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The Signup List is now closed if you wish to attend please come to the Community Clubhouse and sign up for the waiting list. 

Want to attend the RIA Hacker Night in Berlin on October 14th? Spaces are limited and you must already be attending the SAP TechEd event itself. Please add your name to the list (edit this page and place your cursor at the end of the last name and hit "enter" add your name on the next line and save the page.)

If you are lucky and get your name on the list then during the SAP Community Day you can pick up your wrist band or at the Community Clubhouse info desk the following day, without the wrist band you will not be able to attend the evening event.


  1. Craig Cmehil
  2. Thomas Jung
  3. Matthias Zeller
  4. Frank Köhntopp
  5. Lee Provoost
  6. Michael Koch
  7. Rich Heilman
  8. Anne Kathrine Petteroe
  9. Oliver Kohl
  10. Florian Rosenlehner
  11. Margit Schmid
  12. Herwig Stecher
  13. Renald Wittwer
  14. Andreas Kasper
  15. Joseph Zeinoun
  16. Peter Mayringer
  17. Darren Hague
  18. Heike Xander
  19. Julius Bussche
  20. Hans Senden
  21. Tommy Johansson
  22. Flemming Gorzelak
  23. Paw Iversen
  24. Dennis Howlett
  25. Joan Altadill
  26. Anton Wenzelhuemer
  27. Haim Halpern
  28. Roy Rozenblum
  29. Natti Nachmias
  30. Gerret Zehetbauer
  31. Martin Kasper
  32. Jim Spath
  33. Gregor Wolf
  34. Johan von Reedtz
  35. Thomas Losch
  36. Stefan Proksch
  37. Florian Zimniak
  38. Stefan Brauneis
  39. Matthieu Schapranow
  40. Maulin Doshi
  41. Adrian Wahl
  42. Robert Eijpe
  43. Theo van der Sluijs
  44. Mark Huisman
  45. Anette Grosser
  46. Roland Barfus
  47. Leon Boeijen
  48. Jeroen Heijers
  49. Richard van Gemert
  50. Volker Koenen
  51. Onno Schoenmakers