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  • √  February 1st 201 7:    We are starting with the "Call for papers".
                                      - All selected speakers will be auto-registered as participant.
  • √  February 10th 2017:   Registration for participants is open for #UI5con   since 11:30am
                                                                                            \__  sold-out    

     (50 seats for participants were all taken until 1:30 pm   - we double checked that we didn't get hacked. (wink) Thank you all for your community spirit.)
      25 speaker tickets are covered by the suggested sessions and AccessCodes will be send out within the next days)

  • √  March 1st 2017:        Agenda fixing for SAPInsideTrack Frankfurt  ( Speakers are informed )
  • √  March 22th 2017:      Agenda online
  • March 24th 2017:      UI5con Frankfurt
  • March 25th 2017:      SAP InsideTrack Frankfurt



The third UI5con is taken place on Friday, March 24th, 2017 in Frankfurt am Main/ Germany!

UI5con is a non-profit community-driven conference about SAPUI5/OpenUI5.

The event is organized by our SCN community and the SAPUI5 team at SAP. It is a community event where you will meet some of our SAPUI5/OpenUI5 heroes and you will also meet some experts directly from the SAPUI5 team from SAP.

This is the first UI5con ever and we want to make it a technical event including some deep dive sessions with a lot of networking opportunities. We want to bring people together who share their love for SAPUI5/OpenUI5.



Friday, March 24th, 2017
Registration opens at 8:30 a.m.
Sessions start at 9:30 a.m. and end at approx. at 6 p.m.

Hint - hint - hint:  The next day (same location) the SAP InsideTrack Frankfurt  #sitfra will take place.  
Details available here:       


Germany:  Frankfurt am Main  - FRA (  Hesse  )

Office:    AOK Systems Office in Frankfurt-Rödelheim   

Space for approx. 80 people ( 2 session rooms)

(just a 2-minute walk from train station    Rödelheim  , easy to reach with rapid transit from Frankfurt Main Station (9 minutes ride))

More details ... see section "Map

Ticket price (Fee)

20 EUR per participant, to be paid at the event

No fee for speakers  


For SCN community members (and friends) who want to share or catch-up on their SAPUI5 / OpenUI5 knowledge.

      • Share what you love and have learned by holding a session

      • Be curious to hear about new things & new insights and participate.

Evening Event

Together with the EralyBird-sitFRA attendees, we'll meet up at Block House Europa-Allee starting 19:30. The restaurant is well known as one of the best steak houses in Frankfurt. It is located near the S-Bahn stop "Frankfurt am Main Messe" / "Frankfurt fair". 

We'll be leaving Rödelheim together and travel only for one stop with the S-Bahn to " Frankfurt am Main Messe " / "Frankfurt fair". From there we have a short walk of about 11 Minutes.

Address: Europa-Allee 12-22 //  60327 Frankfurt // Ro ute:  Google maps .


Use the #UI5con hashtag 

Register / Participants List

The registration for participants was open on Feb. 10th 11:30am (CET)  and all tickets were taken within an hour.  (A waiting list is available,  but over 60 entries already)

Registration for participants      (powered by Eventbrite)


This is the list of all participants .. registered at Evenbrite.  (copy of the list at March,19th 2017)


We are going to send out the "Pack your bags"-email.  
In case you answered "Maybe" for joining us at the evening .. please have a review and adjust your answer at   (not here in the Wiki)
   → Ticket → sitFRA → Edit → scroll to the two questions and select "Yes" or "No".
The table reservation is currently at 40 seats and we are unsure about the "maybe"s. (wink)
Hint: Don't miss it.  Cheers!

