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The sitCOUNCIL is a group which has been founded from active SAP Community contributors to support anyone within the community in organizing an SAP Inside Track or any other community driven event. They have been part of the SAP Community for a long time and have either great experience in running community events or have collected impressions by attending them over several years. They are available to consult, assist and help on any open question you may have. They are not trying to re-invent but will have an open mind for all questions, doubts and risks as they do know very well what the community has formed over the years. If you would like to get in contact with the sitCOUNCIL please contact the following members.


SAP Inside Track News (November 2019) link to blog post

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  • Live streaming and recording 

SAP Inside Track News (March 2020) link to blog post

  • COVID-19 situation
  • OpenSIT
  • SAP Online Track


Current list of members of the sitCOUNCIL and their motivation for being active

Matthias Wild | Melanie Schnabl | Nil Peksen | Fausto Motter | Simon Kemp | Florian Henninger | Diego Dora |  Svea Becker


link to SAP Community Profile and




I am a community advocate at SAP and responsible for community driven events. When I stepped into my role I understood that SAP Inside Tracks are brilliant events with great people being passionate around technologies. But as there is still a lack of information about these events in some regions, I joined the sitCOUNCIL to spread information about community driven events and am happy to help in any queries.




1. One of my main goals is to help other professionals to grow and achieve their own goals. I truly believe on "helping each other grow" and community events like SAP Inside Track are the perfect drive for this.

2. In 2012 I had the luck to participate on the first community event in Argentina, this experience allowed me to see the strength of what a local community can do. Since then I want to help others to go through this experience and make people more united locally, sharing their perspectives and synergizing.





My personal motto is sharing is caring. The community-driven events are an excellent platform to gain new knowledge and also to question your own work patterns again and again. Therefore, I would like to help if someone wants to offer such a platform. 




I believe that local community is a corner stone of the SAP ecosystem. Community is the place where we can all help and support each other. SAP Inside Tracks are a great way to build a local SAP community in your location that shares a common interest, enjoyment of learning and provides a place to meet like-minded people.

I strongly believe that SAP Inside Tracks should be locally tailored events organised and run by the community, for the community that promote learning and friendship. As part of the SIT Council I will advocate for the continued growth of SAP Inside Tracks and related events around the world and provide guidance and support to anyone interested in starting and growing a local SAP Community event.





I strongly believe that SAP Inside Track is the great opportunity to reinforce the community aspects, helping the others, sharing knowledge and growing the personal skills. All Inside Tracks are an opportunity to meet new colleagues that bring new competences and vision about the technology and business process. And, at last, it is very very fun!





SAP Inside Track community-driven events always makes me inspired to create more and think bigger and provides me great chance to reunite like-minded SAP people.

Learn, grow, share, refute, discuss and interact with some of the most talented SAP techies in the world at these events, taking advantage of an environment that no enterprise event can match with great energy and soul which I’d  like to call like ’Community Spirit’.

By supporting these events and encouraging yourself to attend, you are helping yourself grow while, at the same time, you are helping those local SAP Communities to keep on rolling.

I am personally willing to do my best to bring this great format to even more people with sharing SAP Community ideology and it’s own great spirit. 





I find the SAP Inside Track format great for so many different reasons: from the interesting compact sessions of know-how sharing to the opportunity to meet and make new friends among amazing individuals that are always supportive and willing to help.

These events are an awesome way to learn new things and give back to the community. And the sitCOUNCIL is here to assist you.  





I was lucky to meet the SAP Community and become part of it at several SAP TechEd’s over the last years. This was and is so important for me, I wish everybody can experience it. I strongly believe SAP Inside Track is the perfect way to bring this opportunity closer to everybody and to grow the global community in local events.

As part of the SIT Council I want to be a go-to-person for anyone interested to organize a local SAP Community event. Don’t hesitate to ask literally everything. You can ask me also about SIT Kids, which can be a fantastic add-on to your SAP Inside Track to make a weekend-event more family friendly.





Previous members who shared our interest and their insights.

Christian Braukmüller, Jakob Flaman, Tobias Hofmann, Daniel Koller, Simha Magal, Carola Flaman, Andreas Huppert, Martin Fischer


FAQ SitCouncil

FAQ SAP Inside Track