @davidefish LinkedIn yeshad to cancel
5Mark Schmale@themaschGitHubyes 
6Sean Campbellsaoirse_22Githubyes 
7Helmut Tammen@helmuttammenSCN
8Kimmo Jokinen@KimmoJokinenSCNyes 
9Benjamin Steinvorth  yes Contact details

Florian Hafner

11Lemaire Wouter@wouter_lemaire maybe 
12Coppey Jeremy@jeremycoppey maybe 
13HP Seitz@hpseitzSCNmaybe 
14Denny Schreber SCNmaybe 
15Katrin Grohme  SCN maybe 
16Vitaliy Rudnytskiy@Sygyzmundovych Vitaliy@SCNyes 
17Karol Kalisz@KaliszKarolKarol@SCNyes 
18Andreas Frische http://frische.ovhyes 
19Beatrice Pasch  linkedin yes no response (sad)
20Matthias Bollen  maybe 
21Tobias Trapp@ttrappSCNmaybe 
22Andreas Kunz@aku_devLinkedInprobably 
23Andreas Profitlich @profitlich 



probablyI am sorry - I can´t attend.
24Michael Graf@michadelics



25Christian Kleinschroth  LinkedIn yesleft no contact data and did not respond (sad)
26Nabi Zamani@nabisoftLinkedInyes 
27Qun Li  maybe 
28Ian Taylor  maybe 
29Nathan Adams@lxinspcLinkedInyes 
30Victor Wündisch  LinkedIn   
Here starts the self-registration! Log in, edit the wiki, add yourself to the list and fill out the contact details!
31Christian Braukmüller @CBasis SCN yes Contact details
32Marita Kruempelmann SCNyes Contact details
33Hans-Jürgen Richtstein SCNyes Contact details
34Jonas Vanderkelen  maybe Contact details
35Jonathan Gricourt  No Contact details
36Johannes Konings  maybe Contact details
37Henning Rettenmaier@beiterrXING SCNmaybe Contact details
38August Engkilde@augustengkilde

maybe Contact details
39Gregor Wolf@wolf_gregorabout.meyes Contact details
40Andrei Vishnevsky@vishnandrSCNyes Contact details
41Utsav Chobe@ChobeUtsavLinkedIn, SCNYes Contact details
42Jan Penninkhof @jpenninkhof  yes Contact details
43Maximilian Schmid    Contact details
44Pieter-Jan Deraedt@PJ_Deraedt maybe

Contact details

45Pascal Scriba@pascalscribaXINGyes Contact details
46Danilo Vorpahl@plastartSCNnoContact details
47Sujeevan Kuganesan Contact details
48Mark Teichmann@thulium3 yes Contact details
49Lewis Smith@itinerantDev yescanceled
50Markus Matz    Contact details
51Leo van Hengel@lvhengel yes Contact details
52Remo Bettin@BettinRemoSCNyes

Contact details

53Nils Janssen@sigh5SCNmaybe Contact details
54Tobias Trapp  no Contact details
55Daniel Szegedi  no Contact details
56Alexander Trapp@alexander_trapp no Contact details
57Lau Lautrup Contact details
58Olav Rask Contact details
59Hendrik Neumann@h_neumann   yes Contact details
60Sascha Wächter  maybe Contact details
61Katharina Seiz@Kaddasz yes Contact details
62Daniel Ridder   maybe Contact details
63Marcel Schmiechen@schmiechinho   Contact details
64Huseyin Dereli@huseyindereliSCN - LinkedInyes Contact details
65Martin Hofmann    Contact details
66Sören Weber@DerAnglizistXING yes Contact details
67Christian Sasse  yes Contact details
68Ina Schultheiss  yes  Contact details
69Timo Haberkern@thaberkern yes Contact details
70Michael-John Turner @mjturner  no

Contact details  no confirmation received

71Smriti Gupta    Contact details
72Vincent Weiss@vfweissSCN, LinkedInyes Contact details
73James Hale  Yes Contact details
74Christian Heller   

Contact details 

75Vladimirs Contact details
76 Jan-Benedikt Kübler   yes Contact details
77Bouziani Laurent    
 78 Colin Joy @colinjoy  canceled
 79 André Fiedler  @sonnenkiste   Mozillians , LinkedIn , Xing , Github, SCN, Telegram  yes 
 79b Jörg Unterste Heufken   SCN   
 81 Ana Lekic  @analekicsap     yesno response
82 Soumyasanto Sen  @soumyasanto   yes 
83Rajiv Lund@Rajiv_LundXing       LinkedInyes 
84Yanko Stoychev@yankost yes 
85 Stefan Goga    maybe no response
86Constantin Lebrecht@monlebrecht yes 

Waiting List

The waiting list starts here! If there are more than 75 participants, enter yourself at the end of the waiting list.
(For any cancelations we receive we will pick the next one from the waiting list. (with some time delay)
Please understand that we can't estimate how many of the waiting list will be able to move up.) 

