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In the spirit of SDN (to the core) here you have "SAPCamp" (stolen borrowed of course from barcamp) with a slight twist these are just social get togethers.  BPXers meet too.


Community Day started out of the spirit of the community wanting to share information, the first "official" Community Day was held in 2006 in Las Vegas and was a smashing success with several hundred attendees. The precursor to the official event started back in 2004 in San Diego and Munich at SAP TechEd, where "BoF" sessions were added to an informal evening session; prior to that the model was used at SAP Meets Lab events in Palo Alto and Walldorf.

Since 2004, there has been a "Community Day" associated with each US/EMEA TechEd event with official (as defined now) ones taking place in 2006, 2007 and 2008. For the India TechEd there were official Community Days in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

What makes an event a "Community Day"

Several factors are required to use the term "SAP Community Day"; in the true nature of an unconference nothing should stop you getting people together!

  • It must be related to SAP Technologies, Business Processes and software/platform
  • It must be an open event for anyone #1 
  • It must be listed on the event page and once completed must be moved to the archive
  • It must be blogged to the community
  • It should have information coming back into the broader community
  • It would be nice to share presentations to the SAP Community Network group
How does it work?

Once you have blogged your event to the Community it's a good idea to give them a simple Wiki page to "sign up", perhaps the same wiki page that you announce the event (when creating the page check the templates! available). It's also a nice idea to give them session suggestion page (again check the page templates when creating your page) - we try hard to keep the "unconference" theme however pre-arranging sessions ahead of time is perfectly acceptable. Try to keep a slot or two in your agenda open for spontaneous sessions which inevitably takes place.

Get Started

Click here (and choose the template!)


In some cases, official SAP events, there could be a cost for attending and therefore the event is not "open" in the sense that everyone can simply come but rather they must meet attendance requirements such as cost of attending.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hello All,

     This is in response to this thread in Coffee corner :

    If anyone's interested in meeting up in Mumbai, please add a comment here with a suggested place, and we can plan on something. Also suggest a date and time, (preferrably Weekends...!) and lets see if we can get a good amount of people in.