First NameLast NameTwitter handleJoining Friday evening? (7.30pm)Joining Saturday evening? (7.30pm)
EmreKaraca MaybeNo
KatrinGrohme MaybeMaybe
MargotWollny MaybeNo
DanielSzegedi NoNo
TobiasTrapp NoNo
AlexanderTrapp NoNo
ThomasPasberg NoMaybe
JonathanGricourt NoNo
ArtemBöhme MaybeMaybe
MarcelSchmiechen NoNo
JakobRuf MaybeMaybe
WaldemarPhilipp YesMaybe
TimmyShumate MaybeMaybe
MichaelReeh YesNo
HannahKnipp YesYes
LukasRudolph MaybeMaybe
KimmoJokinen YesYes
NilsKlatter MaybeMaybe
Leovan Hengel@lvhengelMaybeYes
RobertRembelski MaybeMaybe
ChrisChoy YesMaybe
TeemuKemppainen YesYes
Dennisvan der Pluijm@dennisvdpluijmYesYes
StephanSchultz YesNo
ChristianHeinz MaybeNo
JensDrogi MaybeNo
AshleyTyler MaybeMaybe
MarkusBraunbeck MaybeMaybe
MartinDilg MaybeNo
NicolasGoris NoNo
MartinHofmann YesNo
JacquelineDittkowski MaybeNo
KarolKalisz MaybeNo
JulianeDombrowski MaybeNo
CatharinaBroermann YesYes
SvenBrenner YesMaybe
Arndvom Hofe MaybeNo
CarstenKasper YesNo
TobiasTrapp YesYes
DominikRosch MaybeNo
BiancaBorsan MaybeMaybe
PascalMöller YesMaybe

UI5con 2017 call for proposal (CFP) 

Session & Speaker Info

Name: First Last

Bio:  SCN, XING, LinkedIn...

Abstract: should contain between 500-1000 characters to describe the session content

Type of Lecture: Lecture (30 min), Demo (30 min), Lightning Talk (10min); after each session we have 5 minutes for Q&A

Come-together: yes/no, like to join the “come together” in a local pub after the event in Frankfurt (starting at approx. 6 or 7 pm)

Contact details: Enter your email address for further contact into this formula (not into the WIKI directly for privacy reasons)

Technical equipment at location:   Projector resolution and available adapters:   

Sessions CFP List






500-1000 characters

Lecture (30 min)

Demo (30 min)
Lightning Talk (10 min) 

Link to slides
1Twan van den #UI5Top5

A community Top 5 of UI5 applications. Send in yours before March 15 to participate.

Rules of the game: SAP blog.

Lecture 30 min 

Kimmo Jokinen

Teemu Kemppainen

@KimmoJokinenKimmo Jokinen - LinkedInAutomate Code formatting and validation with GruntJS

Validation and formatting of code becomes crucial when UI5 apps and developer teams grow bigger. Learn how to automate static validation and code formatting into your development workflow.

Lecture 30 min 
3Markus Braunbeck  SAP Webide PluginsExpand the webide for your needs. This talk will cover the basics of how to write plugins for sapwebide.Lecture 
5Volker Buzek@vobuXing / LinkedInhandling asynchrony in UI5 applications (and how to test that (smile))managing asynchronous code is one of the core ingredients of performant and reliable (web-/mobile-) applications. Yet it is a challenging topic to grasp, with "the web" being stateless and thus tempting to "go synchronous to make sure".
This talk will show how to orchestrate async HTTP(S) calls with JSON- and OData-models, coping with off-sync storage situations and a better technique to callback-based situations with the help of Promises - and how to unit-test all of this.
Lecture (and live samples)
6Sebastian Wennemers@S7nW7s Experiments with functional reactive SAPUI5

Functional reactive programming is a hype topic today. Have a look how these concepts could play together with SAPUI5.

Lecture (and live samples)
7Sebastian Wennemers@S7nW7s 

How to Integrate Open Source JavaScript Libraries in Custom SAPUI5 Controls

In this code review, you’ll learn how to integrate the open source JavaScript library OpenLayers in a custom SAPUI5 control. 

Lecture (and live samples) 
8Martin Hofmann XingFiori and SAP Business Client hand in hand togetherHow do's SAP Business Client and Fiori fits together ? See a Fiori like app integrated into a Sidepanel of SAP Business Client.Lecture (and live samples) 
9Vladimir Hilderink@Hilderink Latest features of JavaScript

In this lecture, I will explain about the latest features in JavaScript 6 and 7.

As you might know, JavaScript comes in versions. The standards are being set by ECMA International. The latest finished edition of JavaScript is known as ECMAScript 7.

This presentation will be equal to the presentation given in the Netherlands plus the delta of the latest 4 months.

10Manuel Blechschmidt@Manuel_BWebsite / LinkedIn / XingOpenUI5 and Java EE from nothing to a working WebApp on an Amazon EC2 box

In this session we will create a new Java EE 7 maven project with an JPA bean than exposing this bean with Olingo as an JAX-RS OData service, consuming it with an OpenUI5 client and in the end deploying it on a new amazon ec2 box.

The main focus is on live coding and solving all challenges that arise during the session. Further it should show how to publish and app from idea to final operations and give examples which technologies are available for the different layers: Database, Persistence, Business Logic and Frontend

The speaker will also be available at the come together afterwards.


All speakers above do have a guaranteed ticket for #UI5con
Thank you all for sharing and being an EarlyBird.

We are curiously waiting for further suggestions.
If you are already a participant and love to share your experience .. please enter yourself.
If you don't have a ticket yet - that is your chance to come and join us as a speaker. 

11Karol Kalisz@KaliszKarolSAP2 UI5 Applications with IoT platform inbetween. producing and Consuming IoT, real working example @ SAP Cloud PlatformReal working showcase of 2 UI5 applications which produce and consume IoT data. If this get accepted, we will play together (you need to bring your mobile device) and see how we together produce IoT data which can help presenters on conferences to talk with bigger audiences. During that we will see different technical solutions behind the scenes.DemoSlides
12Dominik Rosch,
Tobias Trapp
 @ttrappAOK Systems GmbHBitter Sweet Lessons - Our way to FioriIn this talk we describe our experiences and learned lessons from the development of Fiori apps: ux strategy, skill management, the need for standardization, problems with infrastructure and much more. We also explain what we are dealing with right now on our way to Fiori and discuss aspects like accessability, user assistance and so on.Lecture - maybe 45 min.Slides
13Michael Graf@michadelicsSAP


Do you know our main channels to connect and contribute to UI5 technology? Github, YouTube, Slack: the usual suspects might ring a bell! But we have far more in store for our fellow community. Did you hear about our new blog series straight from the labs and a page where you can list your projects to easily find contributors? We feature your blog posts and articles related to UI5 technology in our feed and are happy to show your content on our YouTube channel as well. There is loads more to come, so let's collaborate - new ideas are always welcome!


Jacky Dittkowski

Margot Wollny


Think UI5con 

About a year ago the very first UI5con took place right here in Frankfurt – now we’re back again and want to take some time to reflect: what do we like about UI5con, where do we as a community want to go, and what should drive our actions?
Get active and join us exchanging ideas, wishes and expectations around UI5con!
In this Design Thinking workshop we’ll work on specific questions in small teams of maximum of 20 participants. Afterwards we’ll present our outcomes to the whole audience.

Workshop (would be great to get an hour on this) 
15Nils Janßen AOK Systems GmbHWhats RTASome time ago SAP released a new feature for UI5 Applications called RTA. I'll present this feature and show its capabilities and restrictions.Lightning Talk (tiny Demo maybe) 
 16 Nabi Zamani  Nabisoft Displaying Server Side OData Messages in UI5 UI5 has some comfortable features to display error, success, warning, and info messages in different ways. These messages might be triggered on the frontend, i.e. as a result of a form validation on the frontend. However, sometimes you want to display error messages you receive from the backend. In order to handle error messages received from a backend (i.e. in case of a failed CRUD operation) both frontend and backend must have a „contract" of the message format. In this session you will see how easy it is to visualize messages received from OData services. Lecture/Demo 
17Meredith Hassett@mlhassettSAP

#APIFriday Live Edition: UI5 + APIs

In this session, we will take a look at integrating external data in your UI5 application via AJAX. We’ll also cover how to bind the external data to a JSON model so that it can be used in your view. If you are fan of the #APIFriday blog series I write or just want to know more about using APIs with UI5, this is a chance to see how to integrate an API “live” while I share some tips, tricks, and pitfalls I have encountered and how you can avoid them. 




09:5510:40UI5con.nect (Arnd vom Hofe) 
10:5011:35Experiments with functional reactive SAPUI5 (Sebastian Wennemers)SAP Webide Plugins (Markus Braunbeck)
11:4512:30Bitter Sweet Lessons - Our way to Fiori (Dominik Rosch | Tobias Trapp)Think UI5con (Margot Wollny |Jacky Dittkowski)
13:3014:15handling asynchrony in UI5 applications (and how to test that ) (Volker Buzek)2 UI5 Applications with IoT platform inbetween. producing and Consuming IoT, real working example @ SAP Cloud Platform ( Karol Kalisz)
14:2514:55Latest features of JavaScript (Vladimir Hilderink)Displaying Server-side OData Messages in UI5 (Nabi Zamani)
15:0515:50Automate Code formatting and validation with GruntJS (Kimmo Jokinen | Teemu Kemppainen)OpenUI5 and Java EE from nothing to a working WebApp on an Amazon EC2 box (Manuel Blechschmidt)
15:5016:30GroupPicture & Coffee Break 
16:3017:00Fiori and SAP Business Client hand in hand together (Martin Hofmann)#APIFriday Live Edition: UI5 + APIs (Meredith Hassett)
17:1017:40The #UI5Top5 (Twan van den Broek) 

Travel information (Hotel, PublicTransportation, Parking)


This custom map might help you.   

We flagged several points like #UI5con location, hotels, local transportation, places of evening events, e-charging and other relevant stuff.

Hotel suggestions

This year the hotel situation looks quite good.

We recommend booking with a cancellation option. 

Depending on your arrival and your plans to join us in the pub on Friday and/or Saturday one of these hotels might be a good choice  (Check "CustomMap" to see them all marked.):





(just a hint)

Who stays?

 Rödelheimer Hof venue (900m)€55,-- / night
(= €110,-- Fr - Su)
Uwe Fetzer, Mark Schmale(?), Roland Knipp, Carsten Kasper, Dennis Terhoeven, Fabian Lehmann
 Hamburger Hofbooking.comNear MainStation
(4 stops with S3/S4/S5) 
€68 (Fr-Sa)
Christian Braukmüller


Public Transportation

Perfect connection (9 minutes ride) via public transportation   (S3,S4,S5) from Frankfurt Hbf (MainStation), choose "Frankfurt Rödelheim Bahnhof" as the target location.

Train ride

In case you arrive by train: Share your connection to finding others for your personal #UI5con warm-up

Coming from




KoblenzTBDManuel BlechschmidtTBD  
Car Sharing

Coming from


Starting: Th/Fr/Sa HH:MM
Leaving: Th/Fr/Sa HH:MM


Count me in (add your name)

Pickup point

Recklinghausen / Essen / DortmundDennis Terhoeven (Twitter @dev_ter)Fr 05:00 (Planned, may change)2  

There is limited space for parking at the AOK Systems parking garage. We will try to arrange some alternative parking lots close to the building. When you arrive come to the reception and we will provide you with information where you can park. So plan enough time for parking, or better consider to come by public transport (smile)


Additional things


Sponsors (THANK YOU so much for supporting the Community!)


  •     AOK Systems












Post-Event  (Saturday): sitFRA

In 2015 the first SAP Inside Track took place in Frankfurt. This year we'll have our third annual community conference!.

Find out more on the  sitFRA wiki page .


Any tips to take into account? 

  • Dress casual, it's a community event - not a business event. And it is Saturday. (wink)
  • If you register yourself, please show up at March 12th. Otherwise we will really miss you - and someone who was just on the waiting list will be sad.
    If anything crosses your plans.. please cancel your registration!
    It helps us to fill up the list with people from the waiting list.
    In  2016 we were happy to have a nearly 100% percent show-up rate and many happy faces. Let's repeat that! 
  • More tips from your side as a participant? Please list them and help making it a day to remember!

Organizing Team

The event is organized by  Christian BraukmüllerTobias Trapp and Hendrik Neumann with a lot of help from the local SAP Stammtisch Frankfurt: Yanko, Pascal, Sen, Alex and Michael - thanks a lot guys!

You can get in touch with us via email:  info @ or twitter: @_sitfra or @UI5con

or contact our experts (wink) directly via Twitter.