80Dusan Sacha@sacha_dusan Linkedin, SCNyes Contact details no contact data (sad)
87Christoph Gerold@cgerold yes 
88Wim Snoep@wsnoepLinkedInyes 


Dirk Malchow Xingyes Contact details  
90Dominik Espitalier  yesContact details
91Stephan Boese 


yesContact details
92Vaclav Souhrada 


yesContact details    
93Vladimir Hilderink  maybeContact details
94Marina Pontjakova LinkedInyesContact details
95Maciej Modrzejewski  yesContact details
96Veronica Fernandez SCNmaybeContact details
97Teemu Kemppainen  yes Contact details
98Lars Laegner  yes Contact details
99Grzegorz Malewski  yes 
100Oliver Lamp Xing, SCNyes 
101Thorsten Peters  maybe 
102Frank Nawrath@frankaeSCNyes 
103Florian Rothländer@chyx maybe 
104Robert Rembelski  @PcelectRr            yes  Contact details
105Phillip Parkinson@parkinsonsap maybe 
106Dominik Auras SCNnoEmail
107David Waltereit  noEmail
108Frank Luzat SCNmaybe
109Linh Hoang LinkedInyesEmail
110Waldemar Philipp  maybe 
111Bernhard Schmitt SCNmaybe


112Michael Klopf SCNmaybe


113Stefan Seufert SCNmaybe


114Frederik Devinck SCNyesContact details
115Joery Vannieuwenhuyse  yesContact details
116Sergej Koppel  maybeContact details
118Anja Henkelmann  no 
119Timo Hüther Xingno 
123Claudia Lipp-Peters  yes 
124Maik Töpfer  maybe Contact details
125Harald Mall  maybe Contact details
126Robert Rupp  maybe Contact details
127Stefan Richter  maybe Contact details
128Erik Türke  maybe Contact details
129Christoph Außem@ChristophAussem LlinkedInmaybe

Contact details

130Morten Westergaard Milbak 
131 Dave Schikora   yes   Contact details
132Dominik Feininger@The_dominiK 
133Renald Wittwer@RenaldWittwer   
134Christof Marte  maybe 
135Ilina Kareva@ikarevaSCNno  Contact details
136Jan Pilzer  no


137Manh Phuoc Nguyen@impnguyenXINGmaybe 
138Tobias Kuemmel  yes



Christian Günter XINGyes


140Ben Sinther@bensinther

Contact details

141Julian Bonillo@JulianBonillo yes 
1(42)Twan van den (smile) 
143 Oliver Kaufmann   No  
144Adam Rafinski

145Pavel Nigerish


Contact details
146Amol Gupta yes 
147Tolga Altunelli SCNyesEmail
148Tilman Ahlers SCNyesEmail
149Martin Dilg XINGyesEmail
150Matthias Küng  yes 
151Markus Frick  yes 
152Stephen Renwick  yes 
153Vinodkumar Kommineni 
154Yamini Pagala 
155Mike Zaschka@mike_zaschkaXING, SCNyes


156Alexander Bauer XINGyesEmail
157Carl Donsbach  yesEmail



Please don't link your E-Mail address in the Wiki for privacy reasons! Use the Google Form -> Contact details!

Please avoid editing in parallel and after any edit double-check that you did not remove anyone else from the list!!

Speaker List  (Call4Papers) - Closed

The UI5con 2016 call for proposal (CFP) is CLOSED . We want to organize a technical conference about SAPUI5/OpenUI5 with also some deep dive technical sessions.

  • Topic is SAPUI5/OpenUI5 - technical or experience (Demo/Lecture) / unusual or entertaining (LIghtning Talks)- no marketing or hello-world please ;-) 

  • The conference will be in Frankfurt, Germany on Friday March 11.

  • The conference language is English.

  • We don’t cover any presenter travel, nor do we pay for speaking.

  • Please email if you have any questions.

Call for papers submission deadline: Monday, 25th January 2016, 8 p.m. - German time


Thank you all for your awesome proposals!!! We now go through the suggestions, building the agenda (we have two rooms - parallel sessions) and inform you within 1-2 weeks if your topic has been accepted!

