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Want to attend the RIA Hacker Night in Bangalore on November 13th? Spaces are limited and you must already be attending the SAP TechEd event itself. Please add your name to the list (edit this page and place your cursor at the end of the last name and hit "enter" add your name on the next line and save the page.)

If you are lucky and get your name on the list then during the SAP Community Day you can pick up your wrist band or at the Community Clubhouse info desk the following day, without the wrist band you will not be able to attend the evening event.


  1. Craig Cmehil
  2. Abesh Bhattacharjee
  3. Thomas Jung
  4. Mrinal Wadhwa
  5. Durairaj Athavan Raja
  6. Dipankar Saha
  7. Somnath Roy
  8. Rohit Chowdhary
  9. Somnath Manna
  10. Avijit Dhar
  11. Rajesh Banka
  12. Vijay Babu Dudla
  13. Jawahar Govindaraj
  14. Velu Pillai
  15. Raghavendra Loddipalle
  16. Ashish Mittal
  17. Amaresh Makal
  18. Anirudh Chandrakant
  19. Nirav Goradia
  20. Kalyan Dantuluri
  21. Vibha Parmar
  22. Suman Kumar Chinnam
  23. Sudipta Mukherjee
  24. Piyush Bajaj
  25. Ameya Suvarna
  26. Neha Modi
  27. Akshatha Rao
  28. Rupa More
  29. Sadasiva rao athota

At 30 this list is closed! Please see Craig Cmehil in the Community Clubhouse on the 13th of November to pick up your armband to attend the RIA Hacker Night evening event.