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Administration Tools
The following sections describe the administration tools that are available in the MI
middleware to help users identify and resolve problems related to the Smart Synchronization
Worklist Monitor
The transaction MEREP_MON is a tool used to display inbound and outbound worklists of
SyncBOs. The initial screen is a selection screen that allows you to display, for example, all
synchronization requests and responses for a mobile ID, or all requests and responses for a
mobile ID with an error status. Where the fields Mobile Group, Mobile ID, and SyncBO ID areused as filtering criteria, the system uses an AND relationship. Synchronizer Business Object Builder
The transaction MEREP_SBUILDER is used to check the attributes of a SyncBO to verify the
consistency of the BAPI wrappers, and to filter data. This transaction is also used to define
SyncBO data models for application development.

Here you have to give Getlist,Get detail,Create,Modify and delete bapi wrappers
Table Maintenance (SE16)
The transaction SE16 is used to check table entries (for example, the tables MEREP_207
and MEREP_10700).
Profile Dialog (MEREP_PD)
The profile dialog can be used to check the status of the SyncBOs of the mobile application.
Administrators can check the status of the runtime component (receiver and sender), handler
and synchronizer.
Purge Tool (MEREP_PURGE)
The purge tool is used to purge obsolete runtime data from the MI Server Component.
Administrators can define the time intervals at which the data is purged.
Log Monitor (MEREP_LOG)
This tool is used to check logs created at runtime and provides a complete overview of all the
Smart Synchronization logs on the server. The worklist monitor tool, in contrast, groups the
logs together by worklist. The log monitor is used, therefore, to check the logs for various
processes that are not directly related to any particular item in a device worklist items.

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