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Developer resources

iPhone and iPad

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    iPhone and iPad — Welcome to the iPhone and iPad area. This is the SDN WIKI for topics around iPhone and iPad development and apps at SAP.
FAQ | Getting started | Tools | Demos | Links


FAQ | Getting started | Tools | Demos | Links


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    Microsoft — Welcome to the Microsoft mobile area. This is the SDN WIKI for topics around Microsoft mobile development and apps at SAP.
FAQ | Getting started | Tools | Demos | Links

SAP products, platforms & frameworks

SAP Mobile Store Apps


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    SAP Sybase — Welcome to the SAP Sybase area. This is the SDN WIKI for topics around mobile SAP Sybase platforms, technologies and apps.


Platforms & Frameworks


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    Tablet devices — A list of available, announced, demoed or rumored tablets.

SAP TechEd 2011 Lectures for Mobile

Mobile blogs on SDN

All SAP Community Network Mobile blogs can be found under this link. Below a list with the 20 most recent SDN mobile blogs:


Page: Abbreviations in Mobile Infrastructure Page: Administrative Tools For SmartSynchronization Page: Android Page: Android FAQ Page: Android Tools Page: BAPI WRAPPER AND SYNCBO Page: BlackBerry Page: BlackBerry FAQ Page: BlackBerry Tools Page: Brief look into some non-functional aspects of DOE Page: Common Troubleshooting Scenario-Data Download Error Page: Create applications using Binary Memo and Text Memo in Netweaver Mobile 7.1 Page: Enterprise in Motion Page: Features of Synchronization in MI Page: Getting started with Android Page: Getting started with BlackBerry Page: How to Install Mobile Client 7.1 on Laptop Page: How to merge tabs inside tabs - Screen Personas 3.0 Page: How To Use Router Component In SAP UI5 Page: Incomplete Application on Device Page: iPhone and iPad Page: Join the party at a new evening seminar for mobility at SAP TechEd 2011 Las Vegas! Page: Lean mobile solutions by SAP Cosulting Page: links Page: Message Status Flow Page: Microsoft Page: Microsoft Tools Page: Mobile Application Development Cycle Page: Mobile Component Descriptor (MCD) Page: Mobile ITS for Beginners Page: Mobile ITS for Beginners with steps Page: Mobile Webcast Page: Mobile WebDynpro - Always connected client Page: Mobile Web Dynpro Reference Page: Mobility for SAP - Mobile Access to SAP via BlackBerry or iPhone Page: Propagate Intranet Website in App Page: Remote Controlling Windows Mobile Devices - Part1 -My Mobiler Page: Running multiple application from MI Client Page: SAP Integration Landscape and Emerging Complexity Page: SAP MI Web Console Page: SAP mobile2 Page: SAP Mobile Co-Innovation Partners Page: SAP Mobile Development Kit (MDK) Page: SAP mobile Infrastructure Page: SAP Mobile Infrastructure 7.0 Page: SAP Mobile Store Apps Page: SAP Mobility Insights Webcast Series 3- Top FAQ Page: SAP Mobility Insights Webcast Series 5 - Top FAQ Page: SAP NetWeaver Gateway Page: SAP Netweaver Mobile Page: SAP Sybase Page: Simulating Synchronization with a Generated SyncBO Page: Smart Synchronization Mechanism Page: Steps for Creating SmartSync Project Page: Sybase Page: Sybase Mobile Solutions for SAP Page: SyncBO Builder and BAPI Wrapper Page: SYNCBO in MI Page: Synchronization Techniques Page: Tablet devices Page: Troubleshooting a Ticket Issuing System for SSO Page: Types of SyncBo Page: Understanding the message flow between DOE and the mobile client Page: Uploading Attachments- Netweaver Mobile 7.1