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SE93: Maintain Transaction

SFW5:  to check the Business function Set is activated ( OIL& Gas ).

SFW1: Switch framework

SCPR3: Business Configuration Sets display

MM03 : Oil-specific data  contains : Base Unit of Measure, UoM Group, Conv. Group, and Excise Duty Group

O3qcitest:  QCI calculator for additional Quanitities.

O3DEFAULTS:  to maintain qci defaults for a material.

O3D2: QCI test call for external programs

O4_TIGER : Silo Management  : Create tank dips

O4NA : Assign Storage Objects

O403: Display Business location

O4TV - Display Transport system

O4C3: Display Transport Unit

O4V3: Display Vehicle

O4F1: Shipment Creation

O4F3: Shipment display

O4G1: Loading confirmation

O4H1 : Delivery confirmation.

VI01 : Shipment costs creation

VL03N : Delivery Display

VA03: Sales order display

VF03: Billing document display

VL10B: Delivery creation for STO

ME21N: PO creation

MIGO: Material goods movement

MIRO: Invoice verification

O4NM : Maintain Nomination

O4T3WP : 3 way pegging

O4TB  :Stock Projection Worksheet

O3A3: Display exchange agreement

ME33K: Display Purchase Contract

ME33L: Display scheduling agreement

VA43: Sales  Contract

VA33: Sales Scheduling Agreement.

SE18: Badi Builder

SE20: Enhancements

SLG1: Application log







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