Info:  If you added yourself in the speaker list, you don’t have to add yourself to the participants list later on.

Session & Speaker Info

Name: First Last

Bio:  SCN, XING, LinkedIn...

Abstract: should contain between 500-1000 characters to describe the session content

Type of Lecture: Lecture (30 min), Demo (30 min), Lightning Talk (10min); after each session we have 5 minutes for Q&A

Come-together: yes/no, like to join the “come-together” in a local pub after the event in Frankfurt (starting at approx. 6 or 7 pm)

Contact details: Enter your email address for further contact into this formular  (not into the WIKI directly for privacy reasons)

Technical equipment at location:   Projector resolution and available adapters:   

Sessions CFP List






500-1000 characters

Lecture (30 min)

Demo (30 min)
LIghtning Talk (10 min) 

1Denise Nepraunig@denisenepraunigSCN, LinkedInUnexpected SAPUI5 appsAre you fed up with those business like SAPUI5 apps and would like to explore more fun examples? Great, I’ve got you covered! #StarWars #ChuckNorris



Contact details
2Volker Buzek@vobuSCN, XINGInside a Container: Persistence and UI5Sweeping through LocalStorage, SessionStorage, WebSQL and IndexedDB: experiences on permanently storing data with UI5 from within a Kapsel/Cordova container on iOS.Lecture/Demo Contact details
3Maximilian Lenkeit@mlenkeitLinkedInBuilding Custom Controls to Visualize DataThis sessions provides a deep dive into visualizing data by building custom SAPUI5 controls with D3.js. We will walk through the custom control skeleton step-by-step and explain what needs to be done. You'll get fully functioning base control in the end that get's you starting and see a pretty cool 2.5D example. Note that this is a spin-off of the 2015 UX200 TechEd session.Lecture Contact details
4David Fish@davidefishLinkedInImage Recognition with UI5 and CordovaThis session will show you how you can create a UI5 based Cordova application that can allow the user to take a picture with their mobile device camera and access a web service to identify objects in the photo.Lecture/Demo Contact details

Mark Schmale

@themaschGitHubCombining UI5 and SAP LO-VC for Fun and ProfitThis session shows how to automatically generate forms based on highly dynamic multi-stage variant configurations and how to sync state with the backend.Lecture/Demo Contact details
6Sean Campbellsaoirse_22GithubBuilding C4C companion appsThis session will take you through the building of a custom OData service in C4C and a simple UI5 ticketing app running on HCP.Lecture/Demo Contact details
8Helmut Tammen@helmuttammenSCN
Building custom graphic contol using SVG & usage of odata-server for node.js

In this session you will see how you can build a custom control that displays a SVG graphic with a map of Europe. The colors of the countries will be adjusted to settings in an underlying OData service on-the-fly.
Additionally I will leverage my node.js OData server for persistency. You will see how easy it is to setup a database and provide an OData service.

Lecture/Demo Contact details
9Kimmo Jokinen@KimmoJokinenSCNVoice control your UI5 appWho needs keyboard or mouse when you can integrate a voice controlling library into UI5.Lightning Talk Contact details
10Benjamin Steinvorth  

Minimize time-to-market with ui5

For a sales-pitch we had to implement a SAPUI5 prototype within two weeks. A mighty framework met the busy-developer everyday life: giga-tons of documents, outdated, not-quite-fitting or vague examples and a small stackoverflow-community. At ui5con we would like to report on how we won UI5 for the light side of The Force. We think that three well-known, badly- or over-documented principles can get you started on ui5 very quickly: The event-bus, two-way binding and expression binding in XML-Views. Keeping those in mind we like to demonstrate the short time-to-market you can achieve with ui5 by the example of our prototypeLecture/Demo Contact details

 Lemaire Wouter

Coppey Jeremy



 ABAP to Fiori and back using OO

We like to keep our code organised and understandable for everyone. To achieve this, we use OO with real-life objects. This session will cover the full end-to-end flow from the SAP Backend system ( ABAP ) to SAP Fiori and back using OO. 


Slides are here!

 Lightning Talk/Demo Contact details
13HP Seitz@hpseitzSCNFull-stack JavaScript with OpenUI5Develop a complete application from frontend to backend with JavaScript. Inspired by the well-kown MEAN stack (MongoDB Express Angular Node.js) this session will introduce the NEMO stack using OpenUI5 instead of Angular to prototyp a full-stack application.Lecture/Demo Contact details

Denny Schreber

Katrin Grohme




Lessons learned from SAPUI5 implementationsThe focus of this talk should be on the rough edges and obstacles we had to overcome when we developed SAPUI5/openUI5 apps. When we had to fall back to standard JS because UI5 did not match user requirements (custom controls, backend, device hardware). We hope to get some insights how  most of the findings are possible with standard means with newer/upcoming releases.Lecture Contact details

Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

Karol Kalisz





 UI5 in Analytics It is somewhat less known that SAPUI5 is being used as well in Analytics products and solutions, and the goal of this session will be to uncover this mystery from both - what and how - angles Lecture/Demo Contact details
16Andreas Frische http://frische.ovhUsing UI5 with TypeScriptTypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript. I will show
you how to use it together with UI5.
Lightning Talk / Demo Contact details
17Beatrice Pasch 


Go Global with your UI5 apps: SAP Translation Hub

In today’s world, applications need to target a global audience. This global audience expects software to speak its language. But how do you translate your UI5 app into the world’s languages efficiently and cost-effectively?

Watch and learn how easy it is to consume the SAP Translation Hub Beta version to translate a HTML5 application in a life demo!

Lecture/Demo Contact details

Matthias Bollen

Tobias Trapp





Analysis Path Framework - a hidden gem for creating Analytical Apps

The Analysis Path Framework is a SAPUI5 library for exploratory data analysis. We show an example beginning with HANA Calculation Views, XSOData Services and APF configuration and definition of a KPI tile.

Slides are here.

Lightning Talk / Demo Contact details
19Andreas Kunz@aku_devLinkedInUI5 Controls - how they work, how to create your ownWhen those hundreds of UI5 controls do not offer what you need, it's easy to build some on your own. See simple controls explained, look behind the UI5 scenes to understand how they work, get some expert tips - and see quite exotic ones in action!Lecture (with demos) Contact details
20Andreas Profitlich@profitlich 



Offline First!

Building UI5 offline apps beside the offline odata approach and why and how you should consider to do this. ( hint: There are more reasons then an unreliable mobile Internet connection. )

 Lecture/Demo Contact details
21Michael Graf@michadelics



The OpenUI5 spirit

Let's take a closer look behind the scenes. How do we develop OpenUI5 and engage with the Open Source community. How do we manage internal and external contributions (OPA, pull requests) and related open source projects (UI5 Inspector, ...). + optional: quick overview over latest OpenUI5 features

Lecture (with Demo) Contact details
22Christian Kleinschroth  LinkedIn
How to develop and integrate UI5 Apps, the fast way, with the Simplifier

Think you are fast in developing business ready Ui5 apps? Think again. With our platform Simplifier, you can experience a whole new way of customizing and letting your concept come to life. Integrate SAP and non-SAP systems at the same time and deliver with minimal code overhead or changing your existing system landscape


Contact details

left no contact data and did not respond (sad)

23Nabi Zamani@nabisoftLinkedIn
  1. Visualizing frontend and server messages with the Message API

  2. Hacking the Explored app by adding custom examples 

  1. Did you know that UI5 has introduced a Message API? What can it be used for? How can developers use it? This talk will give you an introduction to a fairly new feature of UI5 that allows you to visualize both frontend and server messages with a standardized API. Together with OData this API kills a lot of boilerplate code that you might have implemented a year ago.

  2. The Explored app has become an essential source of easy to reuse code. But how can it be extended with own examples, i.e. for sharing with colleagues or with the community? In this talk we will hack the Explored and see how to add own snippets that illustrate our own showcases.

Lecture/Demo Contact details

 Qun Li

Ian Taylor



Using SAP Fiori Reference Apps as a Basis for your Fiori Apps


SAP Fiori Reference Apps cover a range of standard UI Design paradigms and have been reviewed by the developers of the standard UI5 framework and by our UX colleagues who determine the SAP Fiori UI interaction patterns.  They are therefore an invaluable source for Best Practice in creating your own apps.  We show you what use cases are covered, where to find them and how to extend a standard app or create your own Apps.

 Lecture/Demo Contact details
25Nathan Adams@lxinspcLinkedInDevelopers are not designers?

Great UX is being achieved, and UI5 is a key enabling technology in this. It brings new challenges to the design and development process though, and one that those who are used to SAP development may not be used to.
It has been stated that developers do not make good designers, but is this true? Is it more, that trying to be developer and designer at the same time doesn't work, we'll have a look at the conflicts that can occur when you try to carry out both roles, some of the things you can do to mitigate it, and how to communicate the need for different roles



Sessions which were send to us AFTER the CFP closed

We can't garantuee to take your session into consideration as we are in the middle of agenda planning.

27Leo van Hengel@lvhengel Building Custom Site Templates for the new SAP HANA Cloud Portal with SAPUI5This session will show you how to create custom Site Templates for the new SAP HANA Cloud Portal with SAPUI5 and the WebIDE.Lecuture



6DJ Adams @qmacro Homepage Driving UI5 apps from underneath!Learn how you can use the power of the Chrome Developer Tools, the UI5 Support Tool and the UI5 Inspector, and most of all, the awesome introspective nature of the UI5 toolkit to dig into and modify running UI5 based applications. And the best part? It's a lot of fun!Lecture/Demoyes Contact details
7Sean Campbell  Adding some spark with ElectronAs UI5 becomes more and more mobile and browser specific. This talk aims to show that there is still space out there for UI5 applications running on the desktop where we as developers can keep control over all aspects of the deployment.Lightning/Demo  



  Integrate Machine Data through HCPUse the Power of HCP Internet of Things Services and the SAPUI5 Overview Page to integrate and visualize your Sensor Data.Lightning Talk/Demo  
26Victor Wündisch 


Leveraging Maps in UI5 for IoTNow that the Internet of Things space is crawling with sensor data we should leverage all visualization capabilites that UI5 already brings to the table. We will go through data binding to IoT related data like GPS and show it on a geographical map that is built-in to UI5. Special focus will be given on developer productivity and realtime dataLecture/Demo  

Travel information (Hotel, PublicTransportation, Parking, FridayEvening)

For information about event location, hotel suggestions, public transportation and the evening event please check the related sections in (-> Section with hints for participants)

It includes a link to a helpful GoogleMap with marked spots for the event.

There is limited space for parking at the AOK Systems parking garage. We will try to arrange some alternative parking slots close to the building. When you arrive come to the reception and we will provide you with information where you can park. So plan enough time for parking, or better consider to come by public transport (smile)





  1. Being on place 108 of the waiting list I don't expect to be able to attend the conference.

    Do you plan to record the sessions on video for later publishing?

    1. We do have the plan to record the sessions but still have to investigate on that (equipment, budget, approval of the speakers, ...).

  2. Former Member

    I'm really glad that there is now an event where the young OpenUI5 community can meet and share experience. Looking at the page history it took less then one hour to get the available 80 seats filled. That's really impressive but a at the same time a bit unfortunate for people like me how checked this page only daily. Being number 124 on the list I don't expect to make it to Frankfurt. Would a third room for three parallel tracks ease the situation? I'm still hoping to come (positive thinking -as always (wink) ).

    1. We never thought that this event would would meet with such great interest - we are overwelmed! Unfortunately we won't be able to offer a third room and also re-locate the event is not possible because of time contraints. I hope we will have another ui5con soon, then with some more seats available!

  3. We are about to confirm speakers and participants, so double check that you provided your contact data with e-mail address in the formular (last column), so we are able to contact you.

    Andreas Profitlich, Former Member, Qun Li, Ian Robert Taylor, Marita Kruempelmann, Hans-Jürgen Richtstein, Jonas Vanderkelen, Pieter-Jan Dereadt, Remo Bettin, Timo Haberkern, Former Member, this aims especially to you (wink)

    1. The are about to send the registration confirmation. In case no e-mail address had been stored we have to cancel the registration ... So the very last chance for the above mentioned (smile)

      Watch out Jan-Benedikt Kübler & Dusan Sacha   - this might be your chance! But also your data is missing?

  4. Former Member

    Please make recordings of the sessions available! I would really love to come to ui5con, but I'm #149 on the waiting list (sad)

  5. Former Member

    Hello everyone!! I would love to participate and I registered yesterday (sorry I'm so late!) but I cannot see my name even in the waiting list. Does that mean that there's no no places left and I have no chances to attend the conference? 

    Thanks a lot!


    1. Hello Jamilya,

      status of registration is mentioned above:
      "As you can see we already have a very long waiting list."
      Only the first few of the waiting list would get in in case we have late cancelations. 

      The event was booked out very fast after the registration was opened.

      But to check what happened to your attempt for registration, please describe what you did.
       Please do it again, to practice for the next time.


  6. What about parking? I didn't find any information on the #sitFRA website.



    1. Parking at the event location on Friday is limited - we would advise everybody to take public transport if possible (s-bahn station is 2min walk away). That said, the early birds will have the chance to get a spot in the parking garage. We'll provide detailed instructions how to get to the next best parking space on site for everyone who is not able to park in the garage.

      For sitFRA we don't have the problem, because we're the only ones in the parking garage and hence won't have a problem with the limited space...