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Everybody had fun at the SAP Inside Track in Bonn.

Now it is time for serious video and new media work.

There are now more than 60 GB of Video Material from the Inside Track 2010 on my hard disk and this is quite a task. Given, that edited HD video takes about 1 hour to render for 2 minutes of result, you can imagine that it will be christmas for all tracks.

We need to come up with some creative ways of sharing more effective.

One is, that I want to extract the audi and re-do slide recording on lower resolution with powerpoint. What I need is a ppt-copy of your presentations. 

Another idea, be volunteer and do some editing yourself.

By all means, join us at Vimeo, the community channel for all things video. Vimeo is a site for professionals and communities. It is not the Youtube-chatter and gazillion-garbage, but rather focussed, art and community-oriented. No commercial work allowed. They are well aware of our sdn activity and extend their welcome to everybody here to join.

Join us at Vimeo

Registration is free, but I need to add you to the group. Just go here to the  VIMEO sdn Channel  

Contribute your work 

If you have ideas, comments, materials, links etc, just post them here.

First Videos are coming in

Watch the Introductory Speech  Introduction by Thorsten and Tobias

Watch the Work before (Setting up Tom Jung wit a guitar amp) The work before it starts 

Presentation Holger Stumm "Web 2.0 The Living Enterprise"  go here to Part 1 and 2

Presentation of Twan van den Broek "Agile Project and SCRUM"go here for Part 1   and  go here Part 